Monday, 12 December 2016

Self Harm

Belgium is, apparently, defying a court order to allow entry to the EU for anybody from a country under strife. It seem that all an intrepid, entrepreneurial North African needs to do is to turn up, sans passport, claim his country of origin is ‘horrible’ and voila, EU citizenship; whereupon he will be given directions to the nearest welfare establishment and furnished with interpreters and instructions on how to milk his incredibly gullible hosts. I say ‘his’ as very few women seem to be bothered to make the journey; too busy being cattle-class citizens and popping out junior jihadis by the dozen, I’m guessing.

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders has been found guilty of incitement for agreeing with an entirely agreeable policy of reducing its population of insurgent enemies of the state. He didn’t suggest gassing, he didn’t even mention cattle trucks, or freeing them through honest hard work. No, all he did was respond to the ‘populist’ desire to retain the majority of the Dutch homelands for the benefit of the people who built it, defend it and love it. It seems patriotism is only legal if the correct people are espousing it. Meanwhile Angela Merkel says there is no migrant crime wave, in migrant-crime-ridden Germany.

It’s a familiar theme; all over the developed world, established governments seem determined to pursue policies destructive of civilisation and the common cultures of their citizens. The way they ignore the fears of an increasing majority is comparable to... no, it is exactly like despotism. Elected governments do not have a mandate to make their people unhappy and poor. So Will Self’s smug, sneering, superior, nauseating grimacing on last Thursday’s BBC Question Time serves as an apt metaphor for the whole of the bien pensant liberal ‘elite’. He openly expressed his disgust at the existence of his fellow panellist, Nigel Farage and described him and Donald Trump as “grubby little opportunists”.

Self’s crooked leer serves as a reminder of the contempt in which people who voted for Brexit are held by those who believe they alone should make the decisions. But behind the sneer you can imagine a sick, knotted stomach of fear and revulsion at the prospect of losing the imaginary world they believe they belong to and deserve; that is to be cruelly snatched away by all those stupid, stupid low-information voters. The myth that ‘they didn’t know what they were voting for’ is the main plank of their argument to overturn, or simply ignore the expressed will of millions.

The Guardian published a push poll that said people didn’t want to leave if this meant being worse off, without any evidence that this would ever be the outcome. The New Zealander QC, Jolyon Maugham blocked me for suggesting that his disingenuous ‘you were misled’ schtick was... disingenuous. Supposed philosopher A C Grayling, having lost the power of objective thought, is stuck fast in his own spiral of doom as he pushes and pushes and pushes the simple lie that Brexit voters had insufficient information to vote wisely. Oh and Gina Miller, remember her? 

Oh no! I'm on a panel with the devil himself! Oh, mercy me!
Will Self-immolates on Question Time

Give me a break. We were told daily how much it would hurt. Wave upon wave of Armageddon prophecies were presented as established fact. They even went so far as to suggest leaving the EU would precipitate a third world war. Children would starve, banks would collapse and all the tortures of hell itself would be unleashed upon us. And still despite all that ‘information’ the vote went against them. They’re not happy and their hurt is a joy to behold. The pulsing veins and furrowed browed mien speaks volumes of the turmoil and loathing that fills their empty existences. Watching Will Self metaphorically stubbing out cigarettes on the jagged remains of his gaunt, socialist soul was guiltily satisfying - If the only thing Brexit achieves is the continuing agony and confusion of those who thought it was all theirs it will be worth it.


  1. "those who thought it was all theirs"

    I suspect it will be all theirs before it is ours again and then in a much impoverished form. History tells us that is the usual pattern. Evil prevails only eventually for good to win. Until then the tugging between the two will move back and forth. Whilst that happens we can have our say and bewail our predicament. After of course we will be silenced until the pendulum swings back towards good.

    1. Too gloomy. Brexiteers should be positive and optimistic, if for no other reason than that it will really wind the Remoaners up.

  2. Many a true word spoken in jest. And Batters has many a true word to share. A joy to read.