Sunday, 29 January 2017

Trump Crusade

There is a new turmoil on the left, whose adherents are saying that Trump is – literally – Hitler and drawing fresh parallels with 1930s Nazi Germany but that is, of course, simple bollocks. It’s almost wish fulfilment as if, devoid of any sensible policies and desperate to deny power to anybody but themselves, they would rather bring down their own governments and import change on a scale that will assuredly harm everybody.

The younger generations in the west have been browbeaten by left-leaning establishments such as state education teaching colonial guilt, the legal system appearing to put offenders’ rights before those of their victims and mass media like the BBC and The Guardian who act as propagandists against the beliefs of many perfectly decent working people. The legacy of all this is the trope that white is never right and, rather than pursue cultural longevity, to overturn centuries of advancement and atone. Atone until it hurts. Atone until national identity becomes something shameful. (Ask a German, they’re quite good at it.)

But President Trump – they hate it when we use his title - is not Hitler. Literally. And it is the muslim faith which is intolerant. It is intolerant of other religion, gays, women, pork, booze and just about every freedom that the west represents and enjoys. Its avowed purpose is to convert or kill; islam – literally – means submission and in muslim countries no other way is tolerated. If anybody here is preaching superiority and absolute control it is islam and its followers, both overtly – we call these ‘muslim extremists’ - and by meek compliance and tacit support – we just call these ‘muslims’.

America already has its own religious fundamentalism, to an alarming degree, but they are not engaged in the business of killing, rather in the slightly aloof, holier than thou, spreading of christianity which is just really annoying. Oh, except for the bit where they get to have a say over what you do with your body. But christianity is dying out, whereas islam is, literally, proliferating; the fertility rate of muslim immigrants is an overwhelming weapon that needs only inaction for it to triumph. The rise of islam in the west should cause alarm, not welcome.

Of course my views are fuelled by prejudice and preconception, but then so are yours... and theirs. That is how human beings work. But at least those of us on the right don’t try and pretend that we’re not selfish. We don’t really like diversity, unless it is on our terms. We white people are happiest when our black and brown and yellow colleagues blend in and behave more like us. We don’t tie ourselves in knots defending one group of ‘others’ while condemning another; we just prefer the company of our own.

So what is upsetting the clamorous protesters so much? The US has a president who is doing what he said he would, is that it? Or is he demonstrating leadership and power in a way his predecessor did not; is that what’s hurting? The muslims of the world have had over a thousand years to settle down, give up the slaughtering and accept other populations’ point of view. If the left believe islam can reform they must be more barmy than we thought. Until islam can sit itself down on the naughty step and think about what it did, somebody else has to put it in detention.


  1. If we need a parallel with what is happening in the USA then we have to look no further than Rome. It was founded by immigrants became great by allowing free movement within its borders and was ultimately destroyed by immigrants. Other Western nations show similarities with that process some completely some partially. All are in danger of experiencing the last one.

  2. The elephant in the room throughout all of this crisis. Why, if you are a Muslim would you even consider living in a tolerant Judeo-Christian western democracy where everything is an anathema to your faith, over a Muslim country?
    Our tolerance of the intolerant,if the reasons the Gulf states refusal to help any of their kin is to be believed.
    The world has changed and our much vaunted civilization is in the process of self immolation unless we quickly become intolerant to those that seek to change and destroy our culture by stealth Its not going to be easy or pleasant, fighting for ones survival rarely is.