Saturday, 17 November 2018

It's time

Having spent the last two and a half years, since the referendum, being pretty calm about everything, but having to also watch the extended hissy-fits of remainers – by which I mean the government, the opposition, the other opposition, the educators, the legislators, and even the heads of bodies who ought to be fervently British, such as the armed forces – and having watched a piss-poor government demonstrate just how easy it was to plough the same old furrow, but just how incapable they are of ploughing a new one, I’m not alone in saying I've had enough.

We’ve seen pseudo-negotiations, staged events, sloppy announcements, clumsily obvious ‘leaks’ and listened to hackneyed soundbites proclaiming all manner of entirely fictitious breakthroughs. We’ve endured repeated marches by team-stupid for a ‘people’s vote’ attended by people who have manifestly refused to accept the last people’s vote just thirty months ago. I’m growing tired of reminding them that the referendum only came about because David Cameron, having demonstrated that any form of deal was impossible, thought we would surely share his lack of backbone and vote to remain.

Well, we didn’t. Having watched the enemy exert itself tilting at windmills (or should that be red buses?) we Leavers are getting to our feet, stretching our legs, and sharpening up our spears for the final battle. The present government, which has shown itself to be utterly ineffectual at leading a nation aspiring to confident independence, must fall and the EU must be made to confront the anger they have helped to unleash. From the outset their one purpose was to preserve their discredited globalist ambition and to put down any dissent.

Last Sunday the world commemorated the millions who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. Furthermore, our forebears selflessly fought to protect the freedom of others against despotic overbearing authoritarian regimes. And while the horrors of war were and will continue to be real, they relished the fight. It was a good fight. And it was clear who the enemies were. That enmity has never fully subsided and when push comes to shove, we shove back.

For many years a form of peace has been enjoyed, but the enemies of the majority of ordinary people have posed as our friends. Agreements and appeasements have been made in secret and the lies about those agreements celebrated in public. The same people who pose as our protectors have also appropriated our history and claimed that peace as their own. But it’s not. It is neither the freedom that was fought for, nor the type of peace that was won.

Here we are again...

So today we must honour our dead and take up arms once again – this time with revolution in our hearts, for the enemy today is not without, but within. The enemy of the people is our own government and the same is true across Europe. It used to be said, in the days of powder and shot, that you should wait until you can see the whites of their eyes. Well, we are now face to face and there can be no doubt. We are at war once more.


  1. The loyalties which centre upon number one are enormous. If he trips, he must be sustained. If he make mistakes, they must be covered. If he sleeps, he must not be wantonly disturbed. If he is no good, he must be pole-axed.

    W S Churchill

  2. Yes everything you say is true. I think we could be looking at the last Conservative government I will see in my lifetime and if they continue to fail us on the epic scale they have I wonder if that really matters? Having said that I have no faith in the Labour party either. I can't remember a time when we needed a credible patriotic right wing party more but if we could find one would the electorate support it?

  3. Another great post. Such a shame the Ministry of Truth at Twitter has banned you. This kind of content deserves to be shared more widely. I think 17.4m people feel exactly how you say. But without the millions of Soros behind them, or the Common Purpose zombies who have infested all our institutions, who will organise to lead us out of this mess?

    UKIP seem to be like the only game in town at the moment. The globalists and anti-populists who are running all the main parties aren't going to implement what the majority of British people want. So unless we take to the streets with pitchforks, we can only get those policies by removing the main parties at the ballot box.

    If May's sickening sell-out goes through, I agree with Anonymous that the Tories will most likely be annihilated at the next election. A lot of the votes they borrowed from Labour and UKIP on the strength of their manifesto lies, will go back home. And many long-time conservatives with a small 'c' will leave the party in droves, as will many grass roots members, feeling betrayed by the least conservative leader in living memory.

    We may be entering a new era, where other populist parties emerge, as they are doing all over Europe. The danger is that too many may split the vote.

    Depending on what happens over the coming days and weeks (the Tories still have time to save themselves from Oblivion by ditching May and replacing her with a Leaver, but I'm not holding my breath), our best hope for Brexit currently is a general election IMO, possibly caused by her 'agreement' being voted down in parliament.

    If a general election were called the Tories would really have to put up or shut up about Brexit (with a Leave PM) because May wouldn't have a shred of credibility. They'd be toast.

    I've written to UKIP suggesting in that scenario that they only put up candidates in Leave-voting constituencies where they have a Remain-supporting MP. If they run in constituencies with Leave-supporting MPs, they merely risk splitting the Leave vote, and letting more Remain MPs in.

    It's a bloody mess, I'll grant you that. Some days I can hardly bare to watch or listen to the news, or go online, it's so depressing watching the betrayal that's going on.

    If there was any justice May would be on trial for Treason, and for systematically lying to parliament and the British people.

    Sorry for the long rant. Keep up the great posts, they're an island of integrity in a largely corrupt world, and they give one hope to cling to, knowing others feel the same. Cheers.

    1. If we were to put all the MPs and civil servants who have committed treason over brexit into the Tower it would be standing room only in there by now :-)

  4. Are you on Facebook, or have those idiots banned you too?

    1. I am on Facebook, but I genuinely can't figure out how to engage on there, so all I ever do there is post links to the blog.

  5. Cliffon has hit the nail on the head as have you in your blog. These are troubling times and my pitchfork has been unearthed and sharpened.
    Keep 'em comng Batters - we need your wisdom ever more.

  6. What is your page/name on Facebook?