Friday, 10 July 2020

Out of Africa

It is thought that the first humans emerged in Africa long before homo sapiens. This was quite a while back, about two million years ago. Prior to that we had a long line of ancestry which, ultimately, may trace back to one common progenitor, a clump of cells incapable of thought, reason or offence and from whom we could learn much. Well, not much, actually, it being just a clump of cells and all that, but one of the games humans play is a search for meaning and so far we have found none.

No evidence of a creator, no matter how much you might need there to be one. No evidence of purpose, although even when talking about evolution we often reverse engineer an intent, when perhaps we should be thinking purely in terms of beneficial but accidental mutations. That is, a species doesn’t somehow deliberately evolve a defence from predators; rather a mutation which gives a survival advantage tends to be passed on, whereas the weaklings get eaten. It is a genetic fact that if your grandparents did not survive to procreate, then neither will you.

Everything is linked in a long chain which stretches back way before difference. And one of the things which unites all humans is opportunism. A trait we developed well before there was such a thing as skin tone variance was the ability to spot a way of earning a living by exploiting the weaknesses of others. Other species, slow to escape our murderous clutches and eventually other humans, too slow to realise we were putting them to work.

So, I’ve been doing some research and as the ancestors of those who are claiming reparation for the trans-generational trauma of slavery are almost certainly my ancestors too, I want in on the action. Where is MY compensation for missing out on the experience of being a slave by ancestry? If the descendants of my ancestors were enslaved I must be a due a cut of any compensation coming and if you simultaneously say, ah but you are white and therefore you are privileged I have to demand you explain why.

Because, according to the BPAMITWP (Black People Are More Important Than White People) movement, brown, yellow and pinky-white skins are inferior mutations of the one true blackness. And whites in particular are a weak and defenceless minority among the world’s humans. So, how come it’s not we who are doing the rioting? And anyway, I thought the meek were supposed to inherit the Earth.

When you think about it we are the real oppressed. Long before anybody was working the slavery gig we set off for a walk and ended up leaving Africa for cold, northern climes where we busted our balls for millennia, inventing everything worth having. Meanwhile the old folks back home evolved into slavers and started setting their captives to tilling the fields and building the mud huts. It must have been a high old life, sunning it on the savannas while we were ploughing through cold, wet mud and rain.

But we persevered and eventually invented the foreign holiday whereby we discovered that our cousins had not been idle… or, rather, they had. What’s this? Get other people to do things for you without paying, you say? I’ll ‘ave some of that! So, for a couple of hundred years we did what they had been doing for far longer, yet now it is we who have to cough up? That makes no sense at all. All that graft and now we have to pay compo? Sod that for a game of soldiers; let’s go looting!

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

It turns out that Britain is so systemically racist that we just can’t see it. We are blind to the infinite number of ways that our very existence is an affront to decent people of a different ethnicity. White people need to be trained, coerced, convinced of the harm we do with every breath we take, much as Hans Christian Anderson wrote in 1837 about the emperor, his courtiers and the clothes of materials so fine they were invisible to all but the educated eye.

In the original two conmen posing as weavers and tailors manage to convince the emperor, his officials, his government and all who surround him that only the stupid cannot see the magnificent new wardrobe they have conjured up from literally nothing. The looms clack but no thread is woven. The sewing machines purr yet no cloth is stitched. Money changes hands and at every turn, despite their being no substance at all, the self-importance of all involved prevents them from seeing what their eyes are telling them.

This is, of course, a well-loved fairy tale and a caution against the folly of arrogance and ready acceptance of charlatans and mountebanks. It is told to children in their formative years, or at least it was. I wonder if it has been quietly put aside because heaven forfend we prepare kids to exercise an open mind as they enter the wider world. Not everything is as it seems. Not every tale you hear is true and nobody is too clever they can’t be fooled.

So, you might be forgiven for assuming that Keir Starmer, of a certain age, would be entirely familiar with this principle. But, steeped in the rarefied broth of the legal human rights industry and desperate to garner votes from every corner has volunteered to submit himself to ‘unconscious bias training’. The principle job of a salesman is to persuade you of your need for his product. The principle job of a snake oil salesman is to part you from your money for nothing of value in return.

In the 1990s we were alerted to false memory syndrome after a series of cases where women had been hypnotised in therapy and miraculously ‘remembered’ abusive events from their childhood which had never existed. Families were broken up and ancient trusts were shattered by this traumatic false remembering. In 1991 the police and social services embarked on a dawn raid and took into care the children of families in the Orkneys on the false premise that they had been involved in ritual child abuse. This is some sick shit.

Unconscious bias training sounds an awful lot like ‘re-education’; the kind of thing engaged in by despotic communist regimes many times over. Mao, Pol Pot, the Romanian communist prisons, the Russian gulags; all had programmes to break and reconfigure the thinking of its citizens in a way that better fitted their purpose. The Chinese Communist Party, North Korea and to an arguably less extreme extent, the European Union, have all coerced their populations to love Big Brother, embrace the party doctrines and accept the edicts.

