Sunday, 20 September 2020


Mansfield MP, Ben Bradley, has come out as a racist. Obviously, that never happened but what he has done is stated that he will not attend unconscious bias training. Why? Because it is utter rubbish. In fact, far from trying to rid you of your ‘unhelpful’ attitudes it is more likely to instil either a deep self-loathing or a fully unconscious prejudice against the people who ordered and delivered the training and all that they represent.

Actually, on reflection, maybe we should all attend such training so that we can better know the enemy. In a world where your children are exposed from an early age to rewritten history and led to despise their own grandparents as ignorant old racists it would be wise to examine and deconstruct the sinister lexicon of twisted race rhetoric and confected grievance, the better to counter it.

Everywhere you look it seems that somebody is changing this country. The way we look, how we speak, even what we think. Sadiq Khan is intent on accelerating the process by changing the appearance of London itself. Street names and statues will just be the vanguard of wholesale cultural vandalism. If you let the facts talk, statistically the correct number of minority ethnic contributors to this nation’s history can be counted on the fingers of a single hand.

That amounts to a correctly proportionate representation of exactly zero BAME statues, and a matching number of BAME streets. If anything, non-British ethnicity is not only over-represented as it is, it is grotesquely paraded everywhere you look. It is on the streets, on the screens and in your face, every minute of every day. Cowering footballers ‘taking the knee’, broadcasters giving over every discussion show to the subject, comedians (of a sort) basing their entire acts on the theme.

A historian of the future, indeed historians of today, for the medium is now mature, would do well to study not just the facts but the portrayal of the facts in movies, broadcasts, books, theatre and social media. Many people are already poring over social media and writing about the influences on people right now, but it will only be in hindsight that the full picture will be revealed, and it is no oil painting. (How long before portraits are removed from National Trust properties throughout the land?)

What do you mean, you thought Superman was white?

The movies of old praised valour and achievement and the baddies usually lost. While never an accurate portrayal of real life they nevertheless reflected the aspirations and ambitions of we mere mortals and inspired us to be better. Much, if not most of today’s Hollywood output explores the darker recesses of the human condition, focussing on failure, frailty and succumbing to temptation. Once, you knew the bad guy because he would be played by a British actor. In the future will the proxy for evil just be anybody white?

Friday, 21 August 2020

Keeping up Appearances

When Hyacinth Bucket answers the phone she pronounces her name ‘Bouquet’ and assumes the cut glass accent of a high-born lady of the manor. When Hugh Laurie accepted an award some years ago for playing the title role in the US television show House, audiences gasped to discover that he wasn’t actually American. It’s called acting and when kids adopt airs and graces above their upbringing it is often called acting up, even when its intention is not so much to deceive as to impress.

We’ve all done it at some time; carefully enunciated when meeting the prospective in-laws, reverted back to our childhood accent when visiting the olds, adopting new speech patterns when living abroad. It’s a pretty normal thing to switch accents, manners and mannerisms when you routinely mix and move in different circles. I have mingled with royalty, the wealthy, lords, ladies and gentlemen in my time, as well as rough-as-arseholes riggers and builders. I automatically adjust my communication to match the circumstances.  I just didn’t have a name for it until now.

The BAME community does though; they call it code switching and you have seen and heard them do it. Omid Djalili used to open his stand-up set with 20 minutes of Iranian patois before switching to his native Chelsea twang. A colleague where I work is a Sikh but wears no regalia and is often approached by the ummah to help out a muslim brother; he can become ‘Citizen Khan’ in a heartbeat, but just as quickly he is a typical West London geeza.

But calling it ‘code switching’, as with all things grievance related, turns a commonplace phenomenon into something more sinister. This is what happens when you study something long enough and deeply enough. In the search for something to be offended about, once you give something a name you can exploit it as a harm. The BBC is currently airing a programme about the practice, portraying it as a necessary evil that certain communities have to confront. 

But flip the coin and ask yourselves, you ethnic warriors, how much offence you cause the indigenous white British when even after three generations you speak English in openly foreign accents. What does it say about you when you both play up your difference and complain about how you are perceived? Don’t pretend you are put upon and must ‘play the white man’; if you don’t like it here, feel free to seek new pastures.

