Sunday, 14 June 2020

Are We Losing the War?

I don’t do anger and hate. With me it is more akin to disappointment and avoid. But if there was ever any justification for what happened yesterday (which, in the scheme of things, really wasn’t very much at all) anger and hate, whipped up by the very people charged with keeping order, would be easy explanations. Of course, there are angry idiots on all sides and I instinctively abhor the kind of mindless white thug attitude that prevails in some, but boy were they provoked. These are not people I have ever or would ever associate with, and I have little sympathy, but I can’t hate them.

Everybody knew that last weekend would kick off. And yes, it was a minority who were violent, but that’s all it takes. But the protest was actively supported by the Mayor of London and police were instructed to bow before the black supremacists. How did that work out? The entirely predictable vandalism and injury which ensued was met with mostly mealy-mouthed platitudes threaded through with excuses for the ‘systemic’ racism the protesters had suffered. (I note, by the way, that systemic has replaced institutional, possibly because it is easier to spell; it is certainly no more valid.)

Yes, there were some notable exceptions. Priti Patel, as one would hope, was vociferous in her condemnation… and was then attacked by the opposition with a ridiculous gaslighting missive accusing her of gaslighting. I can’t recall what the Prime Minister said about last week, largely because I am struggling to remember what he has said about anything recently. But yesterday’s condemnation of the counter protest was boilerplate stuff, instantly forgettable. His empty words actually sounded more like Jeremy Corbyn.

But look how this weekend went. Unlike the previous week full of cap-wringing acquiescence, the whole week was spent in promulgating the entirely false ‘far right’ narrative. The right has long been fair game for the worst kind of racially charged rhetoric and the gathering anywhere of white British males is promoted by the media and establishment as Nazi-lite. It was relentless, with the inevitable result that everybody was expecting this mythical ‘extreme far right’, as Khan called them, to kick off.

And of course a few dozen idiots obliged. Raised pointing hands as they sang ‘In-ger-land!’ were portrayed as Nazi salutes, and there’s your wished-for fascist rally. Insults aimed at the BLM mob beyond the cordon were portrayed as direct threats against the police. And this morning it as announced that ‘over 100’ arrests were made. That must be pretty much every single man that raised a voice or a fist. The result is that now they can claim that their prediction came true.

I make no apology for using the word, but the BLM violence will now be whitewashed over as the real threat to society is suddenly society itself. The white working class majority – most of whom now genuinely fear for their future – has been framed as far right and it has been made very clear they are no longer welcome in London. In recent years we have learned a lot about this ‘framing’ of a debate – Brexit was a great example of how, when one side sets the agenda, the whole discussion becomes invalid.

Unfinished business

The left, embodied by Labour and Momentum NEEDS racism to exist and it absolutely does not want even one ‘coconut’ stepping out of line. They think they own the slave vote, just as they once owned the slaves themselves. But there will be no debate as long as one side refuses to let the others have an opinion of their own. Our language has been cleansed, our streets are being hosed down and the white is being washed out of the capital. There is no dialogue route out of this, so where do we go from here?


  1. We have a government and police service (not a force anymore) on its knees before the criminal mob seeking to destroy the very society that afforded sanctuary to their ancestors. The same society that is today probably the most tolerant and none racist society in the world. We are not very far away from terrible civil unrest on our streets which I would hate to see but I am so sick of bring blamed for every misfortune that befalls other people. I am not responsible for the actions of my ancestors, I will not take the knee to anyone and nobody is more equal than me.

    1. Well said Anon. Well espoused, Your Liege.