Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Britannia RIP

Everybody is going gaga over the Windsor Framework, which is a sure fire way of knowing that it is a crock. MPs on all sides are praising Sunak and Fond O’Lying’s ground-breaking deal, and such a level of agreement among politicians should sound alarums throughout the land. The very fact that  EU spokes-types are briefing that this is the best of all possible arrangements leads me to believe they assume they’ve won.

In effect, Northern Ireland remains a part of the EU, in much the same way that Crimea belongs to Russia but without a boot on the ground. If the DUP believes that the UK has abandoned its province to the enemy it may well be seen by historians as the falling of one of the last barriers to the unification of Ireland. The IRA has also won. Wales, by all accounts would be happy to split from the union, alongside Scotland, so what’s the point of clinging on to Nor’n Ir’n many will say.

And I am one of them. I see it as a gross hypocrisy to support Brexit but reject separatist arguments from within the UK. If they feel like annexed lands, then why not let them self-determine? Defence, you may suggest, except we haven’t demonstrated any will to defend ourselves in the last quarter century and the Exchequer has no cash left to support any of our services, let alone the military.

We have given away our manufacturing, our food and energy security, allowed our education system to rot at the hands of extremists who believe in everything but the sovereignty of the nation state and in all of this the judiciary have proudly help up the rights of all who would act against us. If we can’t even make our own laws – and we still can’t, in any meaningful way – how can we even begin to claim we are a sovereign nation?

The Remainers were right, there was never any plan for Brexit. Except… there was, and it was simple. Leave the constraints of the EU and govern ourselves. But our politicians have proven themselves incompetent and too cowardly to face up to the overbearing ranks of ‘international’ lawyers. It was always portrayed as a divorce but instead of decently separating and going their own ways, the departing party has hung around, stalking his ex, like a needy loser.

It was always a trap

I am still 100% in favour of England, at least, becoming a wholly sovereign nation, but that is in theory only. Stripped of the union we will have enemies instead of allies on our physical borders. The island fortress that we once were is now too easily besieged by foreign troops on our flanks. And the English have become second-class citizens in their ancestral lands. I see no way ahead except the inevitable slow retreat from Brexit and complete subsummation into the European project. What a waste.

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