Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A thinly veiled threat

In the good old, bad old days, Bradford used to be a joke. It was seen as an aberration, not a prototype. We could tell gags about its imported alien culture because we were British and that’s what the British are renowned for. Unaware of words like ‘sharia’ and ‘taqiyya’ the very differentness was ripe for ridicule; now nothing is funny any more. And 'gag' has become a far more appropriate word than 'joke'.

In the great British scheme of things banning isn’t the natural instinct of we liberal (small ‘l’) residents of this formerly happy island yet during the recent reign of the ‘nice’ party the pace of proscription was frightening. So many things are now illegal that you’d think a burka ban would be simply nodded through, but no.  No because religious sensitivity – only toward one particular religion, you understand – is a sacred cow. (Are we still allowed to say ‘cow’? It’s always best to check.)

In a world where you can be criminalised for offending somebody you have never met; for mere words which are simple statements of fact or perception; in a world where you must take care that your very existence is not cause for effrontery and people have been jailed for cracking an obvious joke, there is a sector of society which, even as their adherents kill and maim and rape is off-limits. It’s like the kid at school who never gets properly sanctioned because his father is a violent thug and teachers fear for their lives.

Outside Westminster yesterday the press gave air time once again to the burka ninja – with her cardboard signs, with her silent, sack-wearing sisters at her side, she spewed out her well-rehearsed but ill-thought-through rant. Breaking her English-born accent every now and then to break into guttural fake Arabic to pronounce words like kia-ora-an and to render burka as bu-ur-qu’a (for comic effect, presumably) she railed on about empowerment. She claimed that muslim women came to Britain to contribute and to show British women how to live. You want to contribute to an islamic world? Try Saudi Arabia, darling…

At the same time Anjem “Andy” Choudary, the former unstoned apostate now turned islamic nutjob preacher, spent the day tweeting from his iPhone such short-form homilies as “One day the UK will be ruled by Shari'ah law, then ALL women will be obliged to cover themselves properly & Judges will judge by divine law!” Nice to see we still have enough of a sense of humour to pay his smartphone bill.

Their women want to remain covered, cowed and controlled? Fine by me. These people and this behaviour are offensive and intimidating to a majority but the law won’t act; after all, it’s only non-muslims who are being offended. But there are some places and parts of society to which unidentified people really should not be allowed for the sake of others, their sensitivity and their safety:

Border Control. Driving test. Actually driving. Court appearances. Interviews. Welfare claims. Any work which involves customer contact. Staff or students at schools and colleges. Children’s playgrounds. Banks. Shops. These are all places where a covered face is at best uncomfortable for others and at worse pose a perceived if not an actual threat. Given that perception of offense is enough to charge a non-muslim with some sort of hate crime, there is ample precedent to implement not a ban, but simply enforcement of the same rules the rest of us already follow.

For the female and feminist perspective there is this considered view from Sarah Wollaston in the Daily Telegraph where she states, “Campaigners insist that the niqab is 'empowering' for women. Only in the same way perhaps as an invisibility cloak but if that is the case why is it not worn by men? Such nonsense hides the reality that in cultures where it is not a choice but a compulsion, women have no meaningful power whatever.” (By the way, the poll on that page has been hijacked by the islams – earlier in the day there was overwhelming support for choice.)

For those clinging onto libertarian leanings you might just remember that islam means, quite literally, submission. Put the boot on the other foot and the word you’re seeking is oppression. In plenty of actual muslim countries a simple headscarf is considered adequate – the burka is not a religious requirement any more than wearing a cross is mandatory for christians. This issue is being used as a divide and conquer strategy for those who are openly hostile to our hard-won freedoms (such as they remain). The fact that Judge Peter Murphy’s pronouncement on the burka-in-court case is a half-hearted compromise shows they are winning.


  1. Nice one (again) Batts....

    It's all perfectly true and it's going to be a hard struggle to get it all back. I'm not afraid for myself too much, but more for my young daughter and any children that she might have.

    The only concern that I have for myself is that my descendants never have to ponder the question (as per that famous wartime poster, "Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?"

    Chris Waddington.

