Sunday 25 May 2014

Counting the Days

So, today is EU election counting day, the day when all the chickens come home to roost and the day that commentators like Dan Hodges will see if their six-week rant in vilification of UKIP and all its supporters has borne fruit. At first, a lot of observers sort of agreed with many of the conclusions resulting from the reported thoughts and deeds of fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists and many decided UKIP wasn’t for them. But then it started to become a distinctly grubby game.

Here were all two-point-one major parties (It’s becoming more difficult to describe the Lib Dems as even half a party) engaged in a sometimes desperate united front to hurl some quite extreme accusations at a party that attracted people who used to vote for them. People with unfashionable opinions, sometimes formed through lack of knowledge, sometimes from grudges held against others and sometimes just because they were barmy. People, in fact, much like themselves and the voters who remained.

Then the results were in and a curious anti-London sentiment began to grow as it dawned on ‘the people in the telly’ that the rest of the country no longer regard London as a British city. Dear Dan Hodges, who has been increasingly unhinged of late tweeted, “I'm bored of this "out of touch London elite" narrative. Londoners aren't going to apologise for not being racist throwbacks. Sorry.” and then got into a bit of a spat with me amongst others.

But nobody was talking about ‘Londoners’, the beleaguered former stalwarts of the blitz spirits and all that used to represent and unite Great Britain, they were talking about groups of people who hold themselves above the accountability most of us are subject to; people who live in a fairy tale world where everybody is ‘enlightened’ and believes in the same studiously correct things that they do. Where everybody is equal and equally entitled to live as they wish. Where all people are good people and nobody seeks to control others.

Meanwhile, as these lovely enlightened people were focused on dredging up old non-stories about UKIP candidates, the islamic caliphate of Tower Hamlets carried on doing what it has been doing for years. Electoral chicanery is not only commonplace here, but has been known about for years. And so entrenched is it that the UK government appears powerless to do anything to change it. Please take a few minutes to read this remarkable piece by Andrew Gilligan and then tell me that we have nothing to worry about.

This is not just happening in ‘That London’. In many British cities, there is corruption and anti-democratic graft beyond anything we have seen in the past as concerted islamist groups – under the cover of politically correct ‘tolerance’ and crying racism - seek to control local seats of power in order to impose their own ideology. The bigger prize and eventual ambition for islam is to control all of Europe, all of the world.

Tower Hamlets Taliban
The new London 'Elite'

So tonight, as the MEP results are returned and we wait to see the appetite for change in Europe and calculate the odds of our ever getting a referendum on our place in it, ask yourself this: If we can’t even control the corruption in boroughs in our own capital, what chance do we have of ever reforming the European Union? If we truly want a say on how the EU is run, we need to start much closer to home.

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