Friday, 3 July 2020

Feel Free

The Prime Minister was interviewed on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show this morning. (I expect Piers Morgan was furious because he is never going to be granted that opportunity.) The very first call felt like a set up as the caller asked why the senior cabinet did not contain any black people. Boris fluffed it as he blustered about the fact that two of the great offices of state are occupied by BAME MPs. His big mistake was in assuming that black people include themselves in the BAME genera for anything other than political cover.

Asian is not black and he belatedly recognised this, but didn’t have the balls to tell the truth, which should be that when such a person rises through the ranks and possesses the necessary qualities, their appointment would be far more likely. If there was not one single darker skinned face in the cabinet the government would still, nevertheless, represent the people who had voted for them. Surely it should be about ability, energy, overall merit; not the tokenistic statistical balance that somehow fixes everything.

It’s like the capitalism/socialism argument. Without capitalism the insurgents would not have the technology to communicate and organise. They wouldn’t have the time to invest in pointless demonstrations. They would quite likely be insufficiently healthy to mount vigorous assaults on defenceless statues and they certainly would not have had the liberal education which has fed them a steady diet of dissatisfaction.

Odd, isn’t it, that the universal rights defended in our, greedy, cruel, capitalistic patriarchy allow the malcontents to not only have platforms but have bigger platforms – exclusive platforms, even – from which to attack the system that nurtures them from cradle to grave. While communistic regimes build walls to keep their citizens captive, democratic capitalist societies open doors, provide opportunities and generally clutch the viper to their bosoms.

This is not the behaviour of an oppressor and likewise, without white people and their long history of trade, innovation and all-round improvement of humanity, the BLM activists would have to find another target. And you can bet that it would be any sector of the community which did proportionately better. Because it is not about racism it is about power. It is not about unfair discrimination, but envy that they don’t get to exercise their own discrimination.

Just as with every other of the increasingly fragmented, ever more nuanced, minority rights issues, identity politics is based on the lust for power and fuelled by the notion that others hold it. But they are not content with merely being allowed to participate in the national mission, they want to run it all, for their own advancement only. In other words they want to do to us what they claim we do to them.

But it’s all lies. Our successful, white, capitalist society continually offers olive branches. We even let them create their own race hate industry and fund it to boot. We sack people of whom they disapprove, we turn a blind eye to criminal activity because being called racist is a bigger deal than strictly enforcing law and order. Hell, we even let them make up their own fictitious history… and then de-platform those who speak out. The departure of Dr David Starkey from the Mary Rose Trust just for telling the truth is a good example.

Starkey. White and right.

So, no, Britain is absolutely not a racist society. Neither is it a capitalist police state. Neither is it an unfair country, in fact it is possibly the most fair and democratic country on earth, to the extent that we even allow people who hate us to be elected to the Parliament which governs us. We have nothing to apologise for and we will continue to be open and tolerant even to those who wish us harm. But if you don’t like all of what we give you, if you still despise having to live among white faces, please feel absolutely free to go and live somewhere that looks more like you.

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  1. You only have to look at countries like Somalia and Yemen to see what a terrible mess we have made of the UK. It's really amazing how many people are prepared to risk their lives to get to a s**t hole like this when they could have settled in any of the numerous wonderful places they crossed trying to get here.