Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Last Taboo

A World War two evacuee recently spoke on the radio of the miserable two years he spent separated from his parents and sent, for his own safety, away from London where he and others were routinely groped and otherwise abused by a succession of foster parents and officials. In my own young life, although spared the fumbling, I encountered, second-hand, the phenomenon of the kiddy-fiddler  in the form of a school teacher and an assistant scout leader. And also an uncle who the family referred to as ‘you know, a bit that way inclined’.

The strange and unwanted attentions of weird ‘uncles’ seems to be a constant throughout history but only very recently has the use of the term paedophile become widespread and the problem been passed on to, you guessed it, der gubmint. Not so long ago the meddling fingers of the monster in your midst would have been discreetly ‘sorted out’ by a community lynch mob and sent packing with a few broken bones and a deep shame. I don’t expect or want you to feel sorry for them, but many such broken humans committed suicide, or else committed themselves to a life devoid of human contact lest they be tempted.

Following the commentary during a break in the Olympic tennis the BBC apologised cringingly for the ‘casual homophobia’ committed by the commentator during what came to be dubbed ‘kisscamgate’. When he suggested that it might be unfortunate should the camera linger specifically on a male couple he voiced what many would probably have thought. And although you are not allowed to have such feelings, millions of viewers may have been disquieted at the sight of two real men kissing; real, as opposed to the nightly parade of obligatory same sex public displays shoehorned into every episode of every soap opera, in order to reflect the approved version of reality foisted upon us by the mainstream media.

Fifty years ago, however, that behaviour could land you in jail; it would certainly have had you targeted and hounded out of town, if not lynched on the spot. Today, whether you actually feel it or not, you must overtly embrace the gay and repeat after the nice lady at the diversity class that there is nothing unusual or abnormal about a man sticking his cock up another man’s arse. It’s as natural as breastfeeding, apparently. And if some of the lovely gays are so excited they want to parade their man-love in pubic and in uniform well, who are we to tell them to stop?

So, here’s the thing; homosexuality, sado-masochism, shoe fetishes, auto-erotic asphyxiation, latex, leather, bondage and any of the hundreds of furtive private peccadilloes are all, to some degree or another accepted, tolerated, ignored or excused under the general heading of sexual preferences. Even paedophilia has had its attempt at reform under the aegis of PIE, painting sexual attraction towards the pre-pubescent as just another different-but-normal human urge. No doubt bestiality and necrophilia also have their champions.


But there remains the orientation that dare not speak its name. Once referred to as ‘normal’, the tide has turned against those who dare utter their preferences out loud and woe betide the public figure who speaks out  against practices once considered perverse and unholy. What was formerly thought repulsive must now be defended, its practitioners’ rights upheld and the details promulgated to all. But if you are heterosexual, married and discreet about your love-play you should hang your head in shame.


  1. It soon becomes apparent that the new 'normal' still isn't making anyone happier. You might think that the goal of life -- with all it's ups and downs and short-lived joys before the inevitable ending -- should be to try to make people as happy as possible for as long as is reasonable. Or at least help them to avoid being unhappy.

    Yet despite what so many adherents of these practices say (and they keep on practicing them with the same results, usually), they really aren't all that much happier. If anything, they have found new ways to be unhappy. For example, a gay person would have said being allowed to be openly gay would make them happier in ways they couldn't imagine. Now the angst is back, mostly because being in a world of openly gay isn't the answer after all but worse, people aren't celebrating the gayness of others enough so the end result is a newly-fashioned unhappiness.

    Maybe we can never win in these matters. What turns one person on doesn't turn another anywhere but away, and all that does is increase the social gap. If Joe wants to be gay but once kept it to the quiet places, most people were okay with Joe doing what he wanted privately. None of our business. But when Joe became Josephine and stuck the issue right in our faces with screams and frowns, a lot of people start to think maybe they didn't like Joe/Josephine all that much to begin with. It is regrettable it is so to many, but it would seem to be human nature all along.

    1. Excellent reply there and so true!

    2. Eugene Tackleberry2 September 2016 at 14:53

      Yes, like when a tantrum-addled lefty militant, looking for a bit of publicity, asks a deeply religious family to ice a cake with a design that was completely against their belief system.

      Quite simply 'Well, sod off then, I don't want your Jesus cake, it probably tastes of frankincense', would have done it.

      BUT NO.

      Instead, Captain Tantrum would rather instigate a two year state sponsored persecution of this family and consequently, their lovely children, with a centuries old, strong belief system, and create millions of new homophobes all over the World.

      Simultaneously destroying any open mindedness that people might have had about sexuality, the direction the gay rights movement has taken, and the credibility of the Equalities Commission.

      So yes, I completely understand your reply. Up until Mr Militant cake man came along, I didn't really give a shit, but now I sit up, and I listen very carefully.

      When there's that kind of stupidity being tolerated, nurtured and indeed, encouraged, it's become a very dangerous World for everyone involved, no matter what their sexuality is.