Tuesday 5 March 2019


So Jeremy Corbyn was egged. For many years this has been the staple of the non-violent yet effective and humiliating expression of discontent with politicians with whom you disagree. Not to mention the brief respite it brings from the unmitigating serious dreariness of the same old politics. In response somebody resurrected an old tweet from the Boy Wonder, Owen-Sanctimony-Jones and Rachel Riley retweeted it. Jones was saying that all one had to do to avoid an egging was not to be a Nazi. What was that about the past coming back to haunt you?

Ms Riley was then the Twittersphere exploded in indignation, the anonymous eggs and the hard-boiled Corbynistas organising their usual dogpile, casting down all their self-righteous, moral high-grounded indignation upon the heads of we lesser mortals in - you guessed it - the ‘far-right’. This came just days after David-Comedy-Gold-Lammy wet his pants over the confected ‘white saviour syndrome’ whereby virtue signalling slebs use needy images of African children to persuade all you white supremacists to bestow alms on the unworthy ne’er-do-wells of the dark continent.

Then yesterday the Twitter account of perpetual victim and benefit monkey Rachel Swindon was suspended and once again the indignity gland spewed forth its unctuous bile, shattering the fragile shell of civility. Oh and lest I forget, Diane Abbott spent the last weekend as a star speaker at a symposium to organise against the rise of the far right. To which panic the BBC Radio 4 Today presenters added their voices of alarum and concern over the news that under the firm stewardship of Gerard Batten Ukip’s numbers have risen healthily during these last few months of Brexit resistance.

All of this comes hard on the heels of the comprehensive de-platforming of a man who is rapidly becoming a symbol for the new resistance in UK society. Batten’s embracing of Tommy (not his real name, didyanno?) Robinson, is almost certainly benefitting Ukip’s more determined supporters while deterring the runny-dipper, no confrontation, Tory-lite types. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, so this has to be good news, surely? Honestly, if you want any reasons to restrict population growth you only have to look at the left to see what a useless bunch of agony-porn-addicted grief monkeys the human race is capable of descending into. Jacob Bronowski must be spinning under his marble slab in Highgate Cemetery.

The left always seems to act with knee-jerk hysteria. Egging on the gullible to join the clamour they heavily clamp down on the freedom of expression of anybody with whom they disagree, without even hearing the argument, with a fervour that would impress any fascist in history. Yet they react as if they have been physically violated the second the mildest censure is applied to one of their own. How do you like your public discourse; fried or boiled? Scrambled, more like.

What's missing from this picture?

Meanwhile their mythical bogeyman, the fabled far right, far from shining up their jackboots and marching into Poland are busy oiling the wheels of commerce and keeping their heads below the parapet to avoid the sights of leftist snipers. Keep your nose clean, carry on and clean up the mess. And especially if you work in any part of the public sector, don’t ever let your true allegiances be known. No wonder the opinion polls are always wrong. Yolking aside, can we hope that real change is coming?

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  1. And yet....
    The BBC and MSM barely covered it and when they did audio dropped out or it was buried and best deemed comical

    You need to explore why the MSM have been routinely relentlessly attacking Corbyn and forcing him to back a 2nd ref at almost hostage point