Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lock Down

So finally all the talk, from all the parties is about immigration. But the Tories and Labour, while saying they get it, obviously don’t because they are carrying on regardless and just playing the blame game. “You let them in in the first place!” squeal the blues. “Yes but it’s got worse since you lot have been in charge!” said Yvette Balls on PM. It’s not even argument and counter-argument it’s just the same old slanging match that has caused voters to leave them in droves. Now shut the fuck up, Westminster, because until you do you will never hear a thing the people you despise have been saying for half a century.

Quotas. Tighter border controls. Aggressive, black-shirt, UKBA uniforms. Welfare restrictions… It’s all just bollocks in the light of the knowledge that the 50,000 illegals we know have gone missing are only the tip of an iceberg; by some estimates, the UK population is some ten million more than appear on any census. There are parts of some major cities where dense populations of uncounted, utterly foreign, untouchables hide in plain sight from all officialdom, shielded by the sacred force-field of political correctness. The time for tolerance is over; our tolerance has not been met with the appropriate levels of gratitude and we need to get serious.

Close the borders tight. I mean really tight. The EU can shove itself up its own arsehole. Make it impossible to get in without a very good reason for being here. Being a sub-minimum wage slave isn’t one of those reasons. Being a relative of one isn’t either. All foreign nationals convicted of any serious crime should do their time in prison hulks moored offshore prior to being returned whence they came, if necessary in body bags. Oh and Britain already has a national religion, harmless and rightly ignored by the majority; we neither need nor want any others, but as long as you practise your primitive satanic observances in private then fair enough. But build another super-mosque and you can stand by for the bulldozers.

We need to become one of those countries where taking the piss can swiftly land you on the outside. Workforce: don’t import what you don’t need. Indigenous population: don’t breed what you can’t feed. Next year the NHS has a budget of £133Billion, with defence spending a miserly £45Billion. Let’s swap them, for a start and go on a massive recruitment drive to employ hundreds of thousands of UK-born youngsters in the task of becoming British again. A bit of healthy fresh air and exercise, a bit of backbone and pride and they won't need the health service. Those that don’t sign up can still be useful… as targets.

Palmerston's Folly? Think again

Britain could become great again – for the British. Anybody who fits in and contributes would be welcome but freeloaders can fuck off, no protracted appeals, no fanciful ‘human rights’. You have the right to work and pay tax and not be stabbed; beyond that it’s your lookout and if you don’t like it here we will happily hold the door open for you and watch as it slaps you on the arse as you leave. And that goes for every single card-carrying apologist for socialism in all its forms. If you love everything about immigrants so much maybe it’s time you became one?


  1. You're right, blame does nothing but frustrate and stagnate.

    It's sad that as a country we have come to the point were we are full to the brim with all of our services exhausted to the point of near collapse. I worry about the future - I definately don't want to see a rise in any facism and hate, religious or otherwise. We need tough love and to close the immigration door and then work at harmonising with everyone who is already here. We can't go backwards and need to find a way to move forward.The hardest question is how?

    I feel we need tough love/ harmony/intergration/acceptance/respect from everyone has to play a large part.Your post definately got me thinking. Sue

  2. Totally agree batsby. It seems to me it's middle/upper class socialists who seem to know what's best for the man in the street! portraying their faux outrage from their ivory towers /gated communities! Ordinary working class people labour voters are sick of illegal immigrants grabbing social housing driving wages down creating colonised ghettos! It's the pc lefty do gooders who know fuck all about life in the streets of uk! Well I say fuck them they're pc whipped soft shites! Bitesize26

  3. Finally had enough31 October 2014 at 10:49

    Can't go back? Why not? Your idea of demolishing certain buildings would be a start.
    It really is time that WE got rid of all the leftie PC idiots and ALL those they so enjoy molly-coddling.
    Start by stopping EVERYONE arriving without a UK passport. So the delays will be horrendous. Tough. Armed troops (live rounds) at ALL ports / airports will soon quell any upset. Shouldn't take long for the message to get out.
    With all the below min wage lot kicked out, we can then get the unemployed working. Don't work = no money, simples. Benefit scrounging needs to end, NOW.

    Same with EU bollox. Waste of money. WE need to run our country, to suit US.
    Get back to making things that we can export. Re-open mines for a reliable energy source. Beef up the military.

    As for MPs, boot out ALL those caught expenses fiddling, making them repay the money they stole. Bar them from any form of public office, for life.
    Introduce proper localised democracy, with the national government only involved in big, national projects, such as defence, transport, power etc. Local set-ups can handle health, education, everyday things.

    Government is supposed to carry out the will of the people. It is not meant to impose a group of elitist twats, who think they have some right to rule us.
    If we don't find a better system soon, it is going to get very, very ugly.