Wednesday, 22 June 2016


He finally did it. David Cameron, having exhausted every other avenue from forecasting economic disaster through threatening punitive financial action against pensioners and savers and homeowners, through branding every Brexiteer a racist piece of shit culminating in blaming them for the death of Saint Jo. None of these charges threats or appeals finding any traction with those determined to rescue their country, he took to the last resort of those who have run out of rhetorical oratorical ammunition and he actually said it. “Theenk of zee cheeldren!” he pleaded, like a Romanian distraction beggar even as zee cheeldren picked your pockets. What a performance!

Discussing the polls yesterday – although I had seen none at the time of tweeting – quite a number of people spoke of the overwhelming majority being in favour of Leave. The majority have had enough, they said, but which majority? If the polls are in any way to be believed 50/50 is the mood in the country but they are right when they say majority. In my entire life I have met a handful of people in favour of the EU, but then I don’t operate in the political arena. Neither am I a university student looking to distribute my DNA across a broad spectrum of exotic partners. I’m not a banker, an employer of cheap labour, or in the pay of any government as either employee or advisor or ‘expert’. I’m pretty sure that in each of our bubbles we are likely to see an overwhelming majority in favour of our position.

We each choose to mix with those who most closely represent our values and we tend to repeat and reinforce those statements which ring the most true. Maybe this is why the reportage of last night’s final ‘Grand Debate’ on the EU seemed to be edited by BBC people for broadcast to people who share their values. Maybe it was balanced – I didn’t watch because I didn’t expect to hear anything new – but in the bits I heard on the Today programme, soundbites from Leave seemed to be cut short, whereas soundbites from Remain ran on to include the roar of applause. I hope I’m wrong.

But really, will it make any difference? Has Project Fear and Loathing persuaded any former Leavers to change their mind? Has the endless parade of prophets of doom done its job? Do people genuinely think that if we leave the sky will fall in, the world as we know it will end, travel will cease, trade will stall and Britain will become a small nation of xenophobes, struggling along all by itself? Even with the ascension of Saint Jo to sit at god’s right hand, so far as I can see the polls haven’t really budged at all – half of us want to stay and half want to leave.

They swallowed the lot!
Is this what you want?

I feel sorry for those advocating staying in the union which has caused this split right through the middle of our society. They seem to be the fearful, staying with an abusive partner for the sake of the children. All the hope and ambition seem, to me at least, to reside with those who are champing at the bit for change, for freedom... to move on. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but for now I’ve had enough. Make your own mind up but remember, if you vote to Remain you may never be able to erase the sight of David Cameron’s big fat, shiny-faced smirk from your mind. Now, do you want THAT on your conscience? 


  1. Mass exodus in next couple of years if we stay !

  2. Mass exodus in next couple of years if we stay !