Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Do you want to see the future?

The world is still reporting on, analysing and trying to fathom why the unexpectedly successful Leave machine is throwing away their referendum victory and backsliding into the arms of the EU. I was among many saying that an out vote might not be honoured and now we see a sort of sick stalemate while, instead of the elected government getting on with the job, the country is rudderless. No leadership, no opposition and meanwhile the noisy children are once more indulged by the media who love the idea that a few thousand pretty young airheads can overturn a decision voted for by more people than ever in the UK’s history.

Similarly there has been a plethora of articles questioning whether a plebiscite is ever an appropriate way to decide how to deal with complex issues. This ignores the fact that when issues get complex decisions are rarely made for fear of offending one party or other. The country has spoken, but it is now up to the government to implement it. Every day of delay fuels the supposition that there is a chance to overturn the hateful wishes of ‘old people’ and return to the sunlit uplands of happy, smiling Euroland. But something the youngsters might want to consider is just how many European countries are looking to Britain to the lead the way out of the matrix.

You can’t blame young people for being young, but who filled them with such hatred for the society in which they have grown up? Obviously, that isn’t how they see it, as they ask for anybody over 65 to be disenfranchised, or for a majority verdict to be overturned because it doesn’t suit them even though most of them declined to cast their own vote. But one thing young people forget, or simply cannot fathom, is that every one of those hated ‘old people’ (ageism being an entirely acceptable form of bigotry today) was once young. And there is a reason why the vote went the way it did, despite the massed ranks of the establishment lined up to browbeat them into staying.

If the young were a little older, or had been paying more attention, or hadn’t swallowed the drip, drip, drip of unerringly pro-EU soft propaganda that has surrounded them and their parents their whole lives, they may have noticed that our relations with the EU have been less than amicable. They may also have spotted that despite almost every single media prognostication to the contrary Europe and the European Union are quite different things. They may be surprised to learn that their grandparents went grape picking in France or skied in Switzerland, or ran the bulls in Pamplona long before the EU even existed.

But, of course old people know nothing. The children are the future, after all and tomorrow belongs to them just as assuredly as it did former generations of smiling, healthy young people who would never grow old. The referendum outcome should be a source of joy to the kids demonstrating in the streets of the capital. This is the gift to them from an older generation that understands, as they don’t yet, that they know nothing. The EU is the facilitator of the very globalisation that the same young people also protest about. Far from offering them freedom and prosperity the EU seeks to burden them with ever more obligation to the will of an unelected and autocratic bureaucracy which treats them as resources rather than as people.

Chips... is it chips?
The yoof have spoken!

Lest you think I am being harsh – they are, after all getting off their arses and letting their views be known – it is worth sharing a little insight into the wisdom that pours from the mouths of babes and sucklings. Allow me to leave you with this short YouTube clip of Holly, whose three favourite things about the EU are, the NHS, “everyone all being like uni’ed all togever and like having the same opinion” and ... well it’s not at all clear what the third thing is. Not to cheapen the debate but she could at least have said chips because who doesn't like chips, right? 


  1. How sadly true. As a postwar (just) oldie I gaze with my failing eyesight at the antics of today's youth (including my own relatives) and despair at the naivety displayed and the sheer absence of analytical thought processes or meaningful research employed before they mouth off. Back in the 60s I loved the debates we had at law school even though I was invariably outvoted being the token right winger. We, as a nation, surely reap as we sow and Crosland's educational "reforms" have much to answer for. Ho hum.

    1. Agreed, I'm "only" 40 (Gen X) I assure you while we are a bit younger, we did manage to grow up with a bit of common sense and a touch of survival instinct. Anyone under the age of around 25 today, in Britain, is at risk of being a vacuous media led puppet, as the past week has shown.

      Ironically everything they THINK they are fighting for is causing the exact damage they hope to avoid. THey are stirring the pot, fanning the flames, attacking every day normal British people (not racists) who just happened to have a good think, feel what's best for the future of the country, and place an X a few CMS lower than (those who could be bothered to turn out) many of the youthful "My favourite media crush told me to vote remain" did.

      I too despair. I have avoided having children for this reason.

    2. I never wanted children and I am so glad I have never regretted it for one single second. It is, as you so rightly say, their very actions in the belief they are opposing something hateful that is creating the hate in the first place. Britain was a far more tolerant society before tolerance became mandatory.

  2. Good article and very true. I'm not old (call me fair to middling on the age scale), but the vacuous media led "right on" piss-wits that our 14-24 (mostly female and mostly white) youth have become is far more depressing than anything the EU ever did to us.

    This braindead, make-up clad morons believe they care as much about the future of Britain as they do the next X-Factor result (or the new iPhone). Calls for voting age to be reduced? From what I've seen this past week, if anything, it should be increased. Also there should be a test before voting on if your opinion/choice has any semblance of cohesiveness with your own brain rather than just parroting what your favourite silver spooned media celeb said (for fear of losing a few percent off their bundles of cash).

    The irony is that this whinging, overly liberal, idiot sub-section is causing more harm to the perception of britain than anyone they are rallying against.

    By taking to a cause, they are causing the inconsequential to become "real" (safety pins), they rush to join the packs, to show they are really really great people without realising they are causing divides and making those problems a reality. Fkin safety pins? oh please. A few thousand people wearing a pin will do nothing, anyone with a brain will know the majority of people out there are not blind racist, there are reasons beyond reactions and displays and the gov, the EU, failed us. People voted and now white are attacking white like it's the new fashionable pursuit, just to say you stuck it to the "Oldies" or the "racists". You did fuck all gal, all you did was make yourself look like the braindead, self obsessed, idiot clueless, empty headed self loathing white trash you are.

    What leave voters did was give Britain a chance to stop that slide, to save OUR youth from being the homegized non thinkers, all words no working types.

    Britain does well in tough times, and the country needed a reset, esp for the pityful youth who have it far too easy, far too readily and piss and moan like the sky is falling in. God help these weak willed sheep if they had been around during the war (or even the 70s and 80s trying to work through the tough times).

  3. My father travelled through France, Belgium and Holland when he was 24. In those days you didn't even need a passport and the travel, accommodation and food was free!
    Unfortunately some of the previous visitors to those countries were quite hostile - and I don't mean leaving their towels at the pool side!

  4. It seems that,with that strange make-up and weird way of dressing, she is pretending to be some sort of cartoon character! Why doesn't she drop that, and become a,member of the REAL world? Then she might realise a few things!

    1. If you watch to then end she reveals that this is her uniform. She works in a theme restaurant... presumably the theme is 'I haven't a clue'!