Friday 22 March 2024

Hate Crime?

No matter how much the crazed Caliph of Holyrood might insist it is so, there is no such thing as ‘hate crime’. Hate is a base emotion, and not worthy of a truly intelligent person, and is definitely an accelerant for certain types of criminal behaviour, but hate itself is not a crime. If hate were a crime then so too could love, joy, despair and misery be legislated against. Preposterous, you may think, but this idiot country is in danger of proscribing all of them.

Delight in seeing your own nation’s flag flying is already, it would appear, bordering on the criminal. But that’s patriotic pride, as opposed to the ‘new’ pride, which is a bonus point on your social acceptability score. You are expected to celebrate the joy of being abnormal, in an absolutely correct sense of the word, yet love of your own tribe is definitely a prosecutable offence if that tribe is white, and especially if it is white and male.

And what if you ‘hate’ Hitler? Is that a hate crime? Who gets to define what kind of antipathy is actionable and which is to be applauded? Loving Hitler is definitely going to see you in court at some stage, as will any mention of final solutions to intractable ethnic problems. Is a love for Hamas a hate crime… or a love crime? And while we’re on the subject, how’s that Labour kinder, gentler antisemitism going for you?

The way the nutters who run this asylum are leading, misery is set to be criminalised by the widespread abuse of the mental health excuse for not working. Now, some might say that the control of and promulgation of misery is already the business of government as it hounds and harries landlords, taxpayers and indeed anybody who makes a positive contribution to life in the UK. In contrast, those who contribute nothing and spend their lives with their begging bowls held out must not be miserable, by diktat.

It all springs from the nebulous and shape-shifting definitions of ‘human rights’, whereby the human rights of some are deemed more important than the human rights of others. If, for instance, you are a law-abiding taxpayer who goes the extra mile to put food on the plate and fire in the hearth you will be milked forever to provide what you have to those who never lift a finger. You don’t even need to belong to this country for your human rights to trump those of the indigenous.

Suddenly, after only, oh, half a century or so of being told all this, the morons posing as representatives of the population are beginning to point out the idiocy of ‘equity’ and ‘diversity’ and to question the wisdom of seeing everything through the lens of critical race theory and all the other crackpot dalliances of the simplistic Marxist children. Something must be done, they demand, seemingly unaware that the power is theirs to so do.

But it is all too late. (Maybe this is why they suddenly feel able to spout off their platitudes.) The damage has been done and the sheep have been groomed for the coming slaughter. Your emotions are no longer under your control but are legislated by the state. You will be happy, sad, triumphant, dismayed and disappointed when you are told to be. And woe betide those who have the wrong emotion at the wrong time, or for the wrong reasons. 

The left has longed for a time when they could tell you that you were happy, and you would accept it. Or tell you to get angry and you would obey that command. At the drop of a hat, the gays march for Palestine; at the click of a finger, those made comfortable by cheap energy glue themselves to roads to end it all. "You will own nothing, and be happy." But for now, ladies and gentlemen, please turn your attention to the telescreens in readiness for the two-minute hate.

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