Wednesday 29 October 2014

Too many men in a boat

Immigration is a net benefit, they tell us. It enriches us, they say. It gives us cheap nannies, exotic cuisine and cleaners who will work for the scraps in our gold-plated kitchen waste bins. It reveals to us and allows some of us to share in exciting new ways of ordering society; for an example see how culturally enlightened the grateful inhabitants of Rotherham have been over the last couple of decades. Immigration is so good, the Mayor of Calais wants us to have all of hers and the Italian Navy just adores spending millions to rescue 150,000 Africans every year so they can carry on their migration and bring us their wonderful, murderous diversity.

One wealthy lefty’s enrichment is a whole civilised nation’s cultural erosion. The destruction of Britishness has been a deliberate project by the squeamish, liberal guilt-whores to punish us for our unlived past; to atone for the newly created crimes of unknown forefathers. How dare we bring light to the dark continent where now the natives so fervently seek the return of their beloved despair? In Britain and Europe We struggled for centuries to create a world worth living in and now the politically sensitive idiots in charge have, in a few short generations, undone all that was good about that world. Why should we rush to further hasten our demise?

A man I never knew commits suicide over losing his job, or having been diagnosed with cancer. Maybe his wife left him, or his deranged attempt at fame fell on an unmoved public – the X-Factor’s freak show baying sending him over the edge. What, I should take some of the blame? I should shoulder some of the responsibility? Why? I didn’t start any war in Eritrea, a famine in Sudan, an islamic uprising across the arab world. I never caused a single tsunami, a flood or a volcanic eruption. I haven’t warmed the planet by as much as quintillionth of a degree and I am certainly not responsible for every fuckwit, baby-eating, brutal African dictator.

So why does the government, who are supposed to work on my behalf and the behalf of the majority of my countrymen, feel that we must pay more taxes in order to right wrongs that are neither of our making nor our concern? Why would we want to pay to allow the importation of backward and genuinely inferior peoples to rape and destroy our comfy world? Because, as sure as weather, this is the true effect of mass immigration for those who do not benefit from it; that majority of working British people who have been told to say nothing about it by politicians and police for years.

The Calais Mayor is sick of trying to stem the tide and has demanded that the UK border be pushed back to UK. She’s wrong; free movement of people across the continent is the biggest part of the problem and currently the European border is where the war should be fought. Yes, war; what else do you call mass invasion by foreign forces intent on bringing us their societal diseases? Once into Europe they seem only to be stopped by water, so roll the border back beyond the EU’s shores.

That EU task force set to take over from the Italian Navy? To send the message that rescue may not be guaranteed? Sod rescue. Sod patrolling European territorial waters. Move that force south, off the North African coast and arm them. Sink those festering boatloads of trouble as fast they launch them. Now THAT might send the right message.


  1. Unfortunately, great truths are often either deliberately hidden or actively destroyed by those with twisted senses of reality, and purpose. I await an army of such intelligfuckwitentsia descending here, to do just that to the above. They will probably be armed with fatious argument such as "Hitler said that" trying to infer that automatically everything he ever said was evil, biased, and untrue. Well, my thinking is that if what you say is correct, (it is) Fuck 'em. Keep saying it.

  2. One way of coping with this is to copy the Australian way of getting shut of immigrants. Most immigrants intent on coming to Britain throw away their passports as they reach these shores, to make identifying and deporting them harder. The answer Australia came up with was to issue them with ID cards, which identify them as "Economic migrant #whatever".

    Then they get shipped to a processing centre on an island which is known as a complete shit-hole, where they await processing by the hopelessly undermanned and overly bureaucratic Office of Economic Immigrants, which does everything by paper (shipped to the processing centre in Scotland, which posts papers to the checking centre in Wales and the Central Records Office in Brussels etc) because the computer system is still being written.

    What all this does is takes unknown immigrants, registers their DNA, fingerprints etc with the Border Agency, then dumps them in a processing centre on the African coast of the Mediterranean, where they essentially get detained in a camp with the worst food imaginable and the most imcompetent security ever. Most will run away, and discover that having once been seen by EU Immigration, they are marked as undesirables forever more.

    The effects won't be instant, but over time word will get round that going to Britain gets you deported to Shitsville, permanently.

    1. don't forget the blankets infected with something nasty.