Thursday, 3 November 2016


We moved out of our street just about when the beheading started. Chucking the gays off the taller buildings and setting fire to women who dared show their hair was one thing; we thought, you know, it’s just their way. But it turned out that being male and straight wasn’t enough and those who couldn’t grow a half-decent beard in double quick time soon found themselves on the wrong end of the sharia patrols. Oh and when the chippie shut up shop we knew something wasn’t right. Keith had kept that shop open all through the Kentucky fried chicken riots and the kebab wars; he even dared to stay open late, after the pubs had turned out, but one Saturday evening he just didn’t turn up and that was that.

Next thing we knew it was a halal paper shop or something and we all remarked about how quickly the sale had gone through. After that it was almost a race with house after house putting out For Sale signs and each one being knocked down to less than the last. You hear about house prices in that London – sellers’ market and all that - but here in the old steel towns you take what you can get. I’m bound to get stick for saying it but here on the outskirts of the town my family have lived in for generations everybody says that Enoch was right. Even those who don’t know what an Enoch is...

A story in the Express talks about the bifurcating towns of England; towns splitting on cultural lines and in a follow up, Blackburn comes in for particular scrutiny. If you want a glimpse of pie in the blue sky thinking here, from the first link, are the words of Professor Ted Cantle:

The focus of policy needs to shift, this is not just about minorities. Politicians and policy-makers need to encourage white British residents to remain in diverse areas. To choose, rather than avoid, diverse areas when they do re-locate, encouraging similar choices with respect to placing pupils in diverse schools. In other words to create a positive choice for mixed areas and a shared society.”

He clearly hasn’t been involved in the process himself. Yeah, right Ted, you keep on smashing away at that square peg all you like but the only way it will fit into the round hole is if you irrevocably damage it.

Multiculturalism is an ideology imposed by clever people who only really associate with other clever people, who are so clever they have trained themselves, yogi-like, to transcend the mortal plane and can’t see cultural differences except as fascinating anthropology. They are so clever that they can look at people from different racial origins and declare they are identical; so clever they can imagine equality and diversity living in harmonious communes. So clever are they that the emperor’s tailors could sell them whole wardrobes of nothing and they could look in the mirror and see only finery.

Well, call me racist but it really isn’t like that at all. Once, the inhabitants of these islands comprised separate warring tribes and many centuries of war and interbreeding finally united the kingdom under one monarch and one set of cultural norms with regional variants but common purpose. Incomers were rapidly assimilated and despite the aphoristic marching whine of the sociologists: ‘we are a nation of immigrants’ the British were largely genetically homogeneous until around the mid-nineteenth century. Immigration didn’t so much change us, but we certainly changed immigrants; that’s why they came here.

But that’s not happening any more. Our oh-so clever and oh-so egalitarian social engineers have ignored the cries of the displaced masses and imposed what amounts to a cultural invasion too big to assimilate and in refusing to integrate it is reversing that homogeneity. The biggest threat to our security is not racial, however, it is an ideology called islam. Soon there may be not only muslim-only sectors, but entire muslim-only towns. When there are British towns in which no British people live - for islam sets itself above history and heredity - we are back to antipathetic, warring tribes. Who does not now see portents of "the River Tiber foaming with much blood'? 


  1. Immigrants arrive and over time apart from a period of relatively peaceful or at least containable readjustment everybody gains. The end result is the immigrants take on more of the characteristics of the host than the host does of those they bring with them. The hosts gain by taking some of the immigrants characteristics that enriches their culture. Integration is complete helped by the fact that the immigrants were not adverse to integrating in the first place. Not always true there have been times when there has been considerable disruption but in the end it has lead to the enhancement of society. The current wave of Islamic immigrants is another one of those times that will no doubt lead to considerable disruption but will not lead to enhancement but to degradation of our society.

    The current wave of immigrants are not interested in integration with us but that we integrate with them they want nothing from from us other than our wealth and obedience to their religious beliefs and complete incorporation of their culture into ours which can only both be described as being barbaric and regressive. They do not believe we have anything to teach them but they have much to teach us. As is the way of the ignorant and superstitious. Islam I believe means submission which is rather apt and telling because that is precisely what they require of us. This time it will not end well. We may well not come out of it well as we are far less or at least some sections of our society are eager to resist and even are prepared to welcome this threat to our society and culture.

    1. Excellent first paragraph. I'd add another thing that disrupted this process: the idea of multiculturalism, which really has little meaning other than to undermine the pressures that make immigrants more likely to integrate successfully - so we can all get along together. All the pressure is on the host nation, for some reason - guaranteed to cause resentment all round

      Immigrants are now positively encouraged to resent any pressure to integrate. We're all told that any attempts to persuade them to conform are "imperialism" of some kind. Whites are told to despise themselves.

      It really is the most divisive type of politics.

  2. I have been saying for some time that we are heading for a return to city states, and maybe based on a tribal basis. Trouble is, some of the city states will be Muslim and given their inability to deal peacefully with others (even within their own faith) it will descend to warring city states. Expect the Islamic city state of Dewsbury and Bradford -- funded by Saudi Arabia -- to be battering down the cursed infidel city state of Knaresborough and York. Fortunately by then our lovely caring and sharing leaders will have long buggered off to sunnier climes and left us to get along as best
    we can.

    It's pretty obvious that the current concept of democracy, already shown to be a farce with so many MPs dead against we the people no matter what we say or want, will be surrendered to those who have the weapons and will to kill, and for some reason people from the Middle East seem to have an endless supply of AK47s.

    Try as hard as the chattering classes might, the fuzzy notion of diversity and vibrancy is about to be revealed as bollocks. Anyone who survives the coming troubles might one day find a scrap of paper to record that our 'leaders' got it all wrong and left us to rot in the face of an invasion they encouraged. It will probably not end well, but it will end one day. We should hope then it is a long time before we repeat such a disastrous policy of forcing on defenceless people the unlimited immigration of a cult
    that refuses to integrate.

  3. I remember when David Frost of the perpetual sneer interviewed Enoch Powell after the Rivers of Blood speech. He tried his best to make Enoch look like a loony and kept going for the cheap laugh.

    Who's laughing now? No one?