Monday, 26 September 2016

Kung who?

“Be like still water, Grasshopper. Use your enemy’s strength against him.” Master Po’s advice to the young Kwai Chang Caine is a central principle of various martial arts and one that has been heeded and employed by many people and groups over the years. For some time now alien cultures have been using the west’s liberal society to invade it by making appeals to a generosity of spirit often lacking in their countries of origin. From where most of us are watching it looks like nothing so much as taking the piss.

Wage violent jihad from within using the enemy’s generous welfare system. Avoid deportation by pleading a right to family life. And now, in a move which should have British lawyers hang their heads in eternal shame, use state legal aid to assist the prosecution of soldiers who have to bankrupt themselves to pay for their own defence. These irresponsible legal actions assume that the complainants were all innocents, going about their lawful and peaceful business and not the active bomb-makers and participants in armed insurrection most of them actually were.

The developed world is in deep trouble right now and it is a trouble largely of its own making. As wealth has been accumulated and public facilities built up our societies have become more soft-liberal and self-harming by assuming the mantle of charity central for all the world’s poorest. When the displaced indigenous peoples complain they are berated for being racists, believing the charge they have backed down and allowed their governments to hasten the rot by promulgating the myth that immigration is, of itself, good.

In the face of the bold revolt of Brexit it has been claimed that there is an upsurge in our despicable racism. The same accusation will be used to facilitate the importation of yet more who have designs on milking our system while not contributing to it. The police are unable to counter violent demonstrations of force when they involve ‘people of colour’ for that would be racist. How soon before we see French-style running battles in the streets? When it comes to job creation the state-sponsored hate crime industry is booming. This is not a society in control.

There are none so blind as those who will not see and this Game of Thrones thing that the press and the establishment think they run? Do they imagine that soundbites and accolades and obfuscations and evasions will ward off the threats by attacking or covering over the symptoms instead of tackling the cause? HS2, Boris Johnson, the ‘genius tactician’ George Osborne and his ‘northern powerhouse’, the third runway... Diane Abbott. Are these characters and projects confected in the hope that they will distract our attention from the real issues which face us? Because it’s not working.

Where there's a fire there's a fiddling politician...

Why do politicians refuse to acknowledge what plebs like me can see a mile away? Or are they like hipsters in their little hipster bubble, imagining they are cool and trendy and that the mocking laughter they hear is actually a form of praise? I heard Labour MP Angela Rayner on LBC talking about the evils of ‘Tory austerity’ and ‘taking the fight’ to the Tories and ‘preserving the fabric of British society’ which, she claimed, the Tories were destroying. She sounded like she believed every earnest word. If the Labour party ever had a strength it was in convincing large numbers of sheeple of this narrative. Master Po would have been proud of Kwai Chang Corbyn.


  1. All you have written is true. You have identified the problems but you have not offered any credible solutions. You have not offered them because there aren't any. What you may not have thought about is that those type of problems are not a new phenomena. Other peoples and civilisations have experienced the same or similar and it has always portended the end of an era. When a race or civilisation has come to an end and either gone into oblivion or at best a long dark period. What will be the Wests fate the former or the latter?

    1. Oh, I've long suspected we may be nearing the end times for civilisation as we used to know it. As for what comes next, it's not my battle... I'll be dead by then!

  2. I think it is fair to say that whatever we do now, it has all gone too far. We allowed too many malcontents into the country, we promoted discontent among our own and then praised them for hating what we had, what we built. How many 'cultural icons' who have never down anything of note have been praised by the malcontents for wanting to bring society down? Worse, what will they replace it with when all this is gone? Can we look forward to some sort of supposedly happy, 'equal' society where all can cower under some branch of marxist islam where money that can never be earned or repaid is spent liberally to prevent people saying anything untoward about how shit life has become?

    If we go into the long night of western collapse, there will of course be no 'climate change' or 'equality' and certainly no 'hate speech" because no one will have any time to worry about such things. We will even soon forget who was kicked off some concocted 'reality' show for not saying nice things about those who want to slaughter us. The survivors will be too busy staying alive from day to day to care.

    One day, from all this, a new white civilisation will arise and we can only hope that a thousand years down the line these people don't forget what we are learning now: if you give power to those who don't know, don't care or don't want to stay around when the going gets rough, you don't have a future.

    Also, please, no more of this 'democracy' crap where two seconds spent making a pencil cross on a piece of paper in favour of one idiot over another only results in years of failure, lies, obfuscation and above misery for ordinary people.

  3. "democracy crap" Perhaps the alternative of benevolent dicatorship (tempered by assassination) now has some legs?