Saturday 30 March 2024

Easter Getaway?

The news today seems to be obsessed with the great Easter getaway and how 'Storm Nelson' is making it difficult, with ferry crossings canceled or delayed and some flight rescheduling. But, who cares? What is this modern obsession with the human right to have a holiday? My last away-break was in early 2019, and the one before that in 2014. Don't get me wrong, I like(ed) to travel, but I have to cut my cloth to suit, and my pocket, and work schedules don't leave much room to manoeuvre. 

The naming of storms seems to me just another symptom of the narcissism of modern times. I must have my strolling coffee, my coffee-to-go. I must have my own neuro-diverse diagnosis. I must have all of my human rights, including those to which I am not really entitled because I don't posses the correct set of protected characteristics. My neighbour has an SUV (which never leaves the town) so I must have one, too. And why should storms miss out? Once we name them how long before some awful nut job demands we respect their rights?

Okay, I know, but it really does grip my shit when people with so little to offer the world demand so much of it. When talentless foetuses, SPADs fresh out of Oxford, get to call the shots in politics, and in 'the meeja' and nobody calls out their incompetence. When politicians deem themselves fit to make life changing decisions about education, defence, economics, healthcare and the entire structure of society without ever thinking to ask anybody who might be affected by it.

Yes it's a rant, but I am merely exercising my human right to have a rant. And on that note I'm off to enjoy what's left of my Easter - sorry Ramadan - weekend.

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