Wednesday, 28 September 2016


I didn’t stay up to watch the great debate because A) It isn’t really all that important, B) It probably won’t matter very much in the long run, and C) Are you mental? It was Trump and Clinton, for heaven’s sake. What was I going to learn by listening to a pair of geriatric mental defectives going at it over a lectern? As it happens I did wake a couple of times and heard bits of it on the always-on (don’t ask) radio that lives in the bedroom. The early polls are right. Insofar as it means anything at all, Hillary ‘won’.

But it was far from being a presidential debate. Let’s face it, the USA is screwed in leadership terms, whichever one it ends up with. But that need not be such a problem. After all, Belgium did without an entire government for 20 months and nobody really noticed because governments are often more about setting tone, rather than doing any hard governing. And as far as I can make out, Italy hasn’t had anything resembling stable government since, well, since Mussolini. So long as the Chianti keeps flowing, it seems, it’s all good.

 Let’s face it, much as I would laugh and laugh and laugh should Donald Trump take up residency in the White House, a part of me would feel sorry for the USA. I don’t think Trump would be the new Reagan, I think Trump is – and you do too, if you’ll admit it – a vainglorious, bombastic bag of hot air with a hair trigger and an eloquence that would make Wayne Rooney look like a world class orator. His performance the other night, although many are wishfully claiming otherwise, was clumsy, unprepared, and occasionally petulant. He sounded like a playground bully, bested by words, firing back “Yeah? Yeah? Well... your momma!”  

As for Hillary, where does one start? She is as dull as dull gets and as much a part of the rancid establishment as the incumbent she hopes to succeed. The missus likes Obama, says he’s got a personality and it’s true, he does seem like a good man at heart and probably great fun at dinner. But he has done much to lead America down the slippery slope of decline that socialism inevitably brings and like our own soft-left recent governments has let down swathes of exactly the kind of people who made the USA great. Hillary represents more of the same. Plus, you know, Bill...

Seriously, this could be the next president...
Top trolling, USA. Well played...

America is due a republican in the top job, as the UK is due a new Maggie. May and Trump could do business together and who knows, she might distract him while the US government gets on with running things behind his back. He’s no smooth operator and he will be way more of a laughing stock than Dubbya ever was – George Bush looks pretty good now, doesn’t he folks? Hell, he may last no more than a few months before it all goes tits up for him. But face it you have to root for him because the alternative is Hillary fucking Clinton.


  1. What always leads to the end of a dynasty, society or civilisation is a succession of poor quality leaders. In the USA you could not find any worse prospective leaders than Trump and Clinton to follow on one just as bad. The writing is on the wall for America there period of greatness and world hegemony is coming to an end. The candidates for it's replacement; China, The EU, Russia. Of the three China must be the front runner it being the most powerful and resourceful. Russia cannot be discounted as like China they are already jockeying for position by spreading their influence globally and expanding their territory locally. The EU like the USA have the same fault lines so can be discounted as it's demise is just as imminent and Russian and Chinese expansion has been at both their expense. For my money the UK would do well to seek closer relations with the Chinese which fortuitously they appear to be doing either by accident or design.

  2. Your last sentence...ain't that the truth.

    ANYONE rather than her.

  3. The one good thing about Trump, is that he isn't Clinton.