Thursday, 27 January 2022

Long time, no see!

I haven’t blogged for a while, but as Twitter's free speech policy has banned me for a week, for agreeing with somebody else’s free speech, I may as well vent on here for now. I enjoy it, it allows me the space and time that twitter does not, to get my thoughts out there. But it has been an eye-opener, the extent to which people are happy to agree with me, just so long as I agree with them. The diatribe which follows was begun some many weeks ago, but I still think it’s relevant; it’s always relevant.

There are none so blind as those who will not see. This accusation has been levelled at me by an ex long-time follower who thinks I have been gulled by the elite global cabal of paedophile, blood-guzzling, illuminati, royal space lizards who rule our universe. This is an acolyte of the covid cult – those who believe, unswervingly in the ridiculous notion that the lizards are now so bold, so confident in their supremacy, that they can openly perpetrate a global confidence trick in order to coerce all of us to accept some form of slavery.

The form of our enslavement and the reasons behind it are never explained – because there are no reasons, but that never matters to those who believe – in the face of so much evidence against and so little evidence for – that because they think it so, it must be so…

We are small. All of us. To the devotees of globalism, the individual is a grain of sand on a beach comprised of billions. The perils and triumphs of most of us, as individual grains, adds or subtracts nothing to or from the global collage. Yet a collage it is; change enough single ‘pixels’ in the image and the whole image changes. But you must change a lot before it becomes visible. And once you see how the world has changed it is difficult to see how to put it back.

Our world has changed dramatically in the past half a century and the change has accelerated in the last two decades. We have gone from a form of democracy which seemed equitable enough – you don’t like what’s going on, you change the government – to one where no matter who is elected to office, there is but one vision for the future. And what a cold, unfriendly, anti-human vision it seems to be.

Under the banners of inclusion and diversity and fairness and even love, the needs of the harmless individual have been declared selfish and racist and uncaring and greedy. Yet at the same time increasingly fractured individual demands have turned those who believe themselves to be wholesome new world citizens into the new world bullies. Some individual needs are deemed unworthy and ‘unhelpful’, so the majority have become the punchbag of noisy minorities.

As mankind culturally evolved from hunter-gatherer bands to agrarian tribes and thence to feudal landlords and eventually kingdoms, it had held steadfast to the nuclear family. Local communities, comprised of such families established their own identities and their own customs, habits and behavioural expectations. But since the advent of communism and similar ideologies the nuclear family has been attacked and devalued until it is possibly no longer the norm.

What a loss. Now, instead of cleaving to family, village, town and country, we appear to be [dis]united by causes which have the appearance of commonality but often betray the meddling, hands of influencers. Agitators for ‘rights’ have the momentary appearance of freedom fighters but in the main they are just in thrall to the latest fads; as quick as they are hailed as heroes, they dissolve into zeros as the next noisy need makes its voice heard.

I think everybody can feel we are in a time of change. The old certainties have largely gone, and mountebanks everywhere compete for your support. No wonder that a unifying theory, no matter how bizarre, should appeal. But don’t fall for it. Ask yourself how likely it is that some secret plot is being acted out; a plot so dastardly that it offends common decency yet has remained secret for so long.

But there is a precedent for such a fiction. Religion. Notwithstanding the origin argument – big bang or creator – the notion of a controlling deity, benign or vengeful, is an easy sell but impossible to prove. And also, if you really think about it, extremely unlikely indeed. But billions around the world readily give up a certain amount of agency to appease their imaginary being.

You're probably wondering why I asked you all here today...

The solution to the entire conundrum is, I believe, in our own hands… and minds. Whatever the truth of the matter our gods don’t really seem to care very much how we behave; it is we who police our rules and we who order our societies. As ever the answer is not in seeking the benevolence of distant third parties, but looking after number one. Keep yourself safe, be kind to your nearest and dearest and I expect those giant lizards will just leave us alone.


  1. Interesting, thought provoking post, as ever.

    So there was, indeed, some point in continuing this blog. :-)

  2. Welcome back from your seat of idleness. Your much needed voice is thrice welcome.