Wednesday 3 April 2024

Eggy Omelette

 ‘Aid worker’ is a loaded title. Saint or activist? Morally pure philanthropist, wanting only to alleviate suffering, or cause-supporting terrorist sympathiser with an agenda, who knows? But the fact that a non-combatant group has been caught in the crossfire should surprise nobody, and the outrage that has been generated – not least by our own dodgy Foreign Secretary ‘Lord’ Cameron – has to be seen for the posturing, attention-seeking, performative nonsense it is.

Should we call for inquiries for every single civilian injured or killed in war? And how many non-coms are supporting, if not harbouring the darker forces within their midst? The world has seen the behaviour of hamas, yet many excuse it as a necessary evil in order to survive. Hamas frequently kills its own, by sheer incompetence, or by design when launching missiles from schools, hospitals and mosques and inviting counter attacks. Human shields? Cannon fodder, more like.

Israel is bent over backwards by the impossible demand of wets like Biden and Cameron and other ‘leaders’ who demand warfare without consequence, ostensibly to further the cause of peace. But hamas has openly declared their intention to keep on attacking until every Jew is dead or gone. It is true, more than ever, to say that if the arabs laid down their weapons there would be peace in the Middle East, but if the Jews did the same there would be no more Jews.

And let me be clear, it is not Israel which is pursuing genocide but the Gazans and their elected leaders, and all their idiot marchers in the west. Polluting the capital city of England – England, for fuck’s sake – every week with their rabid calls for wholesale removal of the Jewish state. But they are peaceful demonstrators for an end to war, they declare. Yes, and the aid workers are in Gaza for no other reason than to ease suffering. My arse.

In making an omelette, eggs must be broken, but there are more ingredients in an omelette than just the eggs. The Middle East is a grotesque omelette of all the leftover gunk in the fridge. It is a hideous mess of conflicting ideology, contradictory history, malevolent pseudo-religious dogma and pure hatred. It is a war that needs to be over, but only two paths to victory are available and both paths end up with a one-state solution.

Everybody has taken a side in this conflict, some from many years of conviction politics – Jeremy Corby springs to mind – think that the Palestinians can do no wrong and are sinned against, rather than sinners. I genuinely don’t give a fig either way about the fate of either side, but I tend to come down more favourably for the Zionist cause; there hasn’t been much Jewish terrorism around the world, after all.

So, while the west impotently demands ‘reasons’ for the unfortunate incident over the Easter holiday it may be worth a moment to reflect on the fact that these aid workers volunteered to be there, in a war zone, knowing that civilian casualties are an inevitability in war. When it comes to the omelette analogy, these eggs threw themselves in the pan.


  1. 'British' aid workers. I assume that's muslims from a muslim shithole who happen to hold British passports?

    1. Possibly. But they could be true, blue, British and I would still feel the same. But then again, I don't have the hand-wringing gene and I find it hard to give a shit, regardless.

    2. Turns out I was wrong. I still agree though, no shits given