Thursday, 18 September 2014

If you're gonna do it, do it right

Thursday; polling day: a day for observing a respectful non-partisan silence as the Scots go to vote, not least because at least half of them will be hung over to buggery. Let’s chat quietly among ourselves for a while. But, oh, it still has to be about Scotland for, in this article in the Express Alex Salmond continues to peddle the fundamental lie about immigration; the one that is constantly used to suppress dissent in every country affected by recent mass influxes of unskilled labour, that “…the country will need another XX,000 immigrants a year to fill jobs and fund a welfare system for its ageing population.”

Charles Ponzi’s name became associated in the 1920s with the deliberate practice of attracting new investors to pay dividends on earlier investments, instead of paying those dividends out of earned profits.  From Wikipedia: “The promoter sells shares to investors by taking advantage of a lack of investor knowledge or competence, or using claims of a proprietary investment strategy which must be kept secret to ensure a competitive edge.” That is the British pension system in a nutshell.

And then we get the EU pushing the same lies, dressed up as admonishment for our unruly disregard for the socialist master plan: All the time it’s “immigration is good, it is always good, it has nothing but goodness oozing for every pore… repeat after us, immigration is good…” The rabid muslim murderers of the Middle East repeat “god is good” with every slice of their beheading blades, wearing the same glazed-over, unthinking expressions of hatred for all things civilised, for all things British. It’s time to get a few things straight:

There is no shortage of labour – in fact it’s Capital-L-Labour that is the problem – as for skills gaps, that is due to successive education departments not having the balls to front up to and kick the arse out of political correctness. Every single low-skilled worker that enters Britain is a direct cost to the country; even if he – or increasingly she - doesn’t displace a resident drone, their tax take is piffling, their spend minimal and their cultural contribution is insignificant; ‘diversity’ is part of the same scam.

Every single viable British worker displaced by immigration is a net cost to the country which takes upwards of ten ordinary taxpayers to cover. So, what, the solution is to import ten foreign workers for every Brit on the dole? And what OF the pension scam? As the population ages, do we keep on increasing exponentially the number of migrant workers so the Ponzi becomes a Pyramid? It’s political pass the parcel-bomb with the problems being handed off, administration by administration and every party hoping they aren’t left holding when the music stops.

Balanced migration is good. A stable population with the right demographic mix is good. Opening the floodgates, putting out to grass an indigenous population you don’t give a fuck about, swamping whole towns and cities with insoluble tensions, branding every whistle-blower as a racist, fomenting unrest, degrading everybody’s amenity and selling it as the only way to maintain pensions is a crock of shit and if the politicians don’t know this, they are unqualified for post.

Happy Days?
Alex Salmond - The Ponz?

Of course, if they DO know this then hanging may be too good for them. So, while I hope Scotland makes the ‘right’ decision, whatever that turns out to be, I dearly hope they are not intending to rely on the lie that immigration is any kind of a solution. If you are going to be independent and proud, do it properly.

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  1. They also tend to push this argument even in circumstances of high unemployment among the indigenous population. It's so transparently fraudulent that even though they can't find jobs for our own young, vigorous people, they pretend we need immigrants. Many of those immigrants are heavily over-represented in the unemployment and welfare dependant statistics.
    I feel sure we could take care of ourselves perfectly well if immigration came to an end, right now. But they'd need to start playing hardball with our welfare class.