Tuesday 3 January 2017


Just to reaffirm that the Christmas lull in hostilities, where it even existed, was just that, a lull, Katie Hopkins has come under ferocious attack for speaking in favour of reports that the Cologne Police engaged in racial profiling to exclude North African men from the New Year festivities. In the absence of any more specific intelligence this generalisation seems a pretty fair bet if a repetition of the rape and sexual assault atrocities of last year are to be avoided. Or maybe we were all wrong and racist because it wasn’t committed exclusively by migrant muslim men who then fled for the cowardly cover of cultural misunderstanding. Oh, wait...

Then Lily Allen, instead of voicing outrage at the midnight murder on the dance floor in Istanbul tweeted her alarm that the gunman was described as a migrant based purely on the image captured on cctv. And that he was reported to have shouted something about a ‘snack bar’. Responsibility for the carnage has since been claimed by ISIS, but the liberal brainwashing must run deep indeed, when you see, repeated in country after country, the medieval barbarism of islam, yet associate scowling Arab features with peace and joy to all mankind. I would love to be able to peep into Lily’s inner mental workings if she were asked to choose between sitting next to a Nordic woman with a handbag or a Middle-Eastern man with a big beard and a rucksack.

And into the seething pot of anti-white hate, Paddy Ashdown has – as always, late to the party – directly compared Brexit to the rise of Nazi Germany. (yawn) Really, Paddy? Have you looked at who is calling for a denial of the expressed will of the majority? Who is hoping that, were the referendum re-run, enough out-voters will have died to alter the outcome? Have you seen which side of the political divide wants to ban words and thoughts and any actions not corresponding to the approved doctrines of the – for now - ruling classes. Know thyself, the ancients implored; have a good, hard look into that black mirror of the soul and think about what you see.

‘Male, pale and stale’ ring any bells? Now that is racial stereotyping and there is a word for people who so readily desert their fellow countrymen in times of strife. No, don’t tell me, I’m sure it will come back to me in a minute; you know what one’s memory is like when you’re getting on a bit. You’re 75 yourself, Paddy are you so sure your own vote will still be capable of being cast should you get your wish? The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.

We fear ‘the other’ for good reason and people of markedly different appearance have long been the bogeymen of our dreams because – and here the ‘enlightened’ will be horrified – to us they look dangerous. When they regularly remind us by example just how much they hate us it must take an enormous effort of denial to turn your back on instinct. Green men from Mars could attack the Earth and as the death rays vapourised their comrades, the Lily Allens would beseech the survivors not to judge and they would condemn those who fought back.

Nope. Nothing to see here. Just a young man on holiday...

So, racial profiling is fine by me. It’s effective and until it proves otherwise it should be rigorously applied. You feel targeted because you look exactly like a suicide bomber? You feel your insistence on dressing like those who behead burn and maim people for no other reason than they don’t share your superstitions marks you out? Your feelings are hurt because the bad white people aren’t sure you can be trusted? How about, instead of protesting against those who try to keep you safe, you join Paddy at that mirror and see what we see?

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