Friday 22 February 2013

Opportunity Nix

I'm no fan of Michael - Tarzan - Heseltine. I hate his juvenile hair, for a start and I particularly hate his clearly self-interest driven stance on Europe. And of course there is the small matter of his utterly treacherous plotting against the most effective peacetime Prime Minister of the last hundred years. But on BBC’s Question Time last night he said what few politicians have dared to say out loud, plainly and simply, in a decade or more.

Essentially what he said was this: It cannot be right - NOBODY could think it right - that somebody in full-time work, making responsible spending decisions and living within their means is unable to give their family the same standard of living as a family living entirely on welfare. It cannot be right for anybody to defend the supposed ‘rights’ of any able-bodied person to live entirely off the labours of others. 

There are more ways of making a living than having a job, but for centuries the model was that the husband worked and the wife ran the household and children contributed when they were able. We built an EMPIRE on that model. But somewhere in the twentieth century we managed to lose our self-confidence and kow-tow to the diktats of the equality agenda. We destroyed the sanctity of marriage, promoted wanton procreation and blame-free profligacy and allowed anybody to borrow their way into debt without shame. Are you happy now, Socialism? 

But it’s so much worse than it looks. Defendants of the dole-dependent claim that a lack of ‘suitable’ jobs, a lack of qualifications and being born into aspiration-free communities is to blame. They say that, just as it is the government’s role to feed and house and clothe them, it is the government’s role to make their lives more fulfilling. It’s an impossible task because at the heart of it all is the notion that it is up to somebody else to give you everything. 

You’re out of work and you are poorly educated? Educate yourself; the knowledge of the entire planet is on the free Internet access you have. Not a good learner? Then are you artistic? Prove it by creating something. Do you have a skill you could be practising? Can you do stand up? Could you write a book? Set up an e-commerce web site? Do voluntary work? Do… ANYTHING? 

Because if self-improvement is beyond you there are plenty of jobs out there that merely require your lumpen corporeal entity to show up and do as it is told. Cleaning, crop-picking, packing, stacking, driving, digging, gardening; all the low-level jobs being done by recent immigrants should first be filled by out-of-work Brits. Beneath you? How fucking DARE you? What else have you done with your life? 

And the real insult to working tax payers, those who have made the effort to get off their backsides and earn their place in the world? Not only are they being taxed into a life of bone-weary drudgery, they also pay a massive opportunity cost in loss of liberty to indulge in their dreams. They would love the time to hone a skill, indulge in a hobby, write a book, improve the community, set up a business… So while you piss away your worthless time on this planet, the people who pay for you deny themselves the opportunity to maybe, just maybe, do something wonderful. 

Woah there... I didn't say 
I was actually going to DO anything! 

Has Britain got the guts to tell the truth and turn the tide? Has the government got the nerve to tackle the lazy, ignorant lard-arsed elephant in the Benefit Office? Will Her Majesty’s Opposition have the balls to admit they were wrong about everything, roll up their sleeves and help out to save this country? The jury is out – given the outcome of the Vicky Pryce trial, they may be some time.


  1. Self education is an interesting point. i have commented before how many of the students I knew had never read a book, and I was amazed how they sat at computers and were not the least interested in acquiring knowledge. Factual was a foreign country to them.

    All they had to do was log in and read and, er, absorb. But they didn't. Perhaps people now are made of special non-absorbent material. Well, politicians are made of teflon and media luvvies are shiny smooth so maybe the new human condition is the ability to reflect away information.

    Like an infinity of mirrors, the image bounces away without effect.

  2. Literally millions of Bulgarians and Romanians will soon be eligible to descend on the UK and Ireland in much the same way as the Poles did some years ago. Whilst most of the Poles who emigrated to the UK are industrious and hard working the same cannot be said for the Bulgarians and Romanians.
    It is no coincidence that these two countries are the poorest in Europe .

    They have systematically impoverished themselves through their leaning towards corruption at all levels of society and serious criminality. Its almost in their DNA.
    Quite why these countries were ever admitted to the EU defies reason, but that's what the unelected hierarchy in Brussels decided the rest of Europe needed! They didn't have to worry about getting re-elected when they made that decision on our behalf. One can only speculate on their motives.

    Certainly many hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians will be free to leave their countries for the greener grass in the rest of the EU, and most of them will, if the Polish experience is anything to go by.
    The Poles were driven by their need to have a job. The probability is that the Bulgarians and Romanians will be driven by state hand-outs and the ease with which they are handed out. No prizes for guessing whose Social Security and Health Service will be at the top of their list of where to pitch up complete with extended families.

    Here's an opportunity to support a Government e-petition to put off the automatic right of entry for these people who have, by and large, wrecked their own countries to the extent that they don't want to live there any more.

    Go To and sign it.

    Please send this to everyone you know
    Then ask your friends and family to do the same.

    100,000 signatures triggers a Parliamentary debate and we know that Call me Dave is not happy about the EU making such decisions to the detriment of the UK .