Tuesday 25 April 2023


Yesterday, I sat in on a webinar about sustainability and the green environment in relation to training the upcoming generation of apprentices in the construction trades. The presenters were earnest and sincere in their desire to promote awareness of the impending – some would say already present – climate crisis. The trouble was, though, none of them were expert in the field, having been drawn in from various, more established disciplines. Nevertheless, this is the way of the brave new world.

Coincidentally, this morning I read in the Spectator about the Unesco’s latest interference in this world: Education for Sustainable Development, ESD for short. It seems that the Unesco is not content with their current levels of alarmism and seek to embed ESD throughout the young people, expressly to encourage political climate activism. The programme states that ‘Empowering and mobilising young people of all genders… is a central part of ESD implementation’. Of all genders? Was it really necessary to trumpet that particular bit of virtue?

Anyhoo, if you were worried that young people are indoctrinated enough in our schools and universities the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization does not share your fear and wants to impose top-down mandates that every curriculum be re-tuned to harmonise with its political goal to ‘climatise’ every waking thought… and probably your dreams as well. Lest you also think you can maybe just ignore all this, the UN has taken the BBC’s stance on balance and central to the imposition of ESD is that ‘the educator has the duty of not being neutral’.

What this means is that, much like with diversity training, every lecturer, every teacher, every curriculum leader will be themselves re-educated to trot out the egregious drivel of the environmental protest movements. Whether they are concerned or not, whether they have the ability to understand ‘the science’ their jobs will be incumbent on toeing this line. And why this is worrying is because they will be fed the  Greta syllabus whereby every shower of rain is climate breakdown and every hot day will be an extinction event and your children are going to have the bejesus scared out of them.

There is the chance that those studying engineering and physics and other related STEM subjects will have the ability to see through the worst, but what of those reading the arts? Relying on the greater wisdom of your tutors used to be a safe bet when in search of the truth, but how reliable is going to be the externally moulded opinions of those with little or no training in critical thinking and the scientific method?

Is this where the Marxist infiltration of our establishments has brought us? From those hippies who became teachers, who rebelled against rigour in education, who embraced whatever new-age claptrap was in the wind and thus influenced the next generation of teachers, and so on. The UN is now questioning and challenging the very purpose of education and making decisions to leave out anything which does not contribute to sustainability, even as it redefines to its own end what sustainability itself means.

This is a war on civilisation, nothing less. And it should be met with a resilient rebuttal at every opportunity. Whenever your offspring seek to ‘educate’ you about your part in humanity’s downfall you need to be ready with more than just a ‘yes, dear’. But I don’t know if common sense can prevail, for this has in effect been happening for many years and many graduates are already approaching positions of power and influence. As far as this brave new world war is concerned it may not be just the beginning, but the beginning of the end.

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