Monday, 26 November 2018

Bordering on Insanity

It must be hell, migrating. Crossing deserts, swimming channels, being exploited by people traffickers, being abused by locals, threatened by ad-hoc vigilante groups and then, finally, being subjected to internment while credentials are checked and stories investigated. Perhaps this is why the masses flooding through the EU’s porous borders are predominantly composed of fit young men; obviously, they are the vanguard with women and children bringing up the rear.... ‘obviously’.

Of course, those who have the drive and the wherewithal to undertake such arduous journeys are arguably better placed to make the most of opportunities in their new world than those who hesitate to face the ordeal. And yes, it is undeniable that many immigrants bring fresh ideas, energy and a zeal often unmatched by their host nations’ indigenous people. There is a long history, especially in the USA, of incomers embracing the native culture and becoming more American than Americans, more British than the British.

But that was then, when the voracious demands of labour-intensive industry needed a virtually unlimited supply of workers to expand their businesses and build new towns, new roads and railways and man the services, the factories and the fields. It was a time when new arrivals did not harbour among their number people who actively wished us harm. It was a time when those who did not fit in and become part of the solution quickly found themselves unwelcome and part of the problem.

And this is now, when every day we see footage of swarms of migrants, every one of them alien and unwelcome, overpowering border forces and thrusting ever onwards to their Holy Grail. Do they seek freedom from persecution? Are they looking forward to industrious toil to better their futures? No. They are seeking the pot of welfare gold at the end of their promised rainbows and failing that, there is a thriving criminal underground organised by their fellows who are already here.

With the exception of a minority of deluded one-world, happy-clappy, diversity worshippers – oh and our entire political class – nobody experiencing this deluge, this flood, this plague of wealth-devouring locusts can foresee anything but harm. Far from enriching our island experience they are dragging us into the ditch. Far from bringing enterprise and energy they are sapping our strength and weakening our will. And all the time the establishment is complicit, crying racist whenever voices are raised in question or opposition.

It is entirely consistent with the aims of the globalists, yet totally at odds with the welfare of civilised populations that the UK government proposes to sign up the UN Global Migration Compact. When, among others, the USA, Austria, Poland, Israel, Estonia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Australia are rejecting it why is the UK, of all beleaguered places backing it? We have seen how NGO rescue ships in the Mediterranean have actively encouraged reckless crossings, why would we somehow believe that the open invitation offered by the useless UN would do anything to help?

Think of the children? Here come your replacements.

Promising to facilitate safe and orderly migration to the mutual benefit of all involved – host and migrants alike – this compact will achieve anything but. Successful, desirable societies have borders to maintain their safety and desirability. This misguided flower-power aspiration will ride roughshod over all that makes our world safe. Pretending otherwise is as wise as pretending Mrs May’s deal has delivered on Brexit. Reject globalism, reject mass migrations, reject the multicultural bullshit agenda and shore up those borders.


  1. Newcomers benefit only the rich as they are cheap labour and the rich can afford private health care and schools etc etc. In the rich small market towns and super expensive villages around my area where a dog kennel costs 20 years wages I have often been told " there is no problem with immigrants ". Out here in the real world we are over run and our values and way of life is sinking fast. This is a small island and it cannot sustain an every bigger population, we simply don't have either the space or the resource's. All around I see the ever growing problems of overcrowding, on the roads, queue's everywhere in shops and banks, at the doctors and when trying to access any other services I have paid for all my life. Put too many rats into a box and sooner or later you will have big trouble. How much longer can the rich virtue signallers in their ivory towers and gated communities continue the force this madness onto the rest of us?

    1. A smaller, better educated, fully invested British population is needed. But we will be outbred by the incomers within a generation or two and the coming caliphate will erase all traces of our history. Future generations will never know the glory their ancestors wrought.

    2. Your right in all you say. If its any consolation when the caliphate feels it is strong enough it will deal with the rich and the virtue signallers is the same ruthless way it will deal with people like us. I agree with your time scale as well we have only a few elections left to save ourselves and those youngsters alive today, if they continue to reject the truth will see the beginning of the end.