Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Time to decide

Hooray for Laszlo Toroczkai, the mayor of Ásotthalom in Hungary, who has declared his village a muslim-free zone. Naturally, the usual suspects are howling in derision and pointing out that there are only two muslim residents there anyway, who are long-standing and integrated into the community. Well, to them I say, surely this move is the best possible way of avoiding the strife that muslims inevitably bring wherever they settle... including their own native countries. Keep them out, then you don’t have to deport them later.

Deterrence is surely a far kinder and more effective way than submitting to invasion and later having to confront ‘the muslim problem’. If Jeremy Corbyn understood this he wouldn’t have made such a tit of himself over renewing Trident. The Corbynist side of, well, everything is calling the mayor’s move an attempt to create a white supremacist enclave, whereas the mayor states, reasonably enough, that they like things as they are. So what if Nick Griffin is hovering on the sidelines? If he wants to move there, the village can vet his suitability just as they should be able to do with any other resident.

Small communities may be our only chance of fighting back; our cities are already infested. And I do mean infested. There are few countries with significant muslim populations who do not have disproportionately even more significant social problems. Chicken or egg; do the concentrations of muslims cause squalor, or are they merely attracted to it? Either way, show me one and I’ll show you the other. But what about rich muslims, you ask? Oh yes, you know the ones, the ones who don’t act like muslims...

You have to apply a certain homespun logic here and look at the development of islamic communities in the west. It starts with economic migration; nothing wrong with that. But then there is a period of quiet expansion, objections to which are shut down as xenophobic. Exceptions are made, minority status exploited and then as muslims are elected to positions of authority and exercise privilege in their favour, the braying idiots of the left applaud their enterprise and encourage it in the name of diversity. Mosques are built, white flight ensues, ghettoization follows and then we see the muscle-flexing.

Calls to prayer, mass gatherings, stopping the traffic, demonstration calling to establish a caliphate, outright defiance of the law and then unopposed open threats to the established people that sharia will prevail. The idea that ‘islamophobia’ is hostility towards muslims is a particularly insidious form of political correctness; islamophobia is what it says it is, a genuine fear of the rise of islam and what it brings. And still the so-called ‘moderate’ muslims remain silent, like concentration camp guards who are following their orders and doing their job.

The religion of peace? Still believe that?

Where we are now is at an uneasy stand-off, but it will only last for so long. Sooner or later one side or the other will have to act decisively and given that only one side has the balls, the motivation, the command from on high and the rapidly growing numbers there is a certain creeping inevitability about it all. So, condemn a village because it wants to stay the way it is? Call a man a racist because he wants to avoid racial and cultural conflict? It’s time to decide which side you are on; it really is.

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