Friday 23 August 2013

Huddled Masses

Under the Mental Health Act 1983 people may be sectioned for their own safety. Under earlier forms of legislation, such as the the Madhouses Act 1774 and the Lunacy Act 1845, "lunatics, idiots and persons of unsound mind" could have been detained indefinitely. It should be a concern to Diane Abbott that the term "mental disorder" is very loosely defined by the present act; under most ordinary people’s assessment she would be locked away immediately and permanently. The woman is a menace.

Never far from the news, she is now not only demanding a review of the government’s resolve to reduce immigration, but calling for an uncritical increase in the numbers of immigrants.The response to those, like me - like anybody who has actually observed the changes of the last twenty years – who question the opening of the floodgates of ‘multiculturalism’ is always that Britain is a nation of immigrants and that without immigration we would have achieved little in the world. What utter bollocks.

Like every nation on the planet with anything to offer, Britain has long been a magnet for enterprising souls. What nation wouldn't welcome people with the gumption to get off their arses and pursue betterment? And apart from invasion, which we have successfully resisted for nigh on a thousand years, we have received with open arms those who have chosen, individually, to invest their energies here, sometimes at considerable cost to themselves.

But Abbott, by some strange socialist logic, equates the get-up-and-go of some people motivated enough to get up and go where the socio-economic climate best suits their talents as a natural and desirable quality of anybody moving from one place to another. It fits very well her illogical reasoning that as a black person she feels discriminated against in a predominately white country, therefore black people cannot be accused of racism, therefore objection to immigration is racist. She ignores completely the salient facts that some people migrate to escape justice and many others are persuaded to come here by the meddlesome social engineering of her own party.

When MV Empire Windrush arrived here from Jamaica in 1948, the 493 British Empire subjects were both a necessary addition to the workforce and a shock to the system. While most people tried hard to help them assimilate there was a natural, some would say disappointing, reaction to the fact of their differentness. One black face is a novelty, but ten, twenty, all at once was cause for, at the very least, curiosity. But somehow we coped; after all 500 people added to a population of 50 million is a drop in the ocean (0.001%)
Under New Labour we added 4 million to a (supposed) population of 58 million (6.9%) a relative increase in inward migration of almost 7000 times that of the Windrush disembarkation. Seriously, Diane, you thought we wouldn't notice and shouldn't care?

Britain is NOT a nation of immigrants; it is, or rather was, a mostly homogenous nation assembled from some diverse origins which evolved slowly to have a profound effect on the development of the entire planet. Of course we are an attractive place to migrate to; who wouldn’t want to have been British over the last couple of hundred years? But now?

As a direct result of Labour’s deliberate open doors policy we are a nation not OF immigrants but crippled by unregulated immigration. It’s absolutely not their fault but a country that has to import cleaners and labourers because its own aren't capable of simple, menial work has serious issues. I would welcome with open arms engineers, scientists, doctors and teachers, but every foreign accent at a supermarket checkout makes me wince, knowing that it takes the tax of at least five of them to keep a native-born, worthless Brit idle.

Room for one more?

An anagram of Diane Abbott is ‘bent biodata’ (as is ‘tainted Abbo’- I did a search). If she isn’t deliberately using manipulated statistics to further a political cause which has already been lost then she is simply a certifiable nutter and she should be locked up for the safety of herself and others.

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