Wednesday 3 August 2011

Where's my tablet?

Well, world domination has had to take a bit of a back seat this week as I have been researching the acquisition of one of those new-fangled Tablet thingies.

Principal amongst my concerns is why, in the first place, do I think I want one at all? I mean the only thing I feel the need to be able to do on the move is write stuff now and then and as tablets are hardly the best writing platform, this seems a futile pursuit. Yet pursue it I have, to the extent of standing for hours in stores watching the piss-poor transfer speeds and asking the wrong sort of questions of the credulous staff.

I don't want a contract, so how do I connect? Can I use a USB dongle? (Well not if there's no USB port, for a start.) And what about what I can actually run on the thing? Assuming I can connect I can, I guess, use The Cloud. But can I also download and work offline on such things as MSWord? The jury is still out. I expect the shop assistants (surely there's another, more important, more upbeat, more aspirational word for them these days?) are relieved now to return to watching smutty videos on YouTube along with the more ovine customer of tradition.

Will I get one. And if I do, how much will I pay? Will I go for a whizzy, bang up to the minute, you can't bend it affair, or opt for a nice cheap and cheerful one that the cool kids can laugh at?

I really don't know. But when I DO make up my mind, rest assured the future of Western civilisation may well be planned upon its shiny seductive surface.

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