Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Some people think I’m against socialism. Far from it; it sounds a grand idea. And one day, when we all have an equal sense of social justice and responsibility and when we live in a world with boundless resources and unfettered brotherly love it may even be possible. From each according to his means, to each according to his needs as they reasonably say; who could argue against this misty-eyed, sentimental portrait of shared humanity?

Except, just how do you judge what one man’s means and another man’s needs are? Fancying a bit of a sit down isn’t the same as being unable to stand. Feeling ill because you’ve worked hard isn’t the same as working yourself into the grave. And earning a king’s ransom isn’t really a measure of wealth if you are a king... who needs to pay a ransom. The second you stand in judgement regarding what another may earn, or be paid in benefits for not earning, you unleash the green-eyed beast that lies within us all. Don’t even dare to fool yourself that you are above such thoughts.

Envy doesn’t have to be expressed in purely material terms – maybe your neighbour doesn’t pray enough yet has not been struck by lightning? Or is too intemperate in his language for your comfort and you resent his freedom to swear. What if, one of those sultry summer nights, when you are heading off to sleep before getting up to go to work, the workless family next door open all the windows and crank up the volume? How come his kids all have iPhones when you have told yours they can’t just have things because they crave them? At the point where you believe your rewards lag behind others who deserve less the whole edifice and artifice of socialism begins to crumble.

Education, re-education, social programming – call it brainwashing – has been tried over and over again and while it can cloud a young person’s judgement for a while, it generally doesn’t survive success. The other tack, a lack of education and maintaining blissful ignorance of a world beyond only gets you so far; life experience has a way of intruding on your utopian trance and peeling back the layers to reveal the bitter onion beneath. What we need is to be able to breed a whole new type of human, designed from the embryo onwards to exude love and fairness for his fellow man and unswerving loyalty to the state which created him.

Porking hell!
The pig-children are our future...

So it is timely that scientists are now experimenting with stem cell research and the growing of human body parts in chimaeras. Not the lion/goat/snake motley of ancient Greek mythology but a human/pig hybrid. (David Cameron isn’t the only one to have dallied with inserting a human organ into a pig ... and won’t be the last.) While the science may be in its infancy, the future possibilities have not escaped the Dark Lords of the EU. Imagine being able to breed the perfect porcine humanoid animal; obedient, non-argumentative, happy to grub about in shit and above all, equal. But a word of caution lest you get carried away by the possibilities; never forget, some animals are more equal than others.

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  1. Darwinism (Diversity + Competition = Progress) ALWAYS beast Marxism/socialism.

    There are two perceived problems:
    1. It's brutal 'red in tooth and claw'. and that's why we have families and tribes - to support the weak, whether they be the young, the old or the sick

    2. It needs no (indeed, in its purest form REQUIRES) no regulations, controls - or government. And that makes it unacceptable to....governments.

    To see modern Man achieve wondrous feats of engineering, progress, development (etc), just go to those parts of the world where Darwinism is still the dominant creed: SE Asia.

    Want to sclerotic economies, decaying societies and an almost universal lack of ambition and fear of even the smallest risk? Look at Western societies - of which the UK, with its £490 billion pa (combined) Welfare spending (or £7500pa for every man woman and child officially alive in the UK today) and you can see why we're stuffed: just how many people pay £7500 pa in direct taxation?
    Not many.
    So we're stuffed - unless and until someone starts using some simple graphics to explain WHY they are going to reduce £490 billion pa today to £190 billion pa by 2026 - with parallel tax cuts.

    Imagine a UK with £300 billion pa LESS taxes - just how much better off would YOU be? Just how much private health, education, Soc Sec insurance could YOU buy?
    Just how much could YOU save into your (private) pension?

    The UK's economy would boom and its society thrive as we relearned how to take care of ourselves, our families and our futures.