Thursday, 19 September 2013

A nasty taste... of power

Power corrupts, they say. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well Nick Clegg’s power is far from absolute but it appears it’s been a heady enough dose as to go right to his head. No wonder bitter old man Vince Cable went off on one on Monday. It seems the Cleggster is now taking credit for every little thing the coalition has achieved, to the extent that he also wants recognition for his obstruction of true progress.

There has been an appetite in the country for some cold hard truths and short, sharp shock spending reforms, which had they been introduced might have brought us further along the road to real recovery. But like every good socialist, Clegg doesn’t want recovery; he simply wants to bask in his own glory and impose the perverse ambitions of control and submission – the islam of politics – on the people of Britain.

The man who would be king? Despite disastrous personal poll ratings, despite the Limp Dems consistently lagging further and further behind UKIP, despite the Demics becoming even less unified under his leadership, Clegg is apparently labouring under a delusion that he is the true power behind the throne. In yesterday’s blog I compared him – I thought jokingly – to Ozymandias. But in his speech to conference, his bombastic, pompous Neil Kinnock impersonation suggests he either has a very good sense of humour or else he very much believes his own inner voice.

Pretending to care while all the time pursuing a course of action based purely on power politics… and then having the brass neck to admit it, smacks of nothing less than simple arrogance. If there’s one thing you could never formerly accuse the Lib-Dips of it was arrogance; if anything, standing for nothing very much as they do, the primary Dim Lamp characteristic should be apologetic. See what a tiny taste of power has done?

We’re lucky they are in coalition with the Conservatives; their natural enemy. Imagine how much destruction could be wrought should they ever get a chance to double up the fuckwittery by teaming with their parents, the party primarily to blame for bringing Britain to its knees? Empty promises, impotent policies and an abject failure to grasp some simple truths about human nature. If a new LibLab Pact comes about just remember it took the might of Maggie to end it and we shall not see her like again.

And don’t forget where all this is heading. While many Tories are healthily Eurosceptic and some of Labour's old guard are suspicious of the EU’s usurping of their traditional power base, The Damp Rags are unequivocally the party who would sell every last one of us into eternal slavery to the resurgent Bolsheviks of the EUSSR. Welcome to the Liberal Democrats – neither liberal, nor democratic – the true, new Nasty Party.

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  1. The Lib Dems were scraped out of the stain remaining from an old Labour party fall out years ago, and now they all yearn to be recognised as true socialists instead of the fake, pretend time-wasters that they are. It is hard for them to be allied with the Tories but they can take heart.

    Next election Milibland will probably call on them for his coalition government. Clegg will sit next to Balls and co and together they can plot the final stages of Britain's collapse to being a minor EU dumping ground.