Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The Bright Side?

It is tempting to imagine that, after the lockdown, after the Covid-19 threat subsides, after we’ve won ‘the war’, Britain will enter a period of contemplation and industrious unity to rebuild our society in a form fit for the future. But whether your idealised future is a return to a simpler, agrarian past or a great technological surge into the robot age, it is likely that all will be disappointed. I don’t believe much will change. Oh, for sure, a small minority, already in a position to do it, will change their lifestyles entirely, but on a national scale this will be insignificant.

The naysayers will continue to say nay – it’s what they do; they just can’t help themselves. The agitators will carry on agitating – it’s all they know and now they will be invigorated by their self-told myths about how the party they hate so much deliberately tried to thin the herd. And all the tensions that already exist will continue to exist: left versus right, the west versus the rest, the educated versus the ignorant and of course the great imaginary crusade of the Labour Party… whatever it is they think they stand for now.

The one thing which will not be happening – even for the briefest period – is any form of national unity. If ever such a thing happened in the past – and it’s debatable whether it ever really did – the chances of this happening now or ever again are remote. And it is mostly because despite all the open mouths and begging bowls we are actually doing pretty well.

Our personal freedoms are so great we imagine that every request, every short-term curtailment is a cruel diminishment of them. In the past people behaved with greater discipline and respect, so little formal inducement was needed; now you are free to be as obnoxious as you wish and some human rights lawyer will argue your case, no matter how harmful your intent. Compared to any time in history our lives are so rich we believe that any reduction in our riches is impoverishment.

Freedom of religion and religious expression has led us to beliefs so narrow and partisan that any dissent from our personal orthodoxy is regarded as the most acute form of oppression. Practices utterly alien to the national psyche and interest are defended so firmly that it feels like a snub to the national interest. Whatever happened to the idea of all being part of a nation and all contributing to its interests? In striving for the vibrant, multicultural vision a great many are fearful that their indigenous culture has become second-class.

Not given to futurology much, the coming years are likely to find us become even more multi-multicultural, even more economically stratified and despite all predictions of that robot world of leisure, the majority will be brown and low caste. The best we can hope for is that the mouths of the masses are stuffed full enough to quell the urges to revolt. I don’t believe the future is as bright as some wish for. Covid-19 notwithstanding, we are probably living through the best times most of us will ever see*.

(*On the bright side, what do I know; maybe we WILL be stirred to positive action?)

Monday, 6 April 2020


Everybody is a bigot. This is undeniably true. Nobody has a mind so open to other people’s opinions that they can smile beatifically and accept the validity of every such differing view without question. You simply can’t survive in the vast herd of mankind without taking sides. Family, village, county, country, football team, political affiliations, etc, etc, etc. We ALL harbour antipathy towards some views and look more kindly on others.

Well, maybe there’s a the odd little, old, white-haired guru who has mastered his consciousness and conquered human concerns, but what use is he, sitting there, cross-legged on top of his holy mountain? Besides, no matter how other-worldly his mien, surely he must be working a scam, no? But put aside such ignoble suppositions and grant that there are a handful of such mystics who can actually practice true impartiality and there are still 7.8 billion of us who are in thrall to bias; possibly the best we can do is accept it and take steps to moderate it.

In these days of lockdown I am spending far too much time on Twitter, exposing myself to the plethora of deadly, infectious, perverse beliefs that inhabit that realm, and in the process I am aware I am reinforcing some of my own entrenched beliefs. I know it is my own biases which drive me to certain conclusions, but there are some quite clear correspondences between certain collective mindsets which may help to explain some of the lunacy out there.

As a big fan of the principle of Occam’s Razor I tend to view with deep scepticism any attempt to add two to a potato and get conspiracy. But there they are, Occam-free disciples of what they think is ‘the bigger picture’. The more likely they are to have been struck done by the Covid-5G connection, the more likely they seem to think that the Conservative government is somehow to blame. Those who harbour antipathy against the current government are also highly likely to have voted to remain in the EU; some of them even signal their delusions by keeping the redundant FBPE hashtag in their Twitter bios.

But one thing which universally seems to connect the more fragile and gullible is the insistence that they, alone, possess the open-mindedness to tell fact from fiction. When this is coupled with the characteristic exchange and response mechanism you can usually predict the outcome. It goes like this:

·       Here's my totally hatstand theory, founded entirely in truth!
·       That's just ridiculous.
·       But, see the facts. Look at my research! (Link to nutjob blog)
·       Those are not facts.
·       You have a closed mind!
·       No, I have a functioning brain.
·       Hater!!!!