Actually, it is little surprise that Starmzy is setting this example to his troops because the Labour movement has a track record in creating this kind of ‘industry’. Take another recent headline: “Lack of BAME councillors 'perpetuating racial inequality' says report.” It goes on to say “Campaigners say the findings are a ‘wake-up call’ and that communities feel like these institutions don't belong to us". Well, that is because ‘these institutions’ don’t belong to those who live by different rules from the rest. The fault is theirs, not ours. But that is what unconscious bias training seeks to reverse.

Taken to its extremes we could end up with whole sectors involved in ‘training’ about diversity and why white is bad, about inclusion and how white is bad, equality and how whites have more of it… We could see entire academic faculties engaged in discovering all the ways that BAME people suffer and have always suffered at that hands of white people. We might even discover that the judiciary seems to represent the perpetrator more than they do the victim, something from which Mr Starmer has profited in the past.

The Keir is in the altogether...

Oh, wait, isn’t this what we – the child in the crowd – have been yelling about for years, only for our protestations to be dismissed as ignorant, racist and hateful? Haven’t we pointed out, time and time again, how diverting so many resources to this burgeoning promotion of malcontent is counter-productive, costly and even malevolent? Learn the past so you don’t make the same mistakes, we say. But in the original story even though the crowd realises it has been tricked the emperor walks on, as proud as ever. It’s not looking good.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Two-Tier Britain

We really do live in completely different worlds. The world seen from Westminster appears to exist exactly as they have created it from their Mount Olympus. The little people go about their daily lives as directed, following all the rules and happily participating in the great democratic experiment with a full understanding because all politicians, all the time, are ‘absolutely clear’ in everything they say and do.

The world of academia, on the other hand has a rarefied existence outside the experience of the hoi polloi. Professors gleefully create havoc by assigning equal status to every grievance, every minority concern and every proclivity, which inclusive mindset has an outcome the very opposite of what they tell themselves they intended. That is to exclude, for all practical purposes, anybody who dares to doubt the absolute god-given rights of humans to identify as whatever they wish and be totally accepted as such. Instead of guiding children into worthless adulthood they are turning adults into helpless infants.

Meanwhile, in Leicester, the small matter of modern-day slavery, illegal immigration and exploitation of people with no recognised status who are effectively treated as sub-human, has gone unremarked by all in positions of oversight and power. The headline in the Daily Mirror yesterday also ignored the reality which ordinary working British people have been trying to talk about for decades. Leicester is in lockdown following a spike in corona virus diagnoses, but what could be the reason?

According to the report in Mirror it was “partly caused by failure to translate coronavirus advice”. So, not due to sweatshops illegally paying half the minimum wage and continuing to work, cheek-by-jowl throughout the lockdown? Not due to bloated and inbred multigenerational families living in slum conditions, then? As a Twitter interlocutor suggested yesterday “The world's gone mad... Might as well claim that WW2 was partly caused by the Polish having a border with Germany.

But the real point is that it has been convenient – or lucrative – for those responsible for safeguarding our civilisation to ignore the abuses that have been going on ever since we began importing third world communities and failing to integrate them. Cultural sensitivities and a fear of being called racist has caused thousands of young girls to be groomed and abused over many years and still those reports have not been fully recognised and released. And now people are actually dying because of the self-interests of the same ivory tower dwellers.

Different standards, different cultures with different prices on human life. Many women living as second-class citizens within second class communities, or as virtual slaves within their often-unrecognised, certainly illegal, polygamous marriages. Beds in sheds, garages converted to overcrowded houses without planning permission. Workers treated as little more than business chattels with the threat of being reported to the immigration authorities enough to keep them in line. These are not the trappings of a civilised country in the twenty-first century AD.

Those who exploit them contribute nothing to the above board economy of this country and I can't help thinking that Britain would be a nicer, healthier, wealthier place if all of this was closed down and the perpetrators shipped back to their villages. They are not so many generations removed and many maintain the links. There has been much hand-wringing today with those who formerly turned a blind eye now saying they have been trying to tackle it for years but haven’t the authority or funding to act. Odd then, that those same people seem to have no trouble imposing punitive sanctions on people flying British flags or having the wrong opinion on social media. Think about that for a while.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Who Cares?

I don’t know, you wait ages for a crisis to come along and then… For over three months we’ve been locked down under house arrest while the world’s scientists (and every other expert on Twitter) works out how to contain the spread of Covid-19, but keep the economy viable. In the first few weeks the 5G nutters started burning masts because of some crazy link they cooked up between microwaves, oxygen, the virus and Bill Gates. Then along came the Marxist-Anarchist alliance under the cover of Black Lives matter and began ripping into our history and culture.

That appears to have reached its apotheosis and as it fades back to being the minor issue it really is, the only real lasting effect being a renewed and heightened distrust between blacks and whites, blacks and Asians, Asians and whites and any other identity politics meddler who wishes to play. The only certainty is that everybody is racist, but only white people are really racist because we supposedly benefit from being white. Well, we did make all the toys, so…

But hey, that was then this is now and Extinction Rebellion, our favourite idiot child of protest is back to stink up the place. Not content with digging up university frontages, parking pink yachts in Piccadilly, gluing themselves to stuff and providing a platform for Dame Emma Thompson to demonstrate exactly how gullible, hypocritical and downright silly she is, they are now aiming to dominate political discourse for the near future.

