Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The wheels on the bus...

The Brexit road has been a potholed, rutted track of ridiculous confected complexity. At every turn, our offers have been rejected, our proposals trashed, our stance ridiculed and short of actually baring his arse at us, Michel Barnier and his geriatric band of EU antagonists has made it abundantly clear that any deal will favour the EU. Of course, it's his job to take the piss; it’s a shame our supposed government ‘team’ hasn’t managed, with a flourish of typical British humour, to take the piss right back.

So what does Jeremy Corbyn think he is doing? Forget the Islington set and their love-in with the wonderful EU, before which Britons were confined to sitting in ditches, eating raw carrots and clothing themselves in mud. Labour’s traditional core vote, the white working classes, who The Party trots out daily as victims of Tory austerity, were utterly betrayed by this braying donkey and his fatuous ‘a’ customs union nonsense. Yesterday’s speech was not so much an announcement of Labour policy – it will be different in a week or so – as yet another election speech.

He can’t pretend it is anything else. He is in opposition, the next election should not be until 2022, when he will be 73 – and he is no The Donald. Corbyn is doing nothing more than pandering to the soft underbelly of the Tory Wets and making a bid to bring down the elected government. He has no mandate, beyond his own political bubble, to force a government defeat and in so doing to directly go against the largest plebiscite in British history

The Labour Party must suffer for this affront to the democratic process and Mrs May must dare to take up the challenge. Nothing less than destroying them, politically, will do. The time for consensus is over and Corbyn and rebels must be utterly discredited and confined to the silent back benches until the job is done. Leave the EU – no deal is infinitely preferable to the EU’s deal – get working on the future relationship and leave the election until the term is done.

Yes, Jezza, too much politics...

I don’t hate Jeremy Corbyn. I don’t even dislike him and I certainly wouldn’t lower myself to harbouring the kind of visceral spite that Momentum and its lynch mob mentalists have whipped up. I am happy to just about maintain a belief that Corbyn actually believes it when he says he wants a kinder, gentler politics. But what he is engaged in isn’t that. Just because you fervently believe in a dogma it doesn’t mean that dogma has any worth. If that was true, the baby Jesus would have brought peace on Earth by now.

The road ahead is clear and straight as an arrow. Don’t listen to the back seat drivers, Tess; put your foot down and pick up speed. Ignore the roadside attractions – they are fleeting fripperies and ultimately disappointing. The road leads us out of the morass of supranational interference in what should be our affairs alone. There is only one final destination for the Brexit bus. No stopping in the suburbs of Soft Brexit, no cruising through Under-Brexit, no stopping off for a cup of tea in Little-Brexit-in-the-Marsh; we need to get to Brexit and we need to get there soon.


  1. It's not Corbyn any right minded person (pardon the pun) need worry about, it's McDonnell. Like Livingstone in the old GLC, ousting the acceptable face and taking over, and just look what a paradise he turned London into. Just imagine McDonnell and his commandatura turning the UK into a western Europe Venezuela, as guided by his trade union parameters.

  2. T May that excuse for a Conservative and competent prime minister. If she had any backbone and decent principles which she has not would make this Labour deceitful political maneuver into challenge and turn it into a vote of confidence. Tory wets then could back her or suffer the consequences of another election and the possibility of a Corbyn government and the country becoming another Venezuela.

    Actually the last thing that Corby wants is to be tied to the EU to the apron strings of the EU. As socialist and centralist as the EU is it will never allow Corbyn and McDonnell to enact their Marxist and nationalisation policies. So what on earth will he do if he actually wins the vote and fails to get rid of the EU. He probably does not have the wit to see that in doing so he will have shot himself and his Marxist party in the foot. So if he becomes prime minister he will be in the same situation as the current Greek government fervently left wing but with no power to do what they want. Just dance to whatever tune the EU plays.

  3. Corbyn's opportunistic move is completely unprincipled. So much for the man of principle we've been hearing about for the last couple of years. It is also economically illiterate. But the BBC etc. will praise it as a statesmanlike compromise. They reported Boris's reaction, which was good, but then quoted Martin Donnelly a second rate retired civil servant in response.

  4. Following Martin Donnelly’s speech today, I feel it’s unfair that I am forced to pay for a three course meal when I only need crisps.

  5. Hi Batsby,
    Fabulous commentary as usual.
    Do you really think Brexit will happen though? I take a big picture point of view and see a PM, most sitting MP and the civil service wanting to Remain. And they are running Brexit. Add on an assault through popular culture (have you seen tv comedy these days-it's Brexit/May non-stop). And finally, Brexit is specifically painted as being a Tory position (http://www.civitas.org.uk/content/files/brusselsbroadcastingcorporation.pdf) which adds to the idea that it is a force of evil.

    Combined with the fact that May is an absolute disaster in negotiations. I do have to say that I think this is a tactic designed to ensure a poor deal that will then somehow be put to another vote at some point. And it will be rejected.

    Sorry for such a long post, so to ask again, do you really think Brexit will happen? I just don't see it. Talks are run by Remainers, negotiations are run by Remainers, popular culture mocks Brexit, and schools are populated by left win Remainers. If they delay it long enough then people will crack. I hope I'm wrong though.