This is immediately followed by a block because then, see, they must have won the argument. Or at the very least they have protected themselves from yet another source of dissent and wrapped themselves more tightly in the self-reinforcing bubble of delusion. How fragile must be your grip on reality that you cannot tolerate dissent and get so angry with anybody who challenges your unhinged gibbering?

Confucius, he say: Don't eat bat and cat and shit...

Anger is, in my worldview, an immature emotion and one engaged in by people of a less rational bent. There is no need for it and it usually indicates a low-information approach to life. But the knee-jerk blockers are so confused by other people’s lack of anger that even that makes them angry. They seem to even hate the fact that you wish to engage with them in a civilised manner. I find this highly amusing… which is why I continue to do it.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Ah, but that's what they WANT you to think!

Well, what an entertaining few days on The Twitter. We have passed from Wuhan biological weapons theory into far more fertile nutjob conspiracy action. 5G, by all accounts – well by some accounts – is a space weapon, wielded by, among others, Elon Musk, designed to subjugate and sterilise … and possibly eradicate, the human race, to what purpose none of the theorists can really explain. One such gullible, tinfoil-hat-wearing advocate led us to the Georgia Guidestones: As prophetic and meaningful as the Edstone, I’d say.

Then there is a plethora of this kind of hysterical nonsense:  There you have it, folks, 5G radiation ‘locking out oxygen, in the blood’, in order to kill people… AND make them into slaves. Wait, what; dead slaves? Ah, but there’s more; apparently a miracle vaccine will be produced and rolled out by edict. And this ‘vaccination’ will involve microchipping you so that you can be controlled by some shadowy central force. Even at Looney Toon levels of sophistication this would be an unwatchable movie.

But we do love a good conspiracy and the scale doesn’t have to be global; in the UK people are spreading the idea that the coronavirus crisis has been deliberately mishandled, or ineptly tackled by the Tories because they want to… what, exactly, kill off their elderly voter base? But hang on; for the last four years the same idiots have been claiming that ‘old people’ want to steal the future of the young. But why would they? Those young are THEIR offspring and grandkids. You would have to be monumentally gullible to believe any of this for one second.

It’s like the idiots who believe that the aim of capitalism is to keep people poor. But, but, but, rich people want to keep the money for themselves! Of course they do; so would you, were you so fortunate. Nobody sets out to acquire wealth for the sole purpose of redistribution to the less industrious. Yet rich people do redistribute much of their wealth; they pay far more in taxes than low earners and then often pay again by procuring private healthcare, education, transport, etc.

Besides, capitalists grow rich by selling things; impoverishing the majority does not help their cause one little bit. If anything it is the socialist system whereby a select few people become wealthy for selling unsubstantiated opinion, for peddling arguments about gender identity and unattainable ‘equality’ and so on, which is the enemy of the poor. Money which could otherwise be put to use to create wealth, or food, or medicine is instead funnelled into the coffers of vested, but unhelpful interests.

Of course, if you are unemployed, in poor health and with poor prospects ahead it is tempting to imagine that powerful forces are ranged against you. But ask yourself this; why? Why would governments, captains of industry, religions or otherwise want to grind you further into the dirt? There is no gain for any of them. In fact the very opposite is more likely. Compassion is not the exclusive preserve of the Corbynites. And charity depends on there being an excess of resources.

The simple fact is you are far more likely to get reliable and consistent help under the British system of taxed capitalism than you are under any form of central planning. This has been proven again and again and again, yet many people are still susceptible to a Robin Hood narrative of ‘greedy Tories’ and rapacious ‘bankers’. It’s just as well such people are not running the show; if you really want bungled conspiracy, just imagine what the gullible led by the partisan, cheered on by the ignorant could achieve.

Friday, 3 April 2020

What remains?

In time will come the post-mortem; some are already conducting it while the patient is still alive and a few are forecasting it; the Daily mirror is stating that as many people could have died in the UK by Easter Sunday as have already died, to date, worldwide. At a time when people are abandoning print news in their hundreds of thousands, this is irresponsible and foolhardy. Sooner or later, even the most prurient grow tired of being fed bullshit, garnished with horse shit... and sprinkled with batshit.

But after the Covid-19 affair is over, counting the real cost will occupy the time, the lives, even, of many of us. We will hardly be slapping our backs in congratulations; in effect, all forms of physical contact may become verboten for some time. And I can see that, for some, hearing a simple cough or sneeze will summon up PTSD levels of fear and revulsion. Everybody is now a potential killer, or victim. And it’s not only the virus itself which will be responsible.

