Friday 5 August 2011

The Plunge

So, I did it, I bought one of those infernal tablets. The latest Samsung thing, at least that's what the kid in the shop told me. It's what I'm writing this on right now. And it's proof, if proof were needed, of our innate inability to make good decisions. Let me tell you why:

After some days of dithering; yes I wanted one, no I didn't, what use would it be, could I afford it and other such essential discussion points, I got decisive. Yes, I want one. And yes I know which one.

With an almost definitively decisive leap I arose from my chair, grabbed my keys and wallet and headed to town. The Iconia 500W, a Windows 7 machine with hdmi and usb ports, was exactly what I needed. I reckoned without the magpie within and the big mistake was to allow myself to get sidetracked. No sooner had I asked where I could view the desired object than I was offered an alternative. An alternative that my eyes couldn't turn away from.

And that's what I got; What I deserved.

It's shiny, it's sexy, I'm sure it will be of little real, practical use. But it's mine now and you'll probably have to kill me to get your hands on it.

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