Friday 9 December 2011

You say Veto, I say Potato

Well, the hastily penned opinions are in. Depending on who you believe, last night's pretend veto is variously:

"The day PM put Britain first" Daily Mail.
"...casting Britain adrift in Europe" Guardian.
"... a feat close to genius..." Peter Oborne in the Telegraph.
"Cameron isolated..." Independent.

In other words, nobody knows what the outcome will be. The BBC will almost certainly continue to report it as a disaster and adenoidal Ed Millipede will splutter utter bollocks about stuff he knows nothing about in a bid to appease his own puppet-master, Ed he's-only-got-one Balls.

In an attempt to find out what it really means I hit the streets today to ask the electorate and I discovered the following amazing facts. (I say 'facts'. but I obviously mean 'made-up statistics'.)

63% of those questioned said it was a great day for Britain in Europe. When it was explained that this might be the start of Britain out of Europe, 54% said, "whatever", while 79% asked for the question to be repeated. Asked whether they thought this would make it easier or harder for Britain to compete in the world of commerce, 50% said yes, 50% said no and most of them glazed over with the effort.

A survey of personal feelings revealed that those with jobs were happy, those without were not and those who couldn't care less, didn't care very much one way or the other.

Whatever happens (and this is merely a step in the right direction) you can be sure that your opinion of whether or not it's good, bad or indifferent will depend entirely on a) the rigid position you already hold, b) the company you keep and c) the media you choose to consume. I approached one Sun-reading bystander to test this theory:

Batsby: "So, what do you think about last night's Euro conference?"
Prole:  "Do what, mate?"
Batsby: "Do you think the Prime Minister was right to veto the proposals?"
Prole: "Er, yeah. No. Maybe. What did he do then?"
Batsby: "Have you seen today's newspaper?"
Prole: "Got it here, in' I?"
Batsby: "Any thoughts?"
Prole: "Yeah, phwoar... you seen the tits on that?"

So. There you have it.

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