Monday, 29 June 2020

Yes, Minister?

There has to be a British answer to all this unrest. It won’t come from the serried ranks of BLM, Antifa, the activists of LBGTQI++Whatever, the islamic lobby and all the other pseudo-political malcontents and popinjays who daily flout the mores by which Judeo-Christian societies live. The revisionists, the revolutionaries, the ego-driven left-wing commentators such as Owen Jones, Ash Sarkar, and the dreadful Alibhai-Brown creature. There are many more, too numerous to list – would anybody care to name a right winger who gets such regular airtime?

This hotchpotch of victim-based demands on the majority population dominate the media and academic discourse and those who peddle it despise the very people from whom they demand reparation. Reparation not for any tangible thing in most cases, but for historical slights or ultra-minority concerns which in a more rational society would be dealt with out of the public eye. It is distinctly not the British way to make a fuss and some of the claims are simply embarrassing.

The trans thing[pun intended] represents almost nobody in the wider population yet Nadia Whittome the child MP for Nottingham East, has demanded that trans people are represented in Parliament. Rounded to whole figures and including both houses of Parliament that comes to exactly zero representatives. But going by the heightened attention it gets in the press you would imagine that perhaps one in ten of the population were gender conflicted. In reality the true numbers are so small that they effectively don’t exist at all, although recent education has done its best to promote transgenderism as a lifestyle choice for children.

Think about that. The harm done to impressionable young minds is incalculable and may be difficult to reverse, but that is just seen as necessary collateral damage in the identity wars. It is simply not acceptable. In other misleading statistics we are told that a fifth of the population – a fifth – are disabled. I expect a multiple amputee would have grounds for disgruntlement to be regarded in the same category as somebody with an exaggerated aversion to spiders, or a hangnail.

Our universities, civils service, education establishment are stuffed to the gills with diversity and equality and HR and other bureaucratic functionaries, which do nothing to further the aims of the organisations. When the bureaucrats take over, nothing is ever achieved except the need for more bureaucracy; it is exactly the same when the idiots take over. We used to think we could recognise stupidity with barely a pause for thought, but as we become less British, that essential skill set is diluted so far it may as well be a homeopathic remedy; the ability to laugh at each other ceases to exist, except as a dim memory.

The British are supposed to be phlegmatic, matter of fact, somewhat fatalistic and until something gets right in our face are likely to just find a way to avoid confrontation. But push too hard and something has to give. Our sense of humour has already been sacrificed; our last bulwark against the taking up of arms has been neutered. I really do sense that the time has come for real, root and branch change. With the departure of Sir Humphrey, let us hope that change starts now.


  1. Good piece, well worth reading, keep up the good work.

  2. His um, mannequin stays in the freezer till he's gone. Others need to follow.