Thursday, 22 December 2016

Divided we Fall

Once again the mentally delicate lone wolf of peace kills and maims, but in the aftermath of the Berlin Christmas market attack it was, quote ‘too early’ yet to say what part islam played in his crazed decision. I mean, such a random un-forewarned act of violence, coming out of the blue, utterly without precedent could not possibly be associated with any warped ideology, nor be committed in the name of any religious figure, pieces be upon him. The powers that be were literally dumbfounded and without any clues as to the motivation, islamic or otherwise, of the killer they issued a warning to protect the vulnerable.

German police suggested people stay at home and not spread rumours. Rumours? How awful! In the meantime they lit up the Brandenburg Gate in tribute to the fallen of this terrible... vehicle accident. It was too early to jump to conclusions they warned and on no account should the public A) be alarmed, or B) succumb to islamophobia. How silly, of course we’re not alarmed and as far as islam is concerned, what on earth is there to be frightened of? Why, Mr Akhtar at the corner shop has never hurt a fly. Mind you, his son Ahmed Slayer-of-all-Kuffar-and-beheader-of-the Unbeliever Akhtar is a shifty one, but he’s currently on an extended holiday in Syria. Missing, believed daesh.

Anyway, in the wake of all that came the usual divisive bullshit with both sides accusing the other of making political capital out of it. Sides, I hear you ask? Surely it’s just us against them and with them being ISIS and claiming responsibility it’s cut and dried, no? No, because while Europe is certainly divided, ISIS didn’t divide it, although their actions haven’t helped because one side wants to see an end to islamic slaughter and cultural erosion while the other manages to perform whatever ideological contortions are necessary to pretend that wholesale importation of alien societies is both natural and desirable.

The story about deployment of extra police power in Bristol, ostensibly to combat ‘islamophobia’, is a fine example of the useful idiocy of those in thrall to the politically correct. When Donald Trump punted the idea of halting islamic immigration until a great deal more had been done to work out solutions, David Cameron called it "stupid, divisive and wrong" and Barack Obama said it would be "dangerous". Both of those statesmen are now looking like fools while the president-elect took steps to reassert his determination to effectively combat extremism. 

Extremism, of course, takes many forms and as well as the soldiers of islam busily blowing people up, their servants are also working diligently in their host countries to simultaneously radicalise – many mosques have been implicated in direct action – and to work on the psyche of the indigenous populations. Foremost among the latter is the dangerously radical Hope Not Hate, whose name is ironic beyond reason. They have consistently used false information  to proselytise against those who won’t accept the invasion and are currently engaged in attempting to force a retraction from Nigel Farage for his mild rebuke of newly canonised national treasure, Brendan Cox.

Them and us, 'twas ever thus, but this enemy is so much more deadly than swarthy men bearing arms. This enemy uses our own capacity for tolerance and forgiveness against us. They manage to turn the blame, every time, away from the wrongdoers and onto the wronged. And their actions are working; we are gradually becoming a less tolerant society; less likely to keep on turning the other cheek. As the scales fall from our eyes, soon we may become intolerant enough to turn on our fifth columnists and carry out a little social cleansing of our own. 


  1. "This enemy uses our own capacity for tolerance and forgiveness against us. They manage to turn the blame, every time, away from the wrongdoers and onto the wronged."

    Nail. Head! Perspicacity must be your middle name.
    Keep'em coming Batters - the steady drip of common sense will reach ever more undecided amongst us even if the fellow travellers will never accept any proper instruction.
    Merry Xmas.

  2. I agree with every single word. One can only hope that recent event - Brexit, Trump - are indications that people are waking up and rejecting the headlong rush to cultural annihilation being imposed on them