Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wasted Votes...

This country is fucked, isn’t it? Really, when you stop to think about it, whatever was left of The British after the war has been steadily eroded to the point of extinction, a process which is accelerating, if anything, as we stumble from one existential crisis to another. Our sovereignty sold to Brussels, our culture derided and marginalised and in the last twenty years deliberately swamped by the experiment of multiculturalism; a project so misguided that only wholly detached, politically ridiculous, illiberal, ‘progressive’ thinkers swimming in Westminster think-tanks could possibly continue to believe in it.

Trojan Horse II, the continuing saga of the Rotherham sex abuses, endemic vote rigging in Tower Hamlets and elsewhere… then many other shining examples of kow-towing to disgusting imported practices and the apparent indifference of the ruling classes to a situations they have helped create and continue to allow.

But it’s not all the fault of multicultibollockry; all by ourselves we have allowed insidious weaknesses to invade the UK body corporate – our national mission statement is riddled with the sort of inept and pointless results of blue-sky brain storms that came up with ‘consignia’ to replace a well-established and ancient brand recognised worldwide. Why do they have to fuck about with everything that once made Britain what it was but is now perverted beyond reason? We are diseased and incapable of taking the cure.

The welfare state which keeps people in relative poverty. Working age benefits which drive even the diligent into dependence on handed-back tax credits; the fiction of being rewarded, instead of being robbed less. Social policies which have, for years, offered the utterly worthless underclass sufficient incentive to carry on claiming; a refusal to condemn obviously aberrant behaviour.  Slowly but steadily a once more evenly balanced society has split into the two extremes that ‘social justice’ sought to end; the increasingly small number of movers and shakers on the one end of a seesaw and everybody else on the other. If a thousand of ‘us’ were to disappear from our end the heavyweights at the other would hardly notice, but if one of ‘them’ stepped off the whole sorry mass at the shallow end would plunge still further towards destitution.

And neither Labour nor Conservative seems to understand that the people they claim to represent asked for none of it. Even ‘white Dee’ was on the Today programme saying as much. For all the worthy rhetoric of the Owen Joneses, the formerly working classes are not remotely interested in Marxist eulogising about their sturdy worth. At the arse end of the social scale, for all that they tend to vote Labour, their sentiment is wholly of the right.

Working class people reject multiculturalism, gay marriage and much of the rest of the stuff the metropolitan elite believe is good for them. Equality, yes, but not at the expense of common sense. They also don’t like the EU, which, if Cameron (the lesser of two evils) is returned, they will be bullied and threatened into remaining in. It is little wonder that not one of the party conferences has had anything to say to encourage participation in the universal suffrage which has seemingly done fuck-all to empower those who have it.

What do ordinary people really care about? They care passionately about their families and would kill – yes kill – at the drop of a hat anybody who so much as laid a finger on a hair on their heads. Pakistani rapists? They would lynch them in a heartbeat were it not for the vanishingly thin veneer of civilisation that keeps them, still, believing there may yet be a legal remedy. There won’t be; their concerns and hopes and fears will once again be ignored. 

Boris Johnson’s anti-UKIP stand-up routine is just one more example of the derision and contempt in which ordinary voters' opinions are held. And so we take another step towards a lethargic anarchy that will allow our last shreds of national dignity to be disposed of as worthless. We are not 'sleepwalking' into anything - we can see it full well. Democracy? It’s just a hollow sham.

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