Monday, 30 March 2020

The Revolution? You missed it...

If you were planning to re-order society as a socialist utopia, bankrupting the country would be a prophetic, if piss-poor way to begin your new order. But the realm of human stupidity knows no bounds and there are many advocating exactly this. Clearly they are banking on the ordinary citizen being so ground down by the lockdown that they will embrace McDonnellite economics with open arms. What a blow it must be for them to see the Westminster voting intentions regularly putting the current government at over 50% with the cult of Corbyn slumping to levels even lower then when they suffered their worst defeat since 1935. And that was just three months ago.

They say that a working definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but hoping, this time, the result will be different. Tell that to Tash Sarkar with her race-baiting white replacement agenda. Tell it to big-mouth Kevin Maguire with his illiterate and toxic workers’ revolution rhetoric. Tell it to Ribena Wrong-Daily with her tight-lipped, gormless repetition of every stupid thing Magic Grandpa has taught her. None of them will listen – it’s hard to do that when you are banging your head against a wall.

If you were really serious about bringing about a socialist coup you would surely wait until the economy is booming, planting your common purpose stooges into every arm of government, police, military and so forth and using your education shock troops to churn out as many indoctrinees as possible. Then, by force of persuasion, by demonstrating your benevolence you could win hearts and minds… and an election, to usher in your new golden dawn, using the wealth generated by those hated capitalists to pay for it all. That’s exactly what Tony Blair did, by the way. And he would have gotten away with it, except you pesky kids spoiled it all by getting greedy.

Since when you have been back to your insanity methodology. Protest. You protest against everything. You protest about the system which succours you and do your best to bring it down. You protest against history and create your own fictions of such irrational idiocy that you just become a laughing-stock. You protest against government, even when the government is both popular and right. You even protest against your own factions, the internal logic of the left being so lunatic you just can’t see it. By your actions you are judged, and found wanting.

But the truth is that the struggle of the workers was won in the west half a century ago. Your disruptive cause has no purpose because we already have possibly the best balance likely between wealth creating capitalism and redistributive socialism. It’s there and it works and just because you juvenile social justice warriors seem to be able to create an infinity of discontent amongst yourselves it doesn’t make any of it true. The facts tell a different story.

So tell yourselves your fictions, your fairy stories about the ogres of Mammon. Tell your comrades living off the state for no reason other than they have made themselves unemployable, that the same state is trying to kill them. Promulgate your glorious struggle myths even as you benefit from the honourable toil of others. And if you find yourself in need of treatment, protection, shelter, go ahead and bite the hand that is trying so hard to feed you. You want a revolution? It’s already here and it is embodied in the actions of those who fit in and get on with it. You should try it.

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  1. REPENT for the end is near. The only option left is to scrap Brexit and throw ourselves on the mercy of the EUSSR. It's probably foolish Brexiteers that have brought the plague back to our shores anyway. The good kind money grabbing wolves of the EU look after us you will see.