Thursday 6 July 2023

Totally Zuckered

It was nice, this morning, when I casually logged into my blog account, to find a trio of recent comments variously suggesting that they had heard I was back on Twitter, that they wished I was back on Twitter, and even that I may have been missed by the good folk on Twitter. A shame, then, that no matter how many times I have set up accounts on Twitter, the block bots quickly dob me in and shut me down. I had no idea before all of this that my views were so viciously ‘far-right’ as to require automatic censure.

Since the permanent suspension, however, I have discovered that Twitter really is a seething hive of nasty, vicious killer bees without which I am doing quite nicely, thank you. I refer, of course, to the virulent strain of hatred that is in the very blood of ‘be-kind’ leftists, whether they tweet, blog, or just smash up buildings and burn police cars whenever the mood takes them, which is whenever anybody disagrees with them. Only today I read about the Landry/Schmitt case against the Biden administration for trying to suppress free speech via social media, in direct contravention to the USA Constitution’s First Amendment rights. It has chilling echoes of China’s reported social credit regime.

Everywhere you look, the idiots are winning. Soon, your children will need to be taken from you at birth to avoid the toxic intervention of parental love and guidance. Instead, if the forever creeping remit of the state has its way, infants will be suckled in special baby farms where the correct attitudes and behaviours will be inculcated from the very start of their lives, in preparation for those attitudes and behaviours to be forever monitored and adjusted by edict from on high.

And who will get to decide what is correct? Why, second-rate, failed politicians such as Donald Tusk, now trying for high office in his native Poland on a platform of keeping out immigrants – oh yes, his principles are just as much for sale as any other notable EU types. Types such as Ursula Fond-o-Lying, the abject failure of an ex-defence minister in Germany, who will likely head up NATO in the near future, supported by that same Senile Joe Biden. It all rather stinks, doesn’t it?

But don’t worry, nature will out, and the natives will revolt; they know nothing else. Across Europe the precincts are burning because imposed political diktats have created societies so fractured that the only outcome possible is martial conflict. And no matter how far our mediocre leaders want to believe that we are all the same, the differences between us are all too apparent.

Meet the new boss...

Once those differences are noted it can be near impossible for them not to become dividing lines. And either side of those lines, opposing motivations appear; all competing for the same scarce resources. In 1984 Oceania is always at war with Eastasia, in the world of tomorrow, everybody will be on a permanent war footing with everybody else. Oh, and Twitter will have been buried by Zuckerberg.


  1. Thanks Batters. A very welcome reminder of precisely where we are now.

    1. Cheers. I haven't written much lately - too busy and nothing has changed - but I enjoyed getting that off my chest!

  2. Hi Batters,
    Please come back. We need your trenchant (and accurate) views.

  3. Still waiting.

  4. Like Footsoldier above I’m still waiting too! I greatly enjoyed your blog posts.

    Only anonymous as I don’t want a google email. We used to follow each other on Twatter. I was JonRIvins but no more as I have joined the suspended ranks.