Friday 15 July 2016

Heard it all before?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A crowd of happy people celebrating freedom and fraternity and coming together as a nation to mark the day of their liberation are suddenly, devastatingly brought to tragedy. A maniacal attack by what will be called by the authorities a ‘lone wolf’ kills and maims in the service of allah, yet is later decreed to be ‘nothing to do with islam’? Oh, you have heard it before? Yes and you will keep on hearing it until those with the power to act open their eyes and see what those who live with it have been seeing clearly for years.

The unquestioning adherence to a primitive religion based on the supposed literal word of god has a name. Cult. Cults deprive people of their liberty and their ability to think for themselves; they are rightly regarded as extremely dangerous. A cult of hundreds, who take poison in a South American jungle, is a travesty. A cult of billions, a significant portion of whom are prepared to act on their brainwashed beliefs to kill those who don’t share their delusion, is a threat to the security of every nation on earth.

In response to the attack in Nice, French President Hollande has called for troops to be involved. But what can troops do against spontaneous, acts of small, hidden groups or ‘lone wolf’ fanatics? And where are they hiding? The fact has to be faced that despite all the denials after the fact, the people who commit these atrocities are hiding in clear sight within what we continue to refer to as ‘communities’. Until we begin to see these communities which keep themselves segregated from society at large as the occupying forces they truly are, the military has no battleground to take and no enemy to prosecute.

Before the hand-wringers start to make their regular and fearful comparison with 1930s Germany, unless historians have been very thorough indeed in redacting every text, the Jews were not, as the islamists undoubtedly are, waging jihad. Hitler’s Nazis may have been motivated by an irrational loathing but this is not that. The west is under a sustained, overt and utterly determined attack from islam, using the shelter and support of the human rights deemed so sacred by its victims. The meek are not inheriting the earth here, people, they are being slaughtered.

Future Bastille Day parade?

The talk is done, finished… over. Reason has proved ineffective. And no matter how much you publicly flog yourself over past errors, the war on terror, the time is long past when pointing the finger of blame had any power to sooth the pain. If islam has truly been under the microscope then little seems to have been learned from the study. There appears to be little chance of finding a cure any time soon, so prevention is the only option. Unlike on the wider continent Britain’s island status has so far kept it free of rabies. Forget innocent until proved guilty, maybe we need to treat every muslim as infected until they can produce the irrefutable evidence they are not. 


  1. Thanks, Generation Snowflake. I am feeling culturally enriched today.

  2. There is a lesson to be learnt from history. Spain as we all know was invaded and occupied by Muslims. After some considerable time they settled down and interacted with the indigenous Spanish and began to actually get on well together. Muslims became less conservative Muslims and intolerant which made it possible. However a new wave of Muslims arrived and they were steeped very much in the traditional beliefs and attitudes of Islam. From then the problems began and culminating in conflict. Christians against Muslims and in fact some of the earlier Muslims settlers siding with the Christians. The Christians won and the Muslims were expelled.

    Some Muslims have been in Europe for quite a while now and a few are embracing more western standards and values. However they have not been in Europe long enough to get on well with the indigenous populations. However a new wave of them is arriving and they are coming still only knowing the old ways and like the newcomers Muslims to Spain all those centuries ago they hold tenaciously to their religious beliefs. This does not bode well for the future of Europe because conflict is most likely inevitable. And who will expel who this time.

  3. This is very easly resolvable however that would not suit NWO Thinking.

  4. Vilification and even a threat of "hate crime" imprisonment is to be feared for any criticism of Muslims. Not the reverse, of course. I must be missing something there.