  2. Well I shall watch with interest what happens with the EDL will they fade or grow stronger? My wife tells me that if we could, she would like to leave Britain, how many others have? and is that the reason why the Govt. publishes net immigration figures? what country will be left if all the indigenous people leave and are replaced by immigrants? Official figure shows a relatively small nett immigration nothing to worry about move on!

  3. مثير للاشمئزاز كافر. قد تكون للاغتصاب من قبل خنزير وحرق في سخونة جدا جزء من الجحيم!

    الله أكبر وسوف اضرب جميع الذين لا تذعن لإرادته.

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!

      Boy, are YOU going to be disappointed when Fatima lives up to her name.

      And your god is non-existent,pretty much like your own free will. I wish you every reward your behaviour deserves. Oh and say hi to the camel next time you're shagging him, eh?

  4. hey you anonymous Islamist camel humper .. go fuck yourself with a pork dildo.. ;-)

  5. In case anyone wants a translate of the scrawl above. It's as apt as you'd imagine from the Religion of Peace:

    "Disgusting infidel. May be raped by a pig and burn in the very hottest part of hell!
    God is great and will smite all who do not bow to his will."

    1. And the bloke who wrote it had to Google it because NONE OF THEM CAN READ ARABIC!!! I love the smell of a goon smouldering with hatred in the corner!

  6. God's will can go swivel, you deluded loon.

  7. They would come into my shop wearing the full regalia, eyes just staring, no manners. No please/thank you. While keeper/husband/carer; never knew exactly what he was since he always pretended not to understand me when I told him he could not bar the entranceway so other 'men' could not see his females choosing all their sexy underwear? Double standards beyond belief!!

    I take my hat off to you, a brilliant piece..

    1. Thank you. I choose to simply not engage with them at all. They are non-persons as far as i'm concerned. We used to call that tit-for-tat, but that's probably sexist now! :o)

  8. "Sacred Cow" is a bit of a mixed metaphor, but even in the land of the Sacred Cow, Muslims try to "cow" the locals if, as, and when possible, due to "minority status."

    You say "There is no god but God, and His prophet is Muhammad."
    I say "There is no God, and there is no profit in Muhammad."
    So sue me.
    It's possible that, for awhile yet, I'll still get away with it-- how much longer is anyone's guess

    1. Nothing mixed about it! All words carefully chosen to offend...

  9. Increasingly the best policy is to not have anything to do with muslims. By all means be polite if your job requires it but don't be deferential: these people will assume (as they have with allowing them to settle here and spread their ideas) that you are willing to be submissive to them. Certainly do no wrong to them as plod descend on you.

    You will have to pass these people on the street, of course, and will see them driving (the woman I saw the other day in a full face burqa of whatever it is drove somewhat erratically round a corner, though I have no idea if it was a female) but best to just to hurry on past.

    While halal meat is foisted on the British public to avoid causing possible offence and signs put up in their language to help those who can't be bothered to integrate, we must be careful what we do and say. The state is never on your side but in this matter they are, for reasons many of us can't understand, in favour of the newcomers who add so much diversity that some poor vulnerable white girls pay a high price. No, we must accept that they definitely aren't going to go home. indeed, many will claim this is their home even if they routinely go 'back home' to one of the 'stans to attend yet more weddings, which for some young males has been known to be a euphemism for taking pot shots at soldiers from other countries who have been ordered there to bring democracy. Curious as it is a system that failed us wretchedly here.

    There is no point in entering into a discussion with muslims about their weird religious views either. You may have been encouraged to ask questions and evaluate things for yourself, but they have been schooled in the exact opposite. All muslim teaching is about hammering home their rightful place as top dog and instructing the virtuous 'faithful' (who get up to some pretty non-virtuous behaviour)

    Of course, it is true that muslims actually kill -- because of sectarian beliefs and tribes -- far more of their own kind than anyone else though I hear they are all destined for heaven no matter what they do when all actions carry the approval of a god who exhibits such anger the devil must be amazed how he got to be labelled the bad guy.

    It's hard to contemplate leaving Britain in the face of the muslim influx, because most countries have muslims doing much the same thing as here.