But if you really do want to fit in, just speak like everybody else does. If you are ashamed of being black then get some elocution lessons, take up received pronunciation and crack on. If you are proud of being black then stick with your Jafaican and leave the rest of us to make assumptions about how you earn your living. It really is up to you, but moaning about code switching will earn you no friends.

Iz it coz I iz blak?

Better yet, why not make the best of both worlds? Visiting my brother in Wakefield some years ago we went to his local Chinese takeaway. On the other side of the counter a young Hong Konger was mangling his words as he took an order. In his best Benny Hill Canton-English he dutifully mispronounced his Ls and Rs “You wan’ fly-lice?” On completing the order he put the phone down and said, in perfect Yorkshire. “Now then lads, what’ll thee ‘ave?” Code switching? Get over yourselves.

Thursday, 20 August 2020

Crossing Continents

I’m not sure there is an actual word in the English language to express how little I care that a potential illegal entrant into Britain has died as a result of his attempt. So, you broke through a perimeter fence, strode past all the warnings signs and deliberately jumped off a dangerous, signposted cliff and died? This is the stuff of farce, not tragedy and I owe you not one single thing. No, not even your life, and certainly not the rest of your life on benefits.

A French MP for Calais was interviewed on the PM programme and blamed Britain. It was our fault that we spoke English, the second language of some of the contestants in the new reality show: “France? Get Me Out of Here!” It was easier, he said, to find black market employment in Britain, and with armies of human rights lawyers, far harder to deport. Despite crossing all of Europe in their quest for an easier life, the countries of the EU owed the UK nothing, as far as stemming the tide was concerned.

We are on our own, then, as it should be. And if this is the case we need to take a more aggressive stance towards countries, unions even, which actively work against our interests. It isn’t beyond comprehension that migrants will soon be picked up on the beaches of Greece and bussed all the way across the continent to Calais. Hell, they’ll be flown there in chartered splendour, to await the French-sponsored ferry crossing which will bring 2000 at a time, twice a day, 365 days of the year, thus fulfilling our regular mandated intake with ease.

There is something wrong in the heads of everybody who would cheer such an endeavour, seriously wrong. These are not people who can enhance our island in any way. So why does no political party address the real concerns of the great majority of the British about the dissolution of their identity? Why does no party even properly acknowledge that legal mass immigration, let alone illegal invasion, has already done great harm and now poses an existential threat?

Our message to migrants (they are not ‘refugees’; most are not even legitimate ‘asylum seekers’; their mission is venal, pure and simple.) should be clear and simple. We don’t want you, we won’t take you, we won’t protect you, and we will use deadly force to repel you if we have no other recourse. You will find no welcome here. And if you do manage to enter our country you will do so as a criminal and we will hunt you down and remove you.

Your life here will be one of fear and squalor and you will be exploited by criminal gangs made up of your own countrymen. You will never be British and you will know no respite from vilification. We will treat you with contempt and every person you encounter could be the one who reports you to the authorities. All that awaits you in Britain is misery and harm and when we return you to the shithole you came from you can pass on that message.

Border Farce

We may never recover what we have lost, but we should at least attempt to limit the further damage coming our way. And if ridding ourselves of this human garbage, this effluence of human waste from wasted lands makes us a pariah state in the eyes of the oh-so-uncorrupted United Nations and European Union then we should embrace that status with both arms. Man up, Britain, and rid ourselves of this vermin.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Building on sand

The Pharaohs were probably the first to actually build their kingdoms on sand. And look where they are now. The history of civilisations has a recurring theme of genesis, growth, power and decline. And the decline, where it is not brought about by conquest, is usually accompanied by decadence, a phase which can extend over many scores of years. There can be little doubt that European culture is in decadent decline right now with little sight of resurgence on the horizon.

There is much talk afoot about rebuilding the economy, but on what? ‘Eat out to help out’ is just a form of welfare, as are many make-work schemes tried in the past. An economy must surely be founded, first and foremost, on solid, tangible things that people need, closely followed by things that people want. Only after those requirements are fulfilled should there be room for frippery.

According to Tweeter Harry Wilkinson 62,544 students sat A-Level Psychology this year, and if his information is correct this well outnumbers those taking subjects which might get them a job doing something useful. Psychology and all of its disreputable offshoots is an example of an industry founded on sand; on the shifting sands of people’s susceptibility to fashionable maladies.  

