Monday, 7 October 2019

The New Black

The world of style is always on the lookout for the next big thing, the next must-have accessory and now, at last, we can reveal the new autumn collection. Forget your pashmina, your Ugg boots, your iPhone and follow the government’s lead. This season’s flauntable, never-leave-home-without-it, everybody-else-has-one, indispensable accoutrement is a veritable offering to the gods of high fashion and it costs you nothing. Get your mental illness today – the government will even chip in to help!

So versatile, your very own mental disorder can be unique to you, or it can be shared with a multitude. Truly a condition to cherish and one size really does fit all. All you have to do to qualify is to say you do! It is so easy. For instance, right now, the climate dread campaigners of Extinction Rebellion are doing their bit to instil fear in young people everywhere. In fact, so effective are they that many mature people, who should have developed a natural immunity, have also been infected with it.

Planetary hysteria comes with a package of related issues such as hatred of your parents, hatred of capitalism and a hatred of anything other than yourself who you deem to be responsible; because the great thing about being a flake is that it is never your fault! At last, a crime with no perpetrator; everybody is a victim and anybody daring to challenge your distress is a troll, a hater and – yeah, if you like – a fascist.

Of course, one day you will want to grow up and this should not be treated as a crime. There may not be help groups or charities set up to achieve this but usually it happens organically. You wake up one day and realise that it really isn’t up to anybody else to give your life meaning. All that balled-up anger, the existential angst, the bitter fury against a system designed specifically to make you suffer, just fades away once you face up to reality. But hey, let the youngsters have their fun; let them wallow a while in their utter righteousness. After all, what harm can it do?

Well, here’s the serious bit. A recent report says that there has been an epidemic of children who opted for gender reassignment wishing to reverse that decision. This is no cheerful vindication for those of us who scoffed from the sidelines, because this must be truly distressing to those it affects. But why has it come about? It has taken centuries, millennia, to establish human society and in just a few decades it appears to be crumbling. Throughout the developed – woke – world a few radicals have created chaos by a sustained and quite deliberate attack on the settled order.

We should be vigorously resisting the changes that cause our society to fracture. Instead of allowing oppressive, angry minorities to set the agenda we ought to stick to our guns. Rather than react to every demand for funding, for recognition, for ‘a voice’ we should be considering what is normal and treating what is abnormal in an appropriate manner. Real mental illness should be treated; abuse of tolerance should be deterred. And all attempts to create mass hysteria should be resisted.
Western governance - the lunatics really are in charge.

But what are western governments doing? The same thing they are doing with everything; giving in to every insignificant demand and in the process increasing that demand. Rather than effectively promoting mental illness they should be restoring society to some recognisable order. Instead of kow-towing to every cry for funding, for recognition, for special treatment they should be setting the agenda and making it stick. Put the security, welfare, health and order of society as a whole first and all the rest may well sort itself out. Trying to fix every little aberration is utter madness.

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  1. As ever, exactly how stupid our erstwhile rubbish elite have now become.