Sunday, 10 February 2019


Madness takes many forms and many are taken by madness in their dotage, throwing off their clothes and wandering naked in the street, much to the anguish of all those who care about them. Rending garments is an oft-invoked cypher for distress. Wandering unclothed in the rain is how many deranged movie victims have been portrayed; it is practically a meme for madness. Naturism is something a few oddballs indulge in away from the prying eyes of voyeurs. Stripping for money has become almost respectable these days, so ubiquitous is it, but de-robing for protest loses its potency after the first mild-shock encounter.

So what do we make of the Naked Britain woman? The daft doctor Victoria Bateman (and what a name for a rabid feminist) is bating men by getting her kit off and ... well, what? In her own mind she thinks she has a worthwhile message but she intones her script like a robot preaching at rather slow children. She has meaningless graffiti scrawled on her flesh ‘Brexit leaves Britain naked’ it says, but the only naked thing here is her and her obsession... and she is clearly stark-staring mad.

Bateman’s muff has trended on Twitter, her tits are all over TV and her snatch is on snapchat
People click the links, or go to see her on stage out of a sense of voyeuristic horror – she is a freak show, the kind of crazy lady they used to stone and drive out of the village. Quite what she hopes to achieve, apart from frightening the children, is unclear. Yes, she’s against Brexit but so what; the entire establishment is against Brexit and they have made their point more forcibly while fully clothed. In fact you might even conclude that Sticky Vicky’s baring all actually detracts from the message.

She is a Cambridge economics ‘fellow’, which nomenclature almost certainly leaves her hopping mad, but nobody is interested in her economics. She may be in favour of the laissez faire free market or planned, centralised control, but who knows and frankly who cares? She just wants to wave her angry vagina at everybody. She stripped off during her interview with Jon Humphrys a couple of days ago – a perfect example of radio’s real value – and she has challenged Jacob Rees Mogg to debate sans ensemble, to what purpose is unclear, as all of her interviews invariably go much like this:

·         Why are you naked?
·         Yes, but did you need to take your...
·         Surely, though, you can make the same point fully clothe...
·         Well, not yours, it seems because
·         DON’T OPPRESS ME
·         Why do you think people will listen if you appear naked?

Her body... not that WE get much choice.

Well, she wanted the attention and she’s got it, but for all the wrong reasons. Nobody is listening to a word she says, but she’s lucky, really. Corporal Klinger in M*A*S*H couldn’t get posted home because his catch 22 was the real deal – to feign madness was clearly sane. Cambridge University has enough nutters that they won’t bat an eyelid at batty Bateman’s body, but for many an employer, to go about flaunting your flabbies in public would be bringing them into disrepute. And that is the bare truth of it all.


  1. Most women look better clothed than nude, otherwise these frock makers wouldn't be making so much money, well, apart from Victoria Beckham, and women understand this. The same for men. I would suggest that Miss Bateman would an honest look at her breasts succumbing to gravity, and her thighs wider than her shoulders and have more respect, not only for others, but herself. On the other hand, I may support a second referendum, or vote Remain, if she promised to keep her kit on!

  2. Well written, Battsby. I can help thinking there's some minor sexual thrill involved - for her, obviously. Making it political brings respectability to her flashing. It's her delivery (yes, I did listen to her speexh) which is dreadful. Beyond viagra's cure. Each to their own, I suppose.

  3. Good posting, welcome back Batsby we have missed your input.

  4. What I don't get is the hypocrisy in her argument.
    She claims that being naked is nothing to be ashamed of and it's perfectly OK.

    So if Brexit leaves Britain naked, then by her own argument then Brexit is nothing to be ashamed of and it's perfectly OK...

  5. Dio, old lad - how dare you use rational logical reasoning against a batty SJW! You can shortly expect four patrol cars, a Black Maria (can I still say that?), and an armed response team to visit Chateau Dioclese to invite you to accompany them for a little political re-education. This will be following the examples set by Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot and numerous other 'enlightened' leaders.