Their plan? To kidnap Pilates’s wife, take her back, issue demands. Wait, that was Life of Brian, wasn’t it? No, they intend to prevent Parliament from sitting after the summer recess unless the government yields to them on three specific demands. Expect amusing footage of crusty hippies and their groomed cohort of Thunderbergers standing about in amusing costumes, entertaining us with interpretive dance and generally harming their own cause. (This seems to have become something of a theme with modern protest movements, largely because they are only ever protesting and rarely proposing viable solutions.)

A statement on their website says: “We’re not going to let them back in until they agree to start anew with justice, care and life at the heart of it. From September 1st we will peacefully blockade the UK Parliament in London until they promise that the first thing they’ll do is debate our three demands.” Peacefully? They are going to disrupt the lives of many Londoners going about their lawful business; I can feel the resentment building already. Way to go to facilitate meaningful debate, fellas!

The circus is back in town...

The demands? Well, here we go. Number One: That the Government must declare a climate and ecological emergency and work with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change. Correct me if I’m wrong but barely a day goes by without some government twonk or other communicating to us about the climate and ecological disaster that will result from Brexit. Maybe I have my wires crossed a little but, seriously, it is never out of the news. Consider that demand entirely fulfilled.

Demand Number Two: The Government to act immediately to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025. Phew, well I’m glad it’s only a small thing they want. Nothing less than the complete cessation of fossil fuel transport, electricity generation and heating by a week on Tuesday. Given that no technologies are even close to replacing the stuff that actually works this means the giving up of everything which makes our world work, almost immediately. (They’ll have a real issue organising future protests without the internet but no doubt they have some system of semaphore rigged up.)

And finally, Demand Number Three is the creation of a "Citizens’ Assembly" on climate and ecological justice. Well, they already have that; it’s them. Most regular citizens are concerned with raising their families, putting roofs over their heads and food in their bellies and surviving long enough to have few years off before they die. The only ones who can be arsed with ‘climate and ecological justice’ are planning on blockading Parliament in September. And nobody really cares what they think.

Friday, 3 July 2020

Feel Free

The Prime Minister was interviewed on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show this morning. (I expect Piers Morgan was furious because he is never going to be granted that opportunity.) The very first call felt like a set up as the caller asked why the senior cabinet did not contain any black people. Boris fluffed it as he blustered about the fact that two of the great offices of state are occupied by BAME MPs. His big mistake was in assuming that black people include themselves in the BAME genera for anything other than political cover.

Asian is not black and he belatedly recognised this, but didn’t have the balls to tell the truth, which should be that when such a person rises through the ranks and possesses the necessary qualities, their appointment would be far more likely. If there was not one single darker skinned face in the cabinet the government would still, nevertheless, represent the people who had voted for them. Surely it should be about ability, energy, overall merit; not the tokenistic statistical balance that somehow fixes everything.

It’s like the capitalism/socialism argument. Without capitalism the insurgents would not have the technology to communicate and organise. They wouldn’t have the time to invest in pointless demonstrations. They would quite likely be insufficiently healthy to mount vigorous assaults on defenceless statues and they certainly would not have had the liberal education which has fed them a steady diet of dissatisfaction.

Odd, isn’t it, that the universal rights defended in our, greedy, cruel, capitalistic patriarchy allow the malcontents to not only have platforms but have bigger platforms – exclusive platforms, even – from which to attack the system that nurtures them from cradle to grave. While communistic regimes build walls to keep their citizens captive, democratic capitalist societies open doors, provide opportunities and generally clutch the viper to their bosoms.

This is not the behaviour of an oppressor and likewise, without white people and their long history of trade, innovation and all-round improvement of humanity, the BLM activists would have to find another target. And you can bet that it would be any sector of the community which did proportionately better. Because it is not about racism it is about power. It is not about unfair discrimination, but envy that they don’t get to exercise their own discrimination.

Just as with every other of the increasingly fragmented, ever more nuanced, minority rights issues, identity politics is based on the lust for power and fuelled by the notion that others hold it. But they are not content with merely being allowed to participate in the national mission, they want to run it all, for their own advancement only. In other words they want to do to us what they claim we do to them.

But it’s all lies. Our successful, white, capitalist society continually offers olive branches. We even let them create their own race hate industry and fund it to boot. We sack people of whom they disapprove, we turn a blind eye to criminal activity because being called racist is a bigger deal than strictly enforcing law and order. Hell, we even let them make up their own fictitious history… and then de-platform those who speak out. The departure of Dr David Starkey from the Mary Rose Trust just for telling the truth is a good example.

Starkey. White and right.

So, no, Britain is absolutely not a racist society. Neither is it a capitalist police state. Neither is it an unfair country, in fact it is possibly the most fair and democratic country on earth, to the extent that we even allow people who hate us to be elected to the Parliament which governs us. We have nothing to apologise for and we will continue to be open and tolerant even to those who wish us harm. But if you don’t like all of what we give you, if you still despise having to live among white faces, please feel absolutely free to go and live somewhere that looks more like you.