    I worry as others do for my children and grandchildren, but while it is beyond me how we managed to elect people who thought open door immigration of so many muslims was a good idea (how many more taxi-drivers and shopkeepers do we need?) I also worry that no one in power now will freely discuss the growing elephant in the room. My own family have called me a bigot for saying I am not sure about all the muslim influx and the repercussions on society, but in time I suspect they will come round to my view. Sadly, it may be too late then.

    Anyone fancy walled off areas for non-muslims or abandoning cities and towns to them? Probably not as we tend to believe in an openness and freedom. Trouble is, there are muslims who very much do not share that view and insist they should have what they want and the right to impose it on us.

    One day the BBC and the Guardian and Universities and the Labour party and the EU and a host of other 'intellectuals' will suddenly realise the game is up and they backed the wrong side. I would weep for their sorrow but I suspect the weeping by people like me will have been done a long time before we get to the elite waking up.

    I regret in this climate I must post as anonymous, though i suspect my IP address will be filed. I have offered no hatred nor demanded any action other than keeping yourself to yourself. if that is to be a crime then so be it, but for now -- outwardly -- I must remain as if I had a bag over my head.

    1. I don't mind using my name. The truth of the matter is that islam brings nothing to the table; nothing at all. When they outbreed all others in Britain - for that is their intention - the country will be slowly become a cultureless desert.

      Nothing will work any more when they kill the infidel that made it and maintains it and when we are all dead, the wogs will turn on each other.

      You don't need high tech weapons to destroy the world. You just need ignorance.

  10. It is staggering that if Britain is swamped by islam then not only will the arts perish but so too will a lot of the things that the wretched kaffir does right now. That includes working on the roads, implementing building standards and even maintaining the sewerage system. I am probably wrong but I don't see any binmen who are muslim, and while there are muslim policemen they may only be there as either a token gesture or because there is no other way to deal with muslim intransigence.

    I can't see many muslims wanting to farm (and even if they did I doubt any will keep pigs) or be lifeboatmen or volunteer to walk children to school -- in my locality that is done by white people only. My impression is the muslim male (and women won't be allowed to do many things at all) will do some things but not others and when whitey is gone then Britain will soon resemble much of the middle east, except with wetter weather.

    1. This has been my thesis all along. islam will return the world to the Stone Age. (By the way , islam, muslim, allah etc, do not warrant a capital letter, even atthe start of a sentence. They are lower case words in all senses and none of them proper nouns as all are illusory.)

  11. What a load of vile, ignorant trash is spewed here.

    1. Yes. It is abhorrent to imagine how any same human could support the enslavement of women under islam.

  12. I'm sick to the teeth of the news on the screen
    Of hisbullah scum and jihad the obscene
    Whose men plant the bombs and then live feeling free
    To watch women and children be killed on T.V.
    Which satan delivers a child a death curse
    In the name of a worn out collection of verse
    I've not read the book so I cannot recite
    But I'd bet Salman Rushdie is just about right
    Underneath the black cloud of islam
    What kind of publicity needs so much blood
    That's not for some sad diablical god
    Selling himself as a two-bit Macbeth
    As the expect in sentencing cousins to death
    And what kind of god can this be anyway
    That you have to prostrate to him five times a day
    With hate in your heart and a gun in your hand
    Is force the only thing to understand
    Underneath the black cloud of islam?
    And the butchers who've got all this blood on their hands
    Are the ones who need god to be stood where he stands
    Blessing this kidnapping, murder and war
    With books written hundreds of ages before
    And woman in veils walking paces behind
    Doesn't sit easy in my mind
    It speaks of oppression and no other choice
    That rigid compliance with the loudest voice
    Underneath the black cloud of islam
    You can put a lead bullet clean through this guitar
    'cos I'm not overjoyed with the story so far
    Sharing a world with the nutters of god
    Is as good as being six feet under the sod
    Words that are written are all here to say
    And these are the latest there are anyway
    And I am the prophet so don't believe me
    I'm the same as the old ones expect that I'm free
    To give you a piece of my mind which is this
    You're the worst of jehovas blind witlessnesses
    With your feet in the door of the deepest abyss
    Which is underneath the black cloud of islam.

    Hat's Off To Roy Harper