Wednesday 21 August 2013

KT and the Sunshine (Banned)

It is quite possible that the last time I watched The Apprentice was the 2007 series where Katie Hopkins walked away from the Brillo-bearded Sralan Sugar. The format was already going stale and has since become an obvious and unwatchable freak show, but the Katie Hopkins One-Woman Phenomenon has gone on to become a triumph. KT’s schtick? Good old, plain speaking; unapologetically saying what political correctness doesn’t want to hear.

In a world where you can offend by proxy – for instance, last week I was berated and blocked by a long term twitter follower because I retweeted a picture she found distasteful (although it was actually hilarious!) – La Holmes just carries on regardless. And she’s loved for it. She has well over 50,000 followers and only a tiny number of them follow just to be outraged. The rest of us, ‘for the lulz’.

Here’s a sample tweet from yesterday:

Katie Hopkins  @KTHopkins Marvellous. It is Learning Difficulties week. Is there an Academic Excellence week? This country is a liberal left leaning minefield of pc.

See what I mean? Her followers retweet such pithy, philosophical musings then sit back and await the oncoming storm. What fun to see just how very humourless the left can be. They call her a troll, but she’s not hiding under any bridge, she’s just sitting there in full view, dangling a baited hook and my, do those wrigglers bite! Anyway, as for Learning Difficulties Week, I bet you could see their lips moving as they negotiated that particular sub-140 character missive.

I watched Benefits Britain 1949 yesterday - the episode focussing on the allocation of council houses. The clearest message was not of fairness or unfairness then and now, but of the ingrained sense of entitlement displayed by today’s participants, along with aspirations way beyond any apparent ability. In this respect it had something in common with The Apprentice but whereas the Sugar Show deflates the arrogant self-worshipper, Benefits Britain shows the unfortunate obverse of the no-fail culture.

How utterly reliant the general population appear to have become. The state must house them, feed them, nurture and eventually contain the worst excesses of their children. These people are not turning out the next generation of doctors, scientists or engineers; they are simply replenishing and expanding the common herd. And because our soft, liberal, socialist society dares not face the truth we need commentators like Katie (and me) to remind you of the forgotten notion of self-reliance. (On BB1949, it was a Polish vegetable picker who had to tell you all to get off your arses.)

While the Labour Party have allegedly banned the use of brand-toxic words like benefits and welfare and while the anti-frackers dance to the tune of the giant corporations that control so-called green energy and while people languish in front of Jeremy Kyle, their self-esteem slipping between the sofa cushions, KT was up at the crack of dawn this morning to review the papers on Sky news. I tweeted this fact to be met with a few dissenting replies and therein lies part of the problem.

People find it hard to listen to a message if they despise the messenger, but isn’t this exactly what Goebbels exploited so well in reverse? Thus Labour, desperate not to offend, wheel out the platitudes, spouted by friendly we-love-you mouthpieces, knowing the recipients of such unaffordable largesse will be oblivious to the very reality Katie dared to repeat this morning. The paying public have had enough of the welfare state.

See? She says what you wish you could!

So, three cheers and say what you like about Katie Hopkins; if she was up for office, I’d vote for her! (Although I’m not entirely sure I’d want to work for her. :o)

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