Sunday 17 December 2023


I keep hearing about how, despite the media coverage and the constant re-drafting of initiatives like the Rwanda plan, that immigration is not a top priority for voters. Higher than this issue, they plead, come the cost-of-living crisis, the housing crisis, the NHS crisis and the multiple crises which comprise our public services. Then there’s the climate crisis and the unaffordable cost of Net Zero, the purpose of which seem only to make the poor poorer still.

But wait a bloody minute, will you? Wherefore all these crises, if they are not the result of decades of failed policy in every area you care to mention? The well-heeled can always buy their way out of any problem: poor state education? Go private. Poor healthcare? Likewise. Net Zero? Just put another Tesla on the fire, there’s a dear.

For the rest of us, every single one of the pressures we currently face would be markedly less severe with a lower overall population, especially one which was balanced in terms of age distribution, educational attainment, and employment structure. Well, have a look around you. Every city has ghettoes teeming with immigrant communities subsisting almost entirely on welfare; for every sub-minimum wage ‘worker’ you get an extended non-working family of ten or more.

But it’s worse than that because by substituting British workers for lower paid foreign workers (who are then granted citizenship) you are also fuelling the expansion of the state-dependent indigenous. Import cheap labour and you get no gain whatsoever, except for the short-term profits of companies who have to compete by importing ever more cheap labour. Every immigrant who does not bring wealth with him/her is a burden on the country as a whole.

Everything comes down to who we allow to live in our country and, yes, you can argue that a hard working Pakistani cleaner is worth more than an idle Brit, but why is the Brit idle in the first place? Because you replaced him with somebody from a country which has little truck with human rights such as a decent wage. But, you must also factor in the likelihood of either one of them blowing himself up in the name of a sky-faerie.

Overcrowding on our little tract of land is not going to be made any better when the immigrants you import are from ethnicities with high birth rates. The more sprogs you squirt out the more school places you need, the more hospital beds you have to create, the more houses you have to build, the more food you need to grow, and the more police and prison places you need to provide.

And all of this puts pressure on all the aforementioned resources, or lack of resources. The country needs an educated aspirant population which regards itself as having common values, which can see mutually beneficial goals and a future worth striving for. And this is the thing most threatened by wanton immigration, fuelled by a demand for cheap things in order to win elections.

So, no, the number one concerns of the British population, regardless of what Guardian polls and government unthink tanks believe are not the climate, housing, cost-of-living, inflation, or law and order. These are not causes but symptoms. The cause, ultimately is bad governance, and the means by which all of these thing have been brought about is the sheer lack of imagination and resolve embodied in the senseless importation of ever more people. It has to stop.

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