Friday, 31 July 2020

Look harder

I am a free thinker; I have an open mind; I am no lapdog for ideologues and demagogues and I dance not to the tunes of the Pied Piper. I follow the facts and make up my own mind and no matter what scam the government is pulling I can see through it because I only pursue the truth. Fake news, conspiracy theories, straight-out lies – they don’t fool me because I dissect them with my scalpel-like intellect, strip away the falsehoods and reveal the bare bones beneath. You may have fooled me once, but never again.

You have a 5G ready phone? You dupe. You are a puppet of the globalists and a useful idiot for the deep state. Vaccine? Don’t make me laugh! You’re wearing a mask? Why, you may as well stand in line to be barcoded and chipped and have your brain scanned. Go ahead, sucker; you want your every thought to be monitored, your every move dictated? Your choice… yeah, you think! What’s that, hydroxychloroquine? No, that’s real, that’s the cure. Why do you think you can’t get any?

That’s the chemtrails, see, fogging your brain, dulling your intellect and turning you into willing slaves to the overlords. Educate yourself! Read a book! Do some research. Seriously, get on board with Q Anon and other truth-tellers. Spend a few weeks immersing yourself in the real detail. Burrow beneath the headlines and soon you’ll see. Oh yes, I used to be like you: never believe it unless you’ve seen it with your own eyes and all that, but you’ll change, I promise you. I can recommend some websites to get you started.

Follow the money, I say. You see a rich philanthropist using his wealth to ease the plight of mankind? Look again; if you can’t find evidence that somebody is building a base of money and power from all this, you’re not looking hard enough. Absence of evidence proves nothing. In fact, the absence of evidence is almost certain proof that they are covering something up! When you really think about it you’ll see the truth in that statement.

Wake up! Get red-pilled! See the world as it really is, beneath that thin veneer of logic and easy answers. Dig below the overly simplistic paradigm of cause and effect and you will find the convoluted reality. It’s all connected. Those boat migrants in the Channel? Do you honestly believe they are just making their way here for a better life? Or did you imagine that they are part of a plan, cooked up by governments to keep their populations in check?

Do you think the government is putting them in hotels simply because they have no space in detention centres? Look again – hotels are where conferences happen. And conferences aren’t a lot different from parliaments, are they? You may have been fooled by the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan smokescreen that they are bringing in a replacement population but look again. Isn’t it obvious that the government is importing it’s OWN replacement!

See it now?

It’s like those ‘magic eye’ pictures from the 1980s. Try looking straight at it and you see nothing but simple patterns. But tilt your head a little, squint, let your mind drift and your focus blur and there you have it… a tiger! You can’t see it? Try harder; it’s there, I assure you. If you still can’t see it that might be because of those 5G masts. Try again wearing this simple headdress made from ordinary aluminium foil… you’ll see.

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  1. Your so right Batsby Occam's razor is and always has been a load of rubbish. May I suggest at least six points of strong ale and a day spent watching RT is the way to go. Same again tomorrow and keep it up until they sort themselves out!