People will lose their lives to suicide over despair, to starvation and cold, due to loss of income and inability to pay. Many will become homeless and prey to the many illnesses which befall those who live precarious lives on the street. Those with delayed treatments may suffer a loss of life quality which could easily be deemed unnecessarily harsh punishment for something over which they had no control. And some will succumb to the perils of lockdown; domestic violence, indolence, drink… sheer stupidity. Not to mention the mental toll on those insufficiently robust to endure a few weeks of isolation and introspection.

But there will be wider and lasting casualties. Distrust in the mainstream media has possibly never been higher. Print media, already in decline, may not survive. The police, while performing an essential role, are coming in for unprecedented levels of distrust and certain ‘communities’, whatever the truth, will be held forever to have broken the lockdown rules, furthering the antipathy towards islam in the west. In short, trust will be hard to win back.

But perhaps the most despicable of all has been the behaviour of many Labour MPs, stoking up tensions and invoking fear, in the name of ‘holding the government to account’. Constant naysaying is not a valid form of opposition. Refusal to join with the government and support the measures being taken, however grudgingly, are not the actions of a responsible alternative party of government. And a refusal to slap down their misguided useful idiots, like Kevin Maguire, does little to demonstrate responsibility. We are no longer a two-party state.

The next ten years...

International relations, at a time when cooperation ought to be paramount, is at a low ebb. Never mind that nobody will trust China for a generation, the countries of Europe are aghast at the partisan behaviours of their neighbours. But maybe some good will come of this. What remains when nobody trusts anybody else is self-reliance. At an individual level this is something people have neglected, to their detriment. At a national level this is something that has been derided, to our shame. Post lockdown we have much work to do.

Monday, 30 March 2020

The Revolution? You missed it...

If you were planning to re-order society as a socialist utopia, bankrupting the country would be a prophetic, if piss-poor way to begin your new order. But the realm of human stupidity knows no bounds and there are many advocating exactly this. Clearly they are banking on the ordinary citizen being so ground down by the lockdown that they will embrace McDonnellite economics with open arms. What a blow it must be for them to see the Westminster voting intentions regularly putting the current government at over 50% with the cult of Corbyn slumping to levels even lower then when they suffered their worst defeat since 1935. And that was just three months ago.

They say that a working definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but hoping, this time, the result will be different. Tell that to Tash Sarkar with her race-baiting white replacement agenda. Tell it to big-mouth Kevin Maguire with his illiterate and toxic workers’ revolution rhetoric. Tell it to Ribena Wrong-Daily with her tight-lipped, gormless repetition of every stupid thing Magic Grandpa has taught her. None of them will listen – it’s hard to do that when you are banging your head against a wall.

If you were really serious about bringing about a socialist coup you would surely wait until the economy is booming, planting your common purpose stooges into every arm of government, police, military and so forth and using your education shock troops to churn out as many indoctrinees as possible. Then, by force of persuasion, by demonstrating your benevolence you could win hearts and minds… and an election, to usher in your new golden dawn, using the wealth generated by those hated capitalists to pay for it all. That’s exactly what Tony Blair did, by the way. And he would have gotten away with it, except you pesky kids spoiled it all by getting greedy.

Since when you have been back to your insanity methodology. Protest. You protest against everything. You protest about the system which succours you and do your best to bring it down. You protest against history and create your own fictions of such irrational idiocy that you just become a laughing-stock. You protest against government, even when the government is both popular and right. You even protest against your own factions, the internal logic of the left being so lunatic you just can’t see it. By your actions you are judged, and found wanting.

But the truth is that the struggle of the workers was won in the west half a century ago. Your disruptive cause has no purpose because we already have possibly the best balance likely between wealth creating capitalism and redistributive socialism. It’s there and it works and just because you juvenile social justice warriors seem to be able to create an infinity of discontent amongst yourselves it doesn’t make any of it true. The facts tell a different story.

So tell yourselves your fictions, your fairy stories about the ogres of Mammon. Tell your comrades living off the state for no reason other than they have made themselves unemployable, that the same state is trying to kill them. Promulgate your glorious struggle myths even as you benefit from the honourable toil of others. And if you find yourself in need of treatment, protection, shelter, go ahead and bite the hand that is trying so hard to feed you. You want a revolution? It’s already here and it is embodied in the actions of those who fit in and get on with it. You should try it.