Haute couture, lifestyle, art, etc. all become worthless when you are starving. In times of sanity those who graft should first get to put food on their tables, yet it is those same workers, whose value is measured by the production of real things, who are always closest to the breadline, while those who eschew usefulness for idle distraction dressed up as necessity get well paid by the grafters for producing nothing of substance. The emperor's seamstresses.

Fine art, fashion, film, literature, theatre, etc. yes, of course, these things do improve people’s lives. Man, after all, does not live by bread alone, but eyebrows, tattoos, 'reality' TV and coffee to go; are you shitting me? But it’s worse than that, for these are the distractions of the dull and as such are pretty harmless and do involve an economy of some substance. What is not harmless, however, is the creation of an economy based on blame.

Daddy issues, race relations, gender discontent, class warfare and the whole panoply of LGBTQIP+++ delectations and miseries (and I apologise if I have unwittingly missed out your favourite self-flagellating, minority-of-one peculiarity) create nothing of any worth, yet are often rewarded handsomely. We used to scoff at the American fascination with therapy and the prescribing of medication to ward off the stresses of simply being alive, but we are in serious danger of succumbing to the same moribund non-solutions to simply living.

As we try and drag ourselves out of quarantine, as the lockdown eases, the media is awash with all kinds of experts offering handy excuses, disguised as diagnoses of all manner of syndrome. Children being interviewed about their exam grades readily employ the lexicon of amateur psychoanalysis as they refer to the deteriorating state of their own mental health. They are, quite literally, talking themselves into the talking cure. We should not be indulging this decadent assumption of lasting harm; what they need is a good dose of pull-your-socks-up and be told to stop wallowing in their misery. And the last thing we need right now are more bloody psychologists.

Monday, 17 August 2020

You say you want a revolution?

For years the discussion of what is clearly an existential issue among white British people has been suppressed. The white working class has been frowned upon by the liberal intelligentsia, for whom all cultures are equal except our own and especially by the leftist ideologues who have assumed positions of power throughout the state. Even the Conservative Party has succumbed to a soft left-of-centre stance on a great many issues, and the prickly subject of immigration heads up the ‘do not properly discuss’ list.

The fascist fantasists, Hope Not Hate, (aka the muslim brotherhood and surely the most ironically named outfit since the thuggish black-shirted Antifa) have dreamed up a report on Patriotic Alternative and spun the narrative, yet again, of a far-right resurgence. In support, our supposed security forces are still claiming victories over unseen ‘far-right terrorist plots’ further bolstering the fear in those same soft, left politicians.

The contrary opinion of Britain as a whole, as given by Katharine Birbalsingh will, of course not be given due regard, in much the same way as her stand against progressive education has fallen on deaf ears among those in the education sector who desperately need to listen. So riven through with concern about upsetting the minority is our governance, from local authority to the Palace of Westminster, that the wishes of the majority always appear to go unheeded. This is not only no way to run a country, it is to all intents, the very opposite of democracy.

Paralysed by doubt and uncertainty and terrified of appearing authoritarian, successive governments have sat on their hands on issue over issue, presumably in the hope that the problem will go away. Don’t expect a serious conversation about race, immigration, welfare, the running and role of the NHS, defence, law and order or the extent to which our institutions have been overrun by ideologies which could have come straight from the Kremlin. Instead of debate we get soundbites; instead of action we get photo opportunities.

If it isn’t abundantly clear, western liberal democracies have become moribund, useless exercises in appeasement, when what is needed is clear direction, certain rules and unmistakeable purpose. All this confused business of various agencies deciding they need to ‘hold the government to account’ should not even warrant a thought. If we could only trust our elected politicians to do our bidding, that accounting would only need come at election time.

Instead of leadership by an elected cabinet of engaged, dedicated and forceful characters we end up, instead, with people who have gained their positions by carefully managing not to upset the rabble of competing minority attention-seekers. With an 80-seat majority the current government ought to be able to do what it damn well likes, but it is looking increasingly as if it is constantly seeking approval to tentatively meander in ever less ambitious directions. What, exactly, are the government’s policies?


And it is no use looking to the opposition for an alternative. Following Blair’s rule by carefully selected focus group, Labour is determined to alienate and ignore its former core vote by introducing all BAME shortlists. They don’t even seem to see that they are part of the problem. As was always the case, if you want anything doing right, do it yourself. Individualism is the first recourse of the disaffected. The second may need to be revolution. Do you hear it coming?