Tuesday, 4 July 2017

It’s not funny

News just in from the Hull Daily Mail - Babygro sparks outrage! The offending article of clothing for the unweaned makes a humorous quip, no doubt intended to lighten the mood for anxious new parents. But, oh no, the feminist militant tendency from mumsnet were right on it. In similar vein somebody tweeted “Dear @asda the phrase ‘boys will be boys’ breeds a culture where men aren’t accountable for their actions, a rape culture if you will.

Jeez, Louise – and no doubt that remark will somehow prejudice opinion in some way towards anybody thus named – just what IS acceptable these days? Not very much: Racial characteristic-based jokes, mother-in-law jokes, fat jokes, thin jokes, shortarse jokes, disability-jocularity, gender jibes... even gingers are off limits. It seems that wherever you find humour – on the wards, at the front line, under fire, under stress, somebody will contrive to find it offensive. And of course somebody being offended is all it takes to turn it into something malevolent these days.

If it makes you laugh it should also make you nervous. If it makes you laugh out loud you want to be careful where you do that. If it makes a man laugh it is definitely offensive and if it makes a white man laugh it is almost certainly a hate crime. How soon before even body language will be a crime – oh wait, micro-aggressions already are in some quarters “I knew he wanted to rape me because of the way he smiled and said good morning... the monster!

And this on the same day that The Betrayed Girls was aired; in comparison to this a baby tee-shirt saying “Daddy only wanted a blowjob” is so far from being ‘rape culture’ that it beggars belief anybody could think otherwise. When you hype up such insignificant things as being deadly serious how do you deal with things that are actually, you know, deadly serious? But of course, as I was writing only yesterday, the limiting of expression is one way in which the left - always the left – can limit critical thinking. And fun. In militant-world humour is probably a tool of the oppressors.

Meanwhile over on the Grenfell battle lines they are questioning whether a judge can be impartial because A) he’s white and B) He’s a judge and therefore, C) He’s middle/upper class and somehow therefore disqualified on commenting on anything at all. They are also deflecting attention from the subletting scandal, demanding amnesty for illegal immigrants for fear of somehow violating their human rights to be illegal immigrants. Have they any idea how offensive that is to honest working British people? Next thing we’ll have somebody dying in jail for handling bacon in the proximity of a mosque...

But at least there is one field left for humour; one type of person left who you are allowed to deride. Nobody cares about this particular group, although their time is no doubt coming. But in the meantime, while most human identifiers are verboten to the fun-pokers there is one last bastion of no-holds-barred comedy. Say what you like about paedophiles – they always drive slowly past schools... 

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