Saturday, 25 November 2017

The Ten Days

Did anybody expect anything more positive from Brussels? The latest play in the interminable mind game that is the uneven contest between the 27 other EU countries and the one domino that will topple the lot is to give us ten days to ‘do better’. This is, of course, code for ‘capitulate’. But from what we’ve seen so far – and always suspected – the collective that calls itself the EU (but would be more correctly referred to as ‘the enemy’) has no intention of bending. Far from it; should Theresa May offer them £40billion, they would insist on 60. The goalposts are not so much moving as dancing.

And during it all the endless leaks of supposedly confidential information. Tittle-tattle about he said/she said. Secret pacts, deals, Remainer cabals, offside briefings and the relentless whine of diehard Europeans intent on slandering all who voted leave as ill-educated, narrow-minded, xenophobic, low-grade, old, clapped-out and rotten-to-the-core neo-Nazis. Gleefully they tell each other that Leavers are dying out; one hard winter, they reckon and the balance will tip.

It can’t escape anybody’s notice that the frenzy, the quasi-religious fervour and the threats, cat-calls and jeers are coming, almost exclusively from one side. If only they had the dignity displayed by the vast majority of Leavers during the 40 long years of hope. Had we lost, they insist, we would be behaving just the same, but it is simply not true. We may not have taken the defeat lightly, but I like to think that – just as with the quiet certainty of the right rest, in contrast to the shrieking fantasies of the left – Leavers would have accepted the result, for now at least, and made the best of it.

But hey, the festive season is almost upon us and we have ten days to ‘do the right thing’ and ‘improve’ our offer. Let’s join together and celebrate in song with the Ten Days of Brexit.

On the Tenth day of Brexit,
The EU sent to me:
Ten Lords a-Leaking,
Nine Goalposts Dancing,
Eight Merkels Moaning,
Seven Deadlines Slipping,
Six Geezers Braying,
Guy Ver-hof-staaaadt!
Four Calling Foul,
Three Flying Fucks,
Two Fingers Raised,
And a Parliament in a Quandary.

There, if that doesn’t bring peace and harmony throughout  Euroland, I really don’t see what more we could possibly do.


  1. The EU have truly fixed their flag to the mast. They are a bunch of gangsters and racketeers. Demanding illegally a divorce settlement is extortion. Not that EU does not have record of enforcing it's rules on it's members it has. Rejecting democratic processes if it does not meet with their approval and imposing uniform standards on individuals however detrimental or unfair that is are only a few of their nefarious actions.

    1. There is nothing the EU can offer us that we want, that we can't get without being a member state. I sincerely hope Brexit brings the EU to its knees and frees individual nations to follow our lead.

    2. Brexit bringing the EU to it's knees is serious possibility. Hence the divorce bill to stave off the financial difficulties that losing the UK contribution will incur until they can think up another nefarious scheme to overcome it.