Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hog Tied

Love it or loathe it there is nothing quite like the sound of a Harley Davidson; so much so that the Milwaukee manufacturer once attempted to obtain federal trademark protection for the syncopated chug of its idling V-twin. The classic bikes have long been derided as tractors by the sports bike fraternity but nobody with a soul can fail to be stirred by that low rumble and the guttural roar, the rebel yell when the throttles are opened. It’s a noise with a purpose; the soundtrack to America in motion. Poetry.

The people who ride these iron horses come from a proud tradition of self-reliance and shared identity which they regularly display in mass ride-outs throughout the summer. I saw many of these good-natured events during my time in the USA and mingled with a few and despite the ubiquitous skull insignia and the death and guts and glory imagery, a massed rally of American bikers feels more like a family gathering than anything else. If American bikers demand anything, they demand most of all to be left in peace to enjoy the freedom their nation was founded on.

Contrast that to the background noise of British society; the nasal whine of the eternally dissatisfied, most prominently identified by strident demands to ban things, restrict freedoms and label normal human feelings as wrong, wrong, wrong. The mosquito drone of the progressive – for which read, oppressive – is ever-present in Britain today and the regalia of its source, a drab, passive-aggressive coterie of inadequates, is an indistinct ensemble of sackcloth and ashes. The last thing these shambling shaman-worshippers want is freedom.

Yesterday, on the twelfth anniversary of the Twin Towers attack, the news media tried hard to ignore the two unofficial gatherings to mark the day but social media – as it does more and more these days – took the strain. In a jaw-dropping display of arrogance and an open declaration of aggression and invasion there had been a call by the American Muslim Political Action Committee for a “Million Muslim March” on Washington DC.

This is akin to loudly and violently protesting at the cenotaph on Armistice Day, or building prominent mosques in Christian lands as a deliberate act of provocation and then using the tolerance of the invaded against them. In accordance with the islamic tradition of taqiyya, of lying to the infidel, their event was renamed the “Million American March Against Fear” but the gauntlet had already been thrown down and picked up by the very people they have good reason to fear; ordinary Americans.

The counter to this outrageous insult was a call for a ride of “Two Million Bikers to D.C.” In the event the pitiful turn out for the islamist apologists was drowned out by the roar of the pipes on the hundreds of thousands of Hogs that descended on Washington DC to have their resistance recorded. The score? Free America 1, islamist invaders 0 and the allah-wallahs put back in their box.

The British equivalent, the 
Maybe a Moped ride to Marylebone

Hooray, we cry, but were the same thing to be attempted in Britain, the police would arrest all the riders and impound and crush their bikes, while escorting the shrieking, strident, million burka march to beat down the doors of Westminster. If I ever make it out of England alive, I’m gonna get me a Harley.

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