Sunday 17 March 2024


MPs, we are told, are being threatened by the pro-Palestine mob who have no difficulty in using violence to claim they want peace in the Middle East. Ugly groups of islamic sympathisers gather to intimidate anybody who disagrees with them and do so with impunity. Their numbers are swelled by the useful idiots of the professional protesters who will turn up to anything which looks like a rejection of law and order and common sense. No banner is too nonsensical for these fools to fly.

The police stand quietly by, knowing that they have neither the numbers nor the political backing to act, instead arresting any counter protester who dares to challenge the genocidal call for Israelis to be exterminated. Because, make no mistake, this is the stated aim of hamas, who hide behind women and children, launch rocketry from schools and hospitals, and believe in no sanctity for human life. Quite the opposite, in fact, as martyrdom is considered a high calling; taking one for the team is baked into every jihadi mindset.

Rishi Sunak’s cowardly act of defiance has already been forgotten. While he stood there, denouncing extremism, and taking care to include the practically invisible and largely fictional ‘far right’ he must have known what we all knew. That nothing would be done, not one thing. When India was partitioned it was done precisely because muslims reject all other models of society. They will never integrate. And what did our governments do? Why, we invited them to come here and destroy our own country as well.

Every incoming government puts on the blinkers which allow them to pretend that all is well, that all will be well if only we were, you know, just a little bit more tolerant to muslims. Don’t succumb to ‘islamophobia’ the muslim brotherhood orders our government to tell us. The very notion of ‘hate crime’ and the fact that only whites can carry it out has been fuelled and spread by an insidious refusal to name the enemy and commit to action, even as prominent and influential people have urged such action for decades.

No society in history has survived islam without bloody resistance, and Europe, it feels, has not the stomach for the fight. We have even lost the ability to mock and sneer and come together in common antipathy to a foe, unless that foe be the Conservative ‘government’ which deserves nothing short of oblivion come the general election. But that will let Labour in and all the ‘friends of hamas’ will be further emboldened.

To every common citizen, especially those in former industrial towns, the enemy has been within the gates for generations. The enemy has openly boasted of conquest without bloodshed by simply outbreeding the indigenous. There can be no such thing as a ‘British muslim’, the two identities are incompatible, but soon all the people who live in Britain will be subject to islamic rule. It’s coming, you can feel it, what are you going to do?


  1. On the plus side these guys are happy to off our politicians. I can't wait till they start doing that. Once their asses are on the line there will be some changes so the